The Founders Foresaw Massive Election Fraud – Democrat Road Map

America’s Founders, righteous Christian conservatives, knew that the left would undermine the nation and try to sabotage the election system to steal power. The ideology of the left is not adequately explained in media. Even Wikipedia fails to designate these movements as what they are – anti-Christian, anti-American, atheist/Islamist communist fascism. It is the negative ideology of humanity that fights against the righteous to impose slavery. Their only goal is to destroy America as founded and establish themselves as rulers. They have proven with their media propaganda, election fraud, street thugs, and murders of the innocent that they are the criminals who are willing to lie, cheat, steal, and kill to take what they want. The Founders incorporated in the Constitution a plan to counter their efforts when they completely corrupted the election system.

Democrats say they are trying to save democracy even as they destroy it. This is how leftists dupe the ignorant and unwary by saying one thing and doing the opposite. Unless this election fraud is crushed before allowing Biden to steal the presidency, Americans stand no chance of justice. If this election is stolen by Democrats, then they will change America into a communist dictatorship. They have openly declared this to be their goal even as they deny they endorse communism at the same time. Seventy percent of Republicans know there was election fraud. Even thirty percent of Democrats admit it. Only liars and their useful idiot fools deny this. So, here is the question for this country:

If you believe there is election fraud, should President Trump remain and work to eliminate election fraud, or should Biden be sworn in and Democrats allowed to use election fraud to steal all future elections?

If you don’t believe there was fraud, should an investigation be conducted to establish election integrity, or should anyone attempting to do so be killed?

The response of, I don’t know, does not apply in this circumstance. If you don’t know then you are too stupid to be voting in the first place. Democrats have been refining their election fraud techniques for fifteen years using a blue ribbon panel of Democrats that studied how voter fraud is committed. Now Democrats are using that, not to stop voter fraud, but as a road map of how to commit it. The techniques to stop election fraud are:

  1. Increase voter ID requirements
  2. Not use mail-in voting
  3. Halt ballot harvesting
  4. Maintain valid voter lists, voter registration forms, in part to ensure that dead people are promptly removed from them, to prevent identity theft, multiple voting, and illegal aliens from illegally voting
  5. Allow election observers to monitor ballot counting
  6. Make sure voting machines are working properly
  7. Media refrain from calling elections too early and from touting exit polls

It is Democrats who have refused to enforce voter ID requirements instead saying there should be none because it is “voter suppression” – of illegal votes. They wanted this mail-in voting that returns millions of ballots anonymously particularly after Election Day. They’ve been using ballot harvesting to great effect especially in flipping Republican seats in 2018. They never clear their registration lists allowing cheaters to vote in multiple locations multiple times. They kicked out Republican observers during the count this year as they do every year. They bought and used machines known to be programmable to flip votes. And, of course, the leftwing media has been calling elections too early for Democrats for decades. If this isn’t a reason to #StoptheSteal and re-establish voter integrity, then voting is an exercise in futility.

Panel laid dangerous methods of election fraud 15 years ago that became the road map for Democrats to follow in 2020

How the Election was Stolen and How the Constitution Resolves a Crisis

The machines used by Democrats in their cities and states were forewarned by American Intelligence to be corrupted. They can be programmed to flip votes. During the election, they probably programmed them to make Biden’s votes increase by 10% and Trump’s votes decrease the same amount. Also, millions of mail-in ballots for Biden were added anonymously while millions of Trump ballots were destroyed. Democrats added more votes after Election Day when they knew the number of Trump votes they must overcome. They concealed this by destroying the envelopes in which they came.

Even with all of this, ballots in the swing states weren’t enough to overcome Biden’s true deficit. So, in the middle of the night, Democrats pushed Republican observers out of the ballot counting rooms in these states, forged another several million ballots as quickly as possible by just putting Biden’s name on them, and threw them into the counting machines. This created a discrepancy in the count wherein Biden suddenly amassed millions of votes all at once while Trump had none. This is what the Trump legal team says they can prove. Now those who committed these crimes are in hiding while Democrats are declaring there’s no such evidence.

This is how criminals do it. They steal, hide the evidence, deny they stole, and blame others. Donald Trump may be America’s last American president. This may be America’s last year of liberty. If the Supreme Court allows Democrats to steal this election, then there will never again be an election in which they don’t own the country. The Founders foresaw this eventuality and planned for it. They made us a representative republic rather than a democracy. They created the Electoral College so that a few states using voter fraud to stuff the ballot box would not be able to steal the majority. If the election is compromised beyond redemption, then the election goes to the State Legislatures and House of Congress. But it is run as if they were the Senate with two electors per state selected. Since Republicans control the legislatures of 37 states then President Trump will be re-elected. Democrats will once again scream that the election was stolen from them by collusion.

This process will have to play out through the Supreme Court and Congress before it is finally resolved. Democrats claiming victory and their cowardly Republican allies demanding Trump yield will get no satisfaction from The Fighting Donaldus Trumpian! Allowing Biden to be sworn in would be the worst mistake Republicans could make. You can’t impeach a president and his vice president for stealing an election by voter fraud. Such fraud would also steal seats in Congress. A compromised Congress, especially one in which establishment Republican swamp rats will work with Democrat snakes, cannot resolve a election crisis after the deed is done.

Impeachment doesn’t work. Democrats stole the presidency of Lincoln through assassination and Republicans couldn’t get Johnson impeached. Nixon resigned rather than face impeachment for using a private agency to spy on the Democrat campaign. Had he stayed, does anyone think he really would have been impeached? Obama used America’s intelligence agencies to spy on the Trump campaign and no charges have been brought against him! He remained in Washington to run Democrat coup operations for four years, undermining Trump, sabotaging our government, corrupting deep state operatives, unleashing street thugs on cities, and what charges have been brought against him?

America stands on the brink of remaining a constitutional democratic republic or being overthrown to become a socialist dictatorship run by a communist oligarchy of fascists. All future elections are at stake to either be made free and fair or be subverted into a one-party system with the same phony voting that all communist countries use. The choice is clear for patriots and equally clear for America haters. Either the majority that loves America and believes in the American Dream will fight to keep us free, or those who hate America and believe in imposing the socialist nightmare will win America’s 2nd Civil War. Two-thirds of Americans do NOT want to live under a communist dictatorship. Only one third of people who are petty, greedy, and stupid believe doing so would in any way benefit them. Stand up and fight for what’s right, America!

Tucker Carlson the election was rigged

Trump Says He Will Never Concede to ‘Fake Ballots and Dominion’

Brinkley: Trump Will Run Shadow Government with Rush Limbaugh – which is what Obama has been doing for the past four years proving once again that leftists always falsely accuse the righteous of doing what they are doing

[Author’s Note: Since the election of Obama, Democrats have lost over a thousand seats in government. Democrats have not yet been able to overturn all of these, so Republicans still retain majorities in many state legislatures. This may be America’s salvation. Even though most Americans do not recognize that they elected a communist Moslem to be leader of the free Christian world, most recognized that his policies were those of communist fascism and voted against him in every other way. A study of the Trump administration vs. the Obama regime yields an amazing dichotomy of opposites. Where Obama managed America’s decline, Trump restored American greatness. This is what is on the line for America’s future; with Trump leading the way back to prosperity for all, or Democrats instituting their complete socialist agenda to disarm citizens, steal their prosperity with their bogus Green New Deal, give it away to illegal aliens who hate this country, and unleash criminal terrorists on the masses to keep them under their iron boot.]

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