Democrats Fomenting Hate Blame Trump

President Trump presenting Tiger Woods with the Medal of Freedom provides the perfect example of leftism vs. righteousness.  The righteous lift people up in praise before the Lord.  The leftist tears people down through their false morality.  Leftism is the ideology of the self-righteous hypocrite deceiving the naive by corrupting minds for their own selfish ends.  Democrats say Trump incites racism and bigotry.  What he incites is the racism and bigotry of Democrats because he will not submit to their lies.

Biden Agrees with Voter Who Thinks the President Is a Russian Agent

WOMAN: He won the election by 70,000 votes in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Michigan. He won it because he had help by the Russians. He’s failing in carrying out the most basic function: To uphold the Constitution. He is not defending our national security. He has no interest in doing it. I don’t want to live in a country run by Vladimir Putin. I don’t understand why millions of people don’t get that message, and I think every candidate needs to pound that message home again and again and again. He’s an illegitimate president in my mind.

Rush Limbaugh explodes all over Democrats for poisoning of minds

Leftists are the people about whom Jesus warned us when He spoke of false prophets.  And they are the people He warned not to judge others lest they be judged.  Liberals who lack a moral education don’t understand either of those two warnings.  They don’t understand that false prophets are the people that promote fake news whose every word they believe.  They don’t understand that it is righteous to judge right and wrong, but unrighteous to judge as if they were God who would go to heaven and who chooses hell.  They are miseducated in morality believing everyone has a right to choose what they believe to be right and wrong regardless of what actually is right and wrong.

Democrats say America was never great when America is the greatest nation in all of history.  The only part of America that has never been great is the Democrat part.  The first Democrats wanted government to be sovereign over the people, not the people to be sovereign over the government.  This is what American Exceptionalism is all about, not national pride as backwards Democrats say it is.  Democrats wanted the president to be a king.  Democrats promoted slavery and fought a war to keep their slaves.  Democrats formed the KKK.  Democrats created Jim Crow laws.  In the 20th century, Democrats endorsed communist Stalin, fascist Mussolini, and national socialist Hitler.  Today, Democrats divide by fomenting hate by promoting racism, sexism, and perversion within their party while crushing the economy to make people desperate for government assistance.  Democrats give citizen benefits to illegal aliens, promote the importation of the world’s dregs of their societies, and give criminals rights and benefits.

When Democrats say Trump is a racist, they base it on their own lies.  Trump has never spoken a racist word or taken a racist action in his life.  They are the ones who created the big lie that he said neo-Nazis are good people.  They are the ones who created the big lie that he hates immigrants.  When Trump spoke of Charlottesville he was speaking of the peaceful protesters.  When Democrats speak of immigrants, they deliberately confuse them with illegal aliens.  The good people Americans invite into the country to make America greater are not the same as the dregs that Democrats import to suck America dry.

Democrats of the North, South, East, and West are the primary cause of America’s deterioration, of societal perversion, and of government corruption.  The half of Republicans that want to work with Democrats are the RINO half that would promote the wrong agenda for their own political power.  There is nothing in Democrat policies that any decent, hardworking, taxpaying citizen would ever want.  No Republican should be reaching across the aisle to work with leftist Democrats.  They are not Christian American patriots but the opposite.  If there was justice in the world then their spies attempting their coup would be brought down and their voter fraud using provisional ballots would be snuffed out.  Democrat’s only goal is can is to achieve America’s downfall so they can rebuild it as a socialist toilet for their use.

Sen. Minority Leader Chuck Schumer said speaking of President Trump: “The greatest worry I have is that this man is so despicable in how he governs, so little respect for the rule of law, so little respect for honor, and decency, and humanity, and the norms and values that have made America great, how can so many people follow him?”

The answer is that we see through Schumer’s smoke and bullsh*t, through his lies and deceptions, and recognize that Donald Trump is the opposite of everything Democrats say he is just as Obama is the opposite of everything the left claims.  Donald J. Trump is a Christian America patriot while Obama is a Moslem communist America hater.  Democrats can do nothing but lie and express their utter scorn and contempt for American patriots who reject their duplicity as they block Democrat attempts at a coup to overthrow of the Constitution.  Now they smear and slander AG Barr for investigating Democrat lies of the past two years.

Democrats are the partisan insurgents who burn the American flag, who slander Christian Republicans, and who scorn this great nation.  Democrats are the party of racism against whites, of killing babies, and of assisting criminals.  They actively sabotage President Trump both at home and abroad by aiding and abetting America’s enemies to hold out against Trump.  They do not want America’s allies to stand strong with this nation, or for America’s enemies to stand down under our threats.  Instead they encourage America’s allies and enemies to steal from Americans and threaten the world’s peace.  This leads to conservatives saying about Democrats the exact same things Schumer said about Republicans, wondering how any rational, moral person can know the facts and examine the words and actions of Democrats to critically reach a moral conclusion that it is Republicans who are the bad people in America?

The answer is that those who believe Democrats are either the America haters that want to overthrow the Constitution or the oblivious dupes who know nothing other than what they are told to think.  The liberals who learn of America from leftist mockers pretending to be comedians are being taught to despise the righteous and to hate this great nation.  Liberalism is born of ignorance and bred on immorality.  Unless they are educated, they will elect those who would dupe them into accepting their own slavery.

The Constitutional Crisis is Democratic National Socialism in Action

Democrats cheer for criminals – make teachers, doctors, & taxpayers slaves

Dealing in Reality Against the Fictional World of Liberalism

[As of this writing, Tiger Woods has been coerced by vicious leftist rants to recant his friendship with Donald Trump.  This is fascism at work.]

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4 Responses to Democrats Fomenting Hate Blame Trump

  1. Roy says:

    I pray that the ‘Fake News’ who are reporting very high poll numbers indicating that Socialism is sweeping the country and supported by the electorate is imparting totally ‘Fake News’.
    Our crooked media and crooked Democrat party promote their treacherous causes by making sure, that when it comes to informing the electorate, that “ignorance is bliss” and information that is out of sight is also out of mind and keeps the population dumb as a box of rocks.

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  2. Rich Berman says:

    Good one Dusty … I only hope your statements continue to have some effect ..

    On Sat, May 18, 2019, 08:01 Liberals Backwards Think wrote:

    > dustyk103 posted: “President Trump presenting Tiger Woods with the Medal > of Freedom provides the perfect example of leftism vs. righteousness. The > righteous lift people up in praise before the Lord. The leftist tears > people down through their false morality. Leftism is t” >

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  3. Antoinette Pearl says:

    Dusty, Great Work!!! Can you tell me how the American people can get a look at the taxes paid into there private social security account and then taken out to give to other people or plans not for the people who paid in. I mean for the entire U. S. what was paid in during Obama years up to now and what was being taken out by the government for what ever. The American people need to see what is being done with there retirement savings. We did not vote on this and I know it was overflowing and meant to roll over to our family and other citizens. Can you help America to see what is really happening since the word is 5 more years and it is gone!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • dustyk103 says:

      I wish I could, Antoinette, but the government doesn’t make that information public. If they did then there would be hell to pay! We know for a fact that pay out SS benefits to illegal aliens and invading “refugees” who never paid into the system as assigned by Democrats in government. That they want to give it to all of them is part of their public policy speeches. Making them accountable to the people from who they took that money all their working lives is another matter. Democrats began raiding SS back in 1968, but people keep voting for them. How do you combat that kind of stupidity?


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