Biden’s Campaign – Hide, Lie, Smear

Picture Caption: Joe Biden is every bit the thug crime lord that the Clintons and Obamas have been. He has used nepotism and extortion to make his family ultra-rich through his power in the Senate and as VP. Comparing the Trumps against the Bidens, Clintons, and Obamas exalts the truth of Rush Limbaugh’s famous quote:
“Capitalism makes the rich powerful. Socialism makes the powerful rich.”

This election is not about what Democrats would vote for, only what they vote against and that is republican Americanism. Democrats are gaslighting their voters who mostly act like lemmings. Shifty Schiff is again blaming the Russians for Hunter Biden’s laptop exposing the Biden’s crime family operations. Will anyone be stupid enough to believe him after he spent three years saying he has absolute proof Russia stole the 2016 election? Democrat voters have to be functioning without any rational logic cells between their ears. The only thing we know they are voting for is communism that will take them off the cliff of liberty into the abyss of socialism. They say Donald Trump is a mean orange man – an ogre. Only problem for them is that he is an ogre like an orange Shrek fighting tyrannical bully totalitarian socialists.

Donald Trump offers all the promise of his second term being better than the first and he fights for the people! Democrats can only smear him as being incompetent as they inflate the Coronavirus and attempt to smear him for the shutdown killing the economy. Even as they say they would shut the country down far longer than they already have, Democrats offer the people nothing but death and destruction from their street thugs to their tyrannical governors. The only conclusion you can make is that Democrats are haters with nothing to vote for as Biden tells them they don’t have the right to know what he stands for until after they elect him to office. They would rather vote for an admitted corrupt extortionist thief than the man they falsely accuse of being a corrupt thief.

If you don’t know what President Trump stands for, then you have been living in your own world oblivious of everything that has happened for the past four years. If you believe that the Biden campaign defines President Trump, then you have been living in a world of delusions. If you believe the smears about Donald Trump, then you are just living with your head up your ass! Never in his life has Donald Trump praised white supremacy, racism, fascism, or violence. He has always condemned them. These smears by Democrats are purely fictional based on their creative editing that only idiots believe.

The people who form the base of the Democrat and Republican parties already have their minds made up going into this election. Republicans believe in American Exceptionalism and the American Dream. Democrats believe in Socialism and having the elites impose tyrannical communist ideals on the masses. If you are undecided, it is not because you are “studious” or “wisely reserve judgement.” It’s only because you are unaware, inattentive, and functionally vacant of what has been happening.

Trump’s FULL Charlottesville presser reveals how leftist media have edited out his condemnations of white supremacists and neo-Nazis to create their false narrative that he said they were “fine people.” The so-called “alt-right” are also leftists falsely claim to be rightwing just as leftists falsely claim that Nazis are rightwing extremists when they have always been leftwing

Joe Biden bragging about extorting Ukraine to stop investigating his son’s corruption claiming the prosecutor was corrupt

Democrats may once again believe their phony polls like they did in 2016. It will only result in their screaming while curled up in the fetal position once again. The swamp rats that comprise their America hating base may be praying that their voter fraud mail-in ballots will turn this election upside down, but Donald Trump is not going to sit by and watch them steal the election as they falsely accused him of doing for four years. Every attack by Democrats on Donald Trump has been based on their false allegations. They impeached him over a phony crime that Biden is actually guilty of committing. This is a short synopsis of the lies Democrats live:

