Mainstream media Trump bashing 24/7


When 95% of media donates to Democrats it is no surprise that 90% of the stories they run about Trump are nasty smears and character assassinations.

There is no journalism at ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC, or the thousands of radio, newspaper, magazines, or online media outlets that represent the Left.  There is only propaganda that publishes the latest story of how despicable Donald Trump is and how angelic is Hillary Clinton.  When Trump lays out his plan to help America recover from the disastrous policies of Obama, Hillary, and the Democrats that have made our economy and military weak, increased crime and foreign invaders, and reverse the destruction they have wrought, the leftwing media headline is always, “Trump abuses women.”  As WikiLeaks exposes the lies and corruption of Hillary and Obama selling out America to foreign enemies their headlines read, “Trump abuses women.”  People to whom it hasn’t become obvious that 95% of the media has burrowed their noses up Democrat’s backsides have buried their heads in the sand.

Study documents leftwing media openly hostile with 90% Trump bashing

The meme that Trump is nasty and Hillary is dignified falls on its face when the Bimbo Eruption Squad of Hillary is checked out.  Trump is not the first politician to speak in openly derogatory terms about his opponents.  There is nothing new in anything he has said, just in the manner of Republicans over the past few decades who believe they must be politically correct and genteel in their speech.  Meanwhile, Democrats have been more nasty than guttersnipes.

“Trump is nasty” meme blown out

Liberals nominate Obama for sainthood

Trump has declared that the system is totally rigged against Republicans, especially an outsider like himself who is taking a stand against Washington corruption by both sides.  Not only is the mainstream media the propaganda arm of the Democrat Party, they seek to silence the conservative media that reveals the truth behind their lies that only gets out mostly through social media (like my blog  With Democrats, whose rallies can’t draw flies from their deadbeat constituents who are too busy at home doing drugs, while Trump rallies are blowing out their venues, people in red states like Texas are reporting that their computerized voting machines are changing their votes from Trump to Clinton.  Is it any wonder that Democrats are confident of a Hillary win and turning deep red states blue?

Someone Americans can trust to investigate voter fraud

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1 Response to Mainstream media Trump bashing 24/7

  1. EIleen says:

    The MSM are becoming like yappy chihuahuas. Even chihuahua lovers (not me) get sick of their yapping dogs and put them somewhere until they settle down. Although there will always be those who are so blinded by their “glass ceilings” that they rather put in ear plugs than deal with their yappy chihuahuas, other Democrats, even liberals, aren’t so forgiving. Many of them will never support Trump, but they’ll do the next best thing – sit out the election. Trump doesn’t need to take votes away from Clinton, only to keep the not-so-enthused voters from voting, whether they were Bernie supporters or vote Democrat simply because the candidate is not a Republican. If Trump can keep these voters from showing up at the polls, he will have accomplished what he intended to do.


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