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Democrats Fomenting Hate Blame Trump

President Trump presenting Tiger Woods with the Medal of Freedom provides the perfect example of leftism vs. righteousness.  The righteous lift people up in praise before the Lord.  The leftist tears people down through their false morality.  Leftism is the … Continue reading

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Democrats Must Kill the Messenger to Smear the Truth

In Leftism, ‘fact’ is a four-letter word and ‘truth’ is a filthy concept.  If it isn’t their truth, it’s a lie and those who speak the truth must be destroyed.  Congressional Democrats questioning AG Barr over the Mueller Report never … Continue reading

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Conservatives who say Trump shouldn’t be “punching down”

Some conservatives believe it is beneath the dignity of the President or any Republican to strike back at those who sling mud to smear them. Cavuto says Trump is belittling himself responding to petty critics Most of Trump’s critics are … Continue reading

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