Biden says, Biden does

  1. Biden says he will not raise taxes on the poor, only the rich.
    1. Biden will reinstate the ObamaCare Penalty Tax that will be levied on the poor as it was under Obama/Biden. They will destroy healthcare by establishing socialized medicine in the name of providing free healthcare for all.
  2. Biden says he will not defund the police.
    1. Biden will “redirect” funds away from the police that he says is not the same thing. Depends on how simple-minded you are to not see through this. How about we “redirect” your salary to someone else and see if you feel like you were defunded?
  3. Biden says he will not ban fracking.
    1. Obama/Biden closed coal mines and oil drilling. Biden vowed to his base during the primaries to do so again. Don’t be a simpleton dupe.
  4. Biden says he is innocent of gangsterism, that the charges are smears.
    1. Biden’s children got high level jobs for which they were unqualified with banks and businesses in Delaware where he was a senator. The Bidens began their foreign business involvement after their father became VP. Biden bragged about extorting Ukraine to save his son from a corruption investigation.
  5. Biden says that Trump & Family are guilty of gangsterism.
    1. No one in the Trump family has conducted business in fields they don’t know with foreign investors like the Bidens have since their father was elected president. They actually shutdown foreign businesses costing the family a billion dollars. Democrats falsely accused Trump of extorting Ukraine and impeached him over their false allegations.
  6. Biden says he would handle the Coronavirus pandemic better than Trump by “following the science” and shutdown the country until the virus was gone.
    1. He originally said stopping travel from China was racist. Everything he said that should be done and that he would do had already been done by President Trump. Medical experts are now saying that the shutdown did more harm than good.
  7. Biden says he would bring businesses back to America.
    1. Under Obama, he and Barack shipped businesses out of the country to China, Mexico, and elsewhere and they got rich through it. Now he is just plagiarizing Trump in this as he has over Covid and telling the people bald-faced lies with his forked tongue.
  8. Biden and Obama still say their administration was transparent and scandal free.
    1. People were not allowed to read the Affordable Care Act until after Democrats made it law. Obama’s scandals are more numerous than any president in history, and they are all concealed by the leftwing media. They call them “debunked conspiracy theories” when they have been proven the truest of facts or when no investigation was allowed. Whereas every one of their accusations against Trump was manufactured and disproven in investigations.
  9. Biden says he would make the military strong.
    1. Obama severely weakened the military, depleted their ranks and munition stores, and exposed troops to greater danger through his Rules of Engagement. Trump reversed all of this. Again, Biden speaks with forked tongue.
  10. Biden would fight global warming instead of global terrorism.
    1. Biden and Obama funded Islamicists to create ISIS which grew for three years under their administration to become a dominant power. Trump destroyed it in a few months. They allowed Ambassador Stephens to be assassinated in Libya to avoid exposing them funneling money to the Islamic Jihad. Obama sent billions of American taxpayer dollars to Islamist and communist countries that want to destroy us.
  11. Biden says he will fund climate change programs.
    1. Climate change is a scam. It is a natural state of change which cannot be affected by man for good or ill. Shutting down American energy would only make the nation reliant on Chinese coal and Arab oil. Wind and solar are no match for the power of fossil fuels that are abundant, cheap, and not the catastrophic environmental destroyers Democrats pretend them to be.
  12. Biden says he will promote immigration of good people into the USA.
    1. Biden has vowed to take down the wall and allow any illegal to enter the U.S., give them citizenship rights, and award them benefits and free healthcare at taxpayer expense. He will allow criminals along with the drug trade and human trafficking to cross our southern border unrestricted.
  13. Biden says he would not stack the Supreme Court or the Senate.
    1. Democrats have made clear their plan to install six additional liberal seats on the Supreme Court so they can create two additional states with four more Democrat senators, do away with the filibuster, and establish themselves as dictators for life. They will make America a one party socialist state.

This just scrapes the surface of the degree of control that leftist socialism would exert over citizens. They would also curtail our 1st and 2nd Amendment rights to make citizens into subjects to serve the elites of a single party state. Democrats would corrupt the system by stacking the courts and the Senate so that they would never again lose an election. America stands on the edge of a knife. There is no more “reaching across the aisle.” Democrats don’t want Americanism. They want communism.

The Wall we brought down in Berlin has been erected by Democrats in Congress. While we were building a wall to protect our border, Democrats were building a coalition of America haters to undermine us from within. They have mailed out eighty million ballots, more votes than either party ever gets, throwing them to the wind in a country where 40%-50% of population doesn’t show up to vote. They will be filled out in those people’s names. If Biden is somehow permitted to become president, Democrats will take power and the Constitution they so revile will be relegated to the trashcan.

Debating a Democrat about what they are actually voting for

Trump was impeached by Democrats for asking Ukraine to reopen the corruption investigation of he Biden because Hunter Biden’s laptop was authenticated in FBI hands in January exposing their crimes

It’s an Election About America’s Future, Not a Referendum on Trump’s Personality

Death of a Nation – How the left has smeared the right as becoming the racist Nazis that the left has always been and still is to this day, except that they have concealed this truth behind their ideology to make God the oppressor and Satan the liberator

Joe Biden says Muslims would serve ‘at every level’ in his administration

Election 2020: Trump – Keep America Great, or Biden – Make China Great Again

Twitter Wars: Republicans censored so that Democrats don’t hear the truth about Biden or the true Democrat agenda to overthrow the Constitution and enslave the masses under their rule.

“The Art of the Deal vs. The Art of the Steal”

“Cops and jobs versus lockdowns and mobs”

It’s an easy choice.

How to Convert a Free State into a Slave State:

  1. Indoctrinate and corrupt the masses
  2. Import terrorists and criminals
  3. Steal an election through fraud
  4. Convert peacekeepers into enforcers
  5. Pack the courts and legislatures
  6. Establish single party rule

Electronic Nazi Book Burning – Censorship by Twitter and Facebook to Conceal Biden/Obama Crimes

TRUE the VOTE! To believe in Democrats you have to be stupid!

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Banned on Democrat’s Nazi sewer Twitter by electronic book burning

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  1. Roy says:

    While American’s slept, because we were doing well, the Left took over the educational system, court system, Tech companies and media. The swamp grew and grew with little objection until a true leader, Donald Trump, boldly challenged the corruption and decay of America. If he isn’t reelected this country will fall into chaos as has happened to previous great civilizations. We will be destroyed from within.

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