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Democrats Fomenting Hate Blame Trump

President Trump presenting Tiger Woods with the Medal of Freedom provides the perfect example of leftism vs. righteousness.  The righteous lift people up in praise before the Lord.  The leftist tears people down through their false morality.  Leftism is the … Continue reading

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When the Liberal Fascist Wolves Cry ‘Wolf’

Democrats only profit as takers stealing from makers.  Why are Democrats for high taxes?  Why do they say “tax cuts must be paid for?”  Because Democrats believe that is how you make money by taking it from someone else.  Why … Continue reading

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Behind every Lie there is Truth

Hitler learned from Woodrow Wilson how to use propaganda.  Before they even heard President Trump’s war plan, Democrats condemned it.  The truth is that leftists damn anything and everything the Right will do because it is not their plan.  When … Continue reading

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