Behaving Like Nazis – How the Left Operates Duping Liberals

Deception. Misdirection. Misinformation. Nazism is overused in condemning the righteous to dilute the truth. Nazis, Communists, Fascists, Imperials, Islamists, and Liberal Democrats are all cut from the same cloth of socialism. Liberals are simply dupes to these techniques because they automatically believe the first thing they are told without either investigating or using good moral sense because they lack the ability to morally examine the truth. Tell them the truth and they will deny it. Challenge their facts and they will disregard it or just resort to calling you names like “racist” and “bigot.” The left says Trump is a Hitler, Republicans are Nazis, conservatives are fascists, and Christians are oppressive bigots. Denying these lies is useless in the face of their irrational hate.

Liberals are confused over right vs. left believing the far right to be Nazis and the far left to be communists and that the center is Democrats. This fiction is only possible because of their lack of either education or a moral compass to understand right vs. wrong and liberty vs. slavery. It is an Alinskyism to deny and deflect the truth by accusing their righteous opposition of committing the evils of which they themselves are guilty. This is how they confuse and disorient their base to believe they are the righteous when it is they who are the fascist witch-hunters. When Democrats declare that Trump didn’t act quickly enough, when it was they that fought against his closing travel from China, how do they expect thinking Americans to believe them when they say they would have handled it better? Being liberals is being the suckers born every minute to believe in leftist lies.

Fox & Friends May 5, 1st hour @ 30 mins, (that YouTube censored) Jehmu Green, lying with a smile, denied a need to investigate Biden’s molestations, while condemning Trump on the basis of false allegations. Claiming that no one investigated the “twenty women that charged him” was slapped down hard by two righteous champions. Any thinking person who can remember beyond yesterday knows that the leftwing media, that refuses to investigate Biden, did so exhaustively with a multitude of condemnations and slurs damning Trump because they found no proof. Pelosi, who is fighting Trump to fund Democrat states out of their own debts created by their high taxes, is no doubt praying for Trump and Pence every day – to catch the virus and die so she could become president and fulfil Democrat’s dreams of power to make Hillary president. Then they could force mailing in ballots to give Democrats absolute power forever like every socialist dictator in existense. Just like Minnesota, counting mail-in ballots after Election Day allows them to steal back any election they lose.

Rush Limbaugh Crushes Democrat’s Scams on Russia and Covid

Blue State Governors Want to Ruin the Economy

We Know What Obama Did and We Know It’s Still Happening

Ballot Harvesting – Democrat’s most successful voter fraud campaign

Friedman Accuses Limbaugh and Trump of Destroying “Cognitive Immunity”

President Trump saved two million lives with the economic shutdown. Democrats who deny this are admitting this was all a scam. Those same Democrats then try to throw fuel on the fire declaring that opening the economy will kill millions of people. How many times will people believe anything these Democrats say as they cry wolf over and over? We are already finding out from declassified documents that Democrats who went on TV declaring Trump guilty of Russian collusion had no evidence to present the House investigating committee under oath. Democrats prove they are false time and again in their condemnations of Republicans and praise for themselves.

“Cognitive Immunity” – this is said to be the “innate liberal ability to separate truth from lies” as espoused by leftwing propagandist at the NYT, Thomas “Loopy” Friedman. This must be the same as Al Gore telling children they “instinctively know more than their parents know.” The problem with liberals is not that they cannot discern the truth. Their primary character flaw is that they suffer from irrational cognitive dysfunctional thinking born of their lack of a moral compass and logical cognition to think both morally and rationally. If there was such a thing as “cognitive immunity” then there would be a class of people who could see through any lie without evidence. Arrogant Ignorance is the AI that liberals substitute for rational thought.

The difference in maturing from a liberal into a conservative is learning to examine the evidence and then compare the stories on a moral foundation of good sense. That leftist propagandists try to twist people’s minds and morality to fit their goals is why there is so much fake news. On a FOX News Townhall, a phony “Trump supporter” pretending to despise Trump’s abrasive retaliation against lying media said she wants him to stop defending himself. The left would have Trump be made their punching bag like George Bush whose reputation they assassinated.

President Trump said the media hasn’t been so against a president since Lincoln. This is small wonder since we are engaged in America’s 2nd Civil War. Since the 1950s the left has infiltrated and corrupted America’s media, entertainment, education, and culture with their communist/Nazi filth. That half of the country refuses to acknowledge this is an admission by Democrats that they are part of it. With 95% of the media working for Democrats against Trump, it’s good to have a president who fights back against the likes of Democrat Gov. Cuomo. The left’s hero was astounded to discover that subways could be disinfected, put Covid patients into nursing homes where thousands died, and wants to tax the salaries of out-of-state rescue workers who volunteered to go to NYC to battle Covid. New York’s infection and death rates are ten times Florida’s and the murderous fool has the gall to say DeSantis is irresponsible for opening his state.

We are seeing Democrat hypocrisy blatantly out in the open. Only oblivious liberals can deny the truth in front of everyone’s eyes. Nazis commit crimes like Biden and then accuse others like Trump of committing the same crimes with no more proof than their accusations. They say they are transparent even as they coverup their crime. As in the case of Gen. Flynn, they put a gun to his son’s head to coerce him to confess and then declare themselves righteous in damning him for his confession. This is leftist justice.

Obama saying Trump is guilty of exonerating Gen. Flynn for the crime of perjury says this act is against the law. Flynn wasn’t charged with perjury and was not convicted of lying to the FBI. You have to be under oath to perjure yourself, nor was he “convicted” of lying but forced to confess under duress despite the interviewing agents saying he did not lie. This is leftist justice. The same people who testified under oath to his innocence in Schiff’s secret witch trials go on television to damn him as guilty. That’s because it’s illegal to lie under oath but not illegal to live on TV.

As Republican states reopen following the Covid quarantine, Democrats are tyrannizing their states acting as if they are NYC. Democrat judges are freeing criminals and trying to free illegal aliens into the populace, while they imprison citizens for violating their dictates. Schumer keeps damning the president declaring that Democrats are doing what is right to keep Americans “safe.” This is fascism. This is America’s 21st century Democrat Party. America