Democrats Smear ACB as a Genocidal Christian Nazi

If you believed what Democrats say then you would think that Trump’s Supreme Court replacement for Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Amy Coney Barrett, is a member of the Catholic Inquisition who is a genocidal Nazi. That she will strip away the healthcare of a hundred million Americans so they die in the gutter. What kind of stupid, ignorant, dumbass fool eats their crap sandwich and thinks it is the best? When Obama sold them on the Affordable Care Act that they could keep their doctors and insurance if they wanted, and then lost them, what moron still believed ObamaCare was a good thing? When the Democrat’s ACA caused premiums to triple, and forced the poor to pay the ObamaCare Penalty Tax for the privilege of not having healthcare, while subsidizing illegal aliens, what poop for brains liberal thought that was beneficial? Tens of millions of people were forced off their good insurance to buy ObamaCare that still left tens of millions of others out in the cold. As of now there are only eight million people still in ObamaCare who would happily have other coverage.

Democrats spared no slur to cast at her. They declared she would cost hundreds of millions of people their jobs, cause the deaths of hundreds of millions of people by Coronavirus, and take away the voting rights of women and minorities to set America back into the Antebellum South. What kind of dysfunctional psychotic headcase even thinks like this let alone be so dull-witted as to believe in it? Biden and Harris declared vehemently that they will ban fracking during the Democrat primaries and now during the campaign say they will not. How stupid do people have to be to believe in anything Democrats say? How ignorant do they have to be to not know that the Antebellum South was a Democrat ruled cesspool? What Democrats call Trump lies, Russian collusion and Obama spying, are truths that they fear to be completely exposed. Liberals are lost in the darkness of leftist psychotic sociopathy.

As ACB faces Democrat lies and smears, who doesn’t think they don’t have a plan to derail the process with a colossal bogus accusation like they did to Kavanaugh? Will they accuse her of participating in gang bangs? Or will they say she engages in rituals to sacrifice and eat black children? Whatever it is, McConnell should immediately throw it back in their faces and declare, “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. We will not tolerate Democrat smears based on their lies to halt the appointment of this fine human being to the Supreme Court. You Democrats can all go f*** yourselves.” And that would be done with their farce! Phony Democrats portraying themselves as noble have reached a new low with murdering Cuomo publishing a book about how great he did in his Covid response. Twenty thousand dead from nursing home into which he sent infected patients and tens of thousands more who were denied lifesaving medicines.

Blue states are suffering the worst, and they deserve it for electing the Democrats that are sabotaging and obstructing Trump’s efforts to help the nation through this crisis. Pelosi had a meltdown on CNN declaring that she is the reason she won’t agree to Republican Covid relief is because she is the one who feeds the hungry. But not from her $20,000 refrigerator with its drawer of $12 a pint gourmet ice creams. She has been demanding Republicans pay for her mail-in voter fraud, and reimburse blue states for their eternal, unwarranted lockdowns, and institute the Green New Deal before they will permit one dollar to go to Covid relief victims of Democrat policies. They don’t want any money going out to help people with Trump’s name on it and not theirs in place of his. Biden said he’s going to make healthcare affordable. Isn’t that what he did with ObamaCare? People are complaining that their premiums are more than their house payments and their deductibles are beyond their reach except for extreme costs.

These hearings are not about learning the candidate’s qualifications. They are about Democrat grandstanding, fearmongering, repeating lies and slanders to create hate. Democrats demand she recuse herself from ruling on election law as if she was part of corrupting that law rather than themselves. Take the vote and appoint her before the election so Democrats cannot cause the chaos they intend with their massive voter fraud campaign. Throw their eighty million bogus mail ballots out and kick them all out of office! The socialist left’s attempt to usurp power and overthrow the Constitution must be stopped this year or they will get away with every crime they have committed. ObamaCare was designed to fail so that people would desperately beg for socialized medicine. Obama’s spying on the Trump campaign, sabotaging our government and military, and allying with Islamist and communist countries intent on destroying the USA must not go unpunished! Charge them with their crimes, convict and hang the traitors, then burn their corpses in the streets!

Watch This Video! What’s at Stake in This Election

[Author’s Note: The mere fact that Trump rallies tens of thousands of people while Biden events, like Hillary’s, can’t draw flies should be a clear indication of how the vote will go. This is why a true tally of votes is necessary, not these scam elections including people who vote multiple times in multiple locations, ballots cast by dead people, pets, and illegal aliens, and democrat operatives who destroy Republican ballots while casting additional ballots for those who don’t vote. In a country where 40%-50% of eligible voters don’t cast their own ballots there is massive room for fraud. Democrats need to be taken down with brutal honesty. Their projection of their character on Republicans reflected by the media with their Big Lie campaigns must be brought to an end to stop the poisoning of our culture.

As predicted, Democrats made their insane allegations of ACB being a sex offender. Hirono of Hawaii was the congressional POS to ask Amy if she sexually assaulted anyone in her life. Don’t be surprised when they launch another Kavanaugh at her before this process ends and demand the FBI investigate their bogus lies again. Booker of New Jersey asked her if she condemns white supremacy, which she did, to which he replied he wishes the president would do so. She should have said, “HE HAS beginning with Charlottesville!” But Democrats never listen to his words, only their own demented minds! Booker had another “Spartacus Moment” in standing up with all the other stupid Democrats to declare, “I’m a Democrat dumbass!” These idiots keep trying to entrap her to agree or disagree with decisions they hate, but she refuses to critique the decisions of other judges, only testify on her own. Ask them if they still agree with their Dredd Scott Decision. Then they tried to cast her as being funded with their so-called “dark money” of which they receive ten times more than Republicans.

On top of their cultural poison, Democrats have sabotaged this nation to its core with their gangsters and Covid terrorists. It is estimated that true Covid deaths are actually about 5% of the tally Democrats ran up by rigging the numbers, exposing the elderly, denying people medicines like Hydroxychloroquine claiming it is poison, and artificially inflating mortality by adding in death by other causes. They have likewise inflated the infected with false test reporting. Sweden, which did no lockdowns or masks or other mitigation besides good medical practice, has flattened their curve far sooner than any other western nation. Perhaps they didn’t care if they killed off their Moslem invaders, but the fact remains that even the W.H.O. which got it all wrong is now saying lockdowns are far more destructive to the poor than anticipated. Unanticipated by everyone on the left, that is. Democrats are outnumbered 2:1 on the economy, 3:1 on law and order, and 10:1 in rallies. Accepting their bogus voter fraud as legitimate is like accepting their polls that are identical to Hillary’s as valid.]

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1 Response to Democrats Smear ACB as a Genocidal Christian Nazi

  1. allprogressivesarepsychotic says:

    Let’s get the historical facts straight, Kamala is a Crack Whore and a descendent of an Irishman who owned a Jamaican plantation that used over 200 Negro slaves to till, tend to, and harvest the crops, since Rum for years was the primary liquor being produced in those days and not Whiskey or beer the crop was clearly Sugar Cane.
    But I am off topic, it was referred to as the Spanish Inquisition and not the Catholic Inquisition since Spain was responsible for most of the persecution and justly so, sorry! but jews and muslims are responsible for most of the misery inflicted upon everyone else, not all jews just the Zionist and Hasidic.

    You damn! fools need to stop being so delusional in your beliefs of the israelis caring about United States citizens because they only care about themselves.


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