There are NO moderate leftists

Some Democrats say they need to nominate a candidate that is more “centrist,” “moderate,” or “middle of the road.”  I’m here to tell you there is no such thing as a moderate leftist.  That violates the very laws of nature.  There are leftists, centrists, and rightists.  The Democrat Party consists of leftists.  All of the centrists have been driven out by leftist fascism.  The only centrists are in the Republican Party.  We know them because they are the ones like McCain, Romney, Murkowski, Collins, Boehner and Ryan that will work with Democrats to advance leftist causes.  They scorn Donald Trump and immerse themselves in the swamp with the leftist swamp rats.  We know them as RINOs – Republicans in name only.  They are not rightists.  They are leftist infiltrators.  Here’s the most basic fact you need to understand about the left and right; the left is never right but always wrong and being just half wrong never makes you right.  The ONLY Democrat “moderates” are those who LIE about being leftist radicals intent on unmaking America.  Impeachment is Democrat’s distraction from Trump’s great economy and the crimes that Obama, Biden, and Hillary committed.

Democrats have now openly engaged in gaslighting Americans to advance their socialist BS.  Amid Trump’s booming economy that came into being by ripping Obamaism from the nation they are still trying to tell the middle class that they owe their new prosperity to Obama.  Oh, wait, they’re not saying the middle class has become prosperous that everyone who works realizes.  They are telling them that the “middle class is being crushed!”  How stupid do stupid Democrats believe the people to be?  The ONLY times in ALL of American history that the middle class shrank were during times that Democrats had Supermajorities.  It happened in the 1910s when Wilson initiated the Income Tax.  It happened in the 1930s when FDR imposed confiscation taxes on the rich.  It happened again in the 1970s under Carter’s tax insanity.  And it happened again in the 2010s when America stupidly elected a Moslem communist to be president and leader of the free world.

The depressions of Wilson, FDR, Carter, and Obama constitute the only times in American history that the middle class actually shrank, that wages went down, and that the economy languished.  Donald Trump has undone every executive order that Obama imposed on America to stop energy and manufacturing.  Those jobs are now coming back to America and the nation is booming as never before.  Amidst all of this, Democrats are actually attempting to gaslight people telling them they are not seeing what they are seeing.  When you tell healthy people that they are sickly and dying only the most simple-minded will believe them.  They think that if they keep on telling the people that Trump is crashing the economy and we are going into a recession until a recession actually comes up then they will be vindicated in promoting their lies for years.  This is the sickness of the leftist mind and the deficiency of the liberal mind to believe them.  The difference between Republicans and Democrats is represented by their logos.  Elephants never forget and Jackasses are dumb as rocks stubbornly not looking past their blinders.

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[Author’s Note: Biden is out using the conflict between Trump and China that is causing some economic distress of farmers as the basis of his claim that the middle class is being crushed.  Trump is winning every trade war and Democrats are obstructing his efforts.  USMCA languished for a year on Pelosi’s desk and she only passed it to get Democrats to vote for impeachment.  How do you impeach a president who is doing great things for America?  You do it to dupe fools into believing he did something wrong when he’s actually doing everything right.  Democrats and their RINO ally swamp rats are incensed that this upstart billionaire businessman is showing the nation how prosperous we can be without thieving socialist scorpions on our backs!  The only time farmers were ever crushed is when Democrats instituted their death tax to punish the children of the rich and confiscated the farms of the poor who couldn’t pay it.  This is why it is imperative to pay attention to what is happening in politics and the world.

Some people think that if only liberals were informed, that if only leftists heard the truth, that they would become enlightened.  Here’s a basic truth; when liberal Democrats become enlightened, they become conservative Republicans.  Liberals don’t believe what they do because they don’t hear the truth, but because they reject the truth.  Leftists don’t believe what they do because they don’t know the truth, but because they do know the truth and they choose to lie.  Only the oblivious middle that leftists call “wise” are susceptible to learning and acting on the truth.  It is for those people that I wrote in hopes of educating people with open minds.  Leftists and liberals are not open-minded.  Theirs is the world in which leftism is good wherein Satan is the liberator who brings light to the world and Jesus is the oppressor.  What do Christians have in common with Democrats.  No more than they have in common with Islam that curses the Christ.  There are only those who are ignorant and gullible enough to be fooled by them.  As liberal Democrat J. K. Rowling learned when she actually spoke good sense, leftists allow no deviation from their dogma.  Just goes to prove that even though she can create a fiction in which witches and warlocks are good people, that doesn’t translate into reality.]

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2 Responses to There are NO moderate leftists

  1. John Chism says:

    Well Dusty you once again touched on subjects I’ve studied. Of course interpretation can give different perceptions from the same materials, that we reach different conclusions with some similarities. What people call RINO’s goes back to Theodore Roosevelt’s presidency that were breakoffs of the Republican Party with the Progressive Movement and his “Square Deal” platform. These Progressive Republicans supported V.P, Roosevelt after McKinley was assassinated and he became President Sep, 14, 1901 – March 4, 1909, they were Conservationist and Darwinians with a Marxist twist of saving the world from Capitalisms encroachment on the environment, which the Republican Party didn’t like but got a lot of Democrats support to pass the legislation. and Roosevelt didn’t like President Taft’s Conservative Policies…even though he tried to groom him when he was president. These Progressive Republicans wanted us to get involved in World War One during Woodrow Wilson’s presidency which Wilson won because Roosevelt ran against Taft in 1912 and split the party – Like Ross Perot did to Bush and Clinton won. These Progressive Republicans have been around ever since and don’t conform to Republican Conservative values on several issues that more align with the Democratic Platforms. These Progressive Republicans are why during Franklin D. Roosevelt’s “New Deal” brought “Economic Fascism” to the United States that has been growing ever since towards Socialism with Lyndon B. Johnson’s “Great Society” that had a controlling majority and the Supermajority for a few years, and that Democrat majority congress was the start of Nixon’s presidency for 2 years. People tend to measure things by who was president, but the reality is who controls congress and by how much of a majority.


    • dustyk103 says:

      I may have to go back and look up Teddy again. My recollection is that he hated Taft for getting in bed with the Robber Barons, not for trying to enact more conservatism. Teddy wanted to help people but not with the liberal socialism of Democrats. Otherwise, he would have become a Democrat after failing to win in 1912 spoiling Republican power.


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