Premier Biden cures Covid, kills jobs, and praised as Savior of the new Amerikan Democratic Socialist Republic

Socialists love to call their totalitarian dictatorships republics as if that fools anyone besides liberals. The Democrat’s Politburo that was once the United States Congress lay in wait as demented Joe enacted the first steps in the destruction of making America great. Leftist media was virtually singing “Happy Days are Here Again” just as their ancestors did for FDR as he guided the country into depression. Then, as now, liberal fools felt better about living their lives in decline for the greater good of Democrat elite’s power. Their praise of Biden was so saccharine sweet that patriots will die of diabetes, which no doubt would please fascist communists of the left no end. Then they wouldn’t have to “deprogram” Christians, conservatives, and Republican Trump supporters as a “cult” to convert, brainwash, and indoctrinate them into the cult of satanism of the left.

The opposite character of a leftist and the righteous is that leftists are selfish greedy liars while the righteous are sharing honest people. The left can lie about how much they care in words while they stab people in the back with their deeds but are always exposed. They can lie about the righteous being dishonorable but only colossal fools believe their words. Donald Trump will not be remembered as a great president as he failed in the end to defend the nation. What happened to the man who made the leftwing media look like Wile E. Coyote chasing the Road Runner? Why was he not prepared to meet force with force when we all knew Democrats were planning to cheat this election and steal power? When he left office and said the best is yet to come, to what was he referring? Does he know the 2nd Coming is soon?

Under the watchful eye of General Secretary Obama, Premier Biden immediately enacted commands that the Keystone Pipeline be shut down, the Iran nuclear deal be reinstated, and the U.S. taxpayer have their pockets picked by countries that hate us through rejoining the Paris Climate Accords. As expected, leftwing media is already swooning and licking his backside saying they taste rainbows as they declare that the Covid menace is receding. Meanwhile, their thug anarchy terrorists of Antifa laid siege to one of Democrat’s headquarters in Portland where they were allowed to rampage for months. Premier Biden, who had declared them “just an idea” of Republicans by which to smear Democrats, begged them to stop. As always once they gain power, leftists turn on each other. No doubt they will eventually be smeared as Republicans just as Democrats did with their KKK.

As Amerika enters the darkness of leftism one must wonder just what will it take for liberal dupes to have their eyes opened? It is doubtful that will happen to people who will be happy slaves singing their songs of happy days while they wallow in the misery of democratic socialism. Democrats won their 2nd Civil War through subversion, subterfuge, and sabotage with General Secretary Obama directing them from his shadow government in D.C. It will take a 2nd Revolutionary War to overthrow Amerika’s new communist dictators as fascists never release power to the people over dissent or civil disobedience. Amerika’s children are in grave danger of being subverted by the left as Christianity will again be driven underground as it was under the Roman emperors. Perhaps Trump knows more than we do? All we can do now is pray for our children until a new leader arises.

[Author’s Note: I expect in the coming years that Republicans will be stripped from all power as Democrats consolidate their totalitarian authority under one party rule. As the people become more unhappy, they will blame Republicans and Christians as their scapegoats. It’s an atrocious tragedy that people are so easily misled, that ignorance can be so misguided, and that morality can be so easily corrupted. What will be left of the people when Jesus returns? We were told not to wait and expect Him. We were told to stand up against evil and fight back, not to let evil rule over us. Perhaps the 2nd Coming is coming soon, but we were not told to lay down and let evil rule over our children.

God instructed us to stand up for righteousness. Not to let liars rule and false prophets sow their hate with impunity. We can’t change the nation or the world, but we can affect those around us to open their eyes to see through the lies and open their ears to hear the truth. Democrats have already killed millions of jobs with their Covid terrorism, and their policies will kill millions more. They will define hate as any speech that is against their authoritarian rule. They will tax and regulate the righteous out of existence. We must teach our children to recognize the lies and know the glory of following the teachings of Christ against all those who teach evil.]

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The U.S.A. is now the C.S.A. – the Communist States of Amerika

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5 Responses to Premier Biden cures Covid, kills jobs, and praised as Savior of the new Amerikan Democratic Socialist Republic

  1. grjenkin says:

    Reblogged this on Garry’s Blog and commented: is a daily blog, and it’s exceptional…repeatedly hitting the target.


  2. gbat2017 says:

    Patience is a virtue or he who hesitates is lost? Puppet Biden vision for America is to create chaos so things get so bad that all rely on government to save them. Opening the flood gates for illegal immigrants, releasing prisoners from jail, paying off debt incurred by Blue States, paying off student loans and removing every Executive Order by president Trump that returned America to greatness. Biden is installing every Leftist in positions of authority and media gleefully prohibits any opposition speech.
    The more patient we are waiting for the next rigged election and the more hesitant we are to demonstrate en masse against the new government actions, the more helpless and enslaved we will become. No jobs, no money and no peaceful recourse.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. allprogressivesarepsychotic says:

    Dusty I thought you were closing shop, any way here is my opinion of our nation as a whole, we are doomed, if mankind survives to the 22nd century it will take at least that long to break the tyrannical/totalitarian chains of the Communist party and no 1 not running as a Communist will stand a chance of winning office, which is why I am offended Trump is still pedalling his cheap junk trinkets by lying in saying he has a chance to regain the Presidency in 2024 not unless he runs as a Communist pushing the Communist ideology.

    I never did take kindly to him pedalling clothing, coins, or watches the entire time he was in office and I find it far more offensive now, by the way, my policy is if you do nothing that personally benefits me you do not get 1 cent of my money but which is still far more generous than I would have ever been towards any member of the Democratic party since the days of “Bubba Slick Willy.”

    Liked by 1 person

    • dustyk103 says:

      I said I wasn’t going to write a regular blog. No point in detailing the disaster this is. I will still post but only on rare occasions. I won’t take this site down until forced to by the communist regime now ruling Amerika. I will leave it as a teaching tool to reach those who are not hopelessly lost. Some young liberals who have some modicum of morality will come to recognize the truth. It’s just that they are young and ignorant and easily misguided. But they will learn as they begin to suffer more under the communist fascism of Democrats. Basically this all boils down to the fact that liberals be dum and igorant and must learn the hard way. What The Donald is trying to do now I’m not sure about. He doesn’t strike me as the type that needs to peddle trinkets.


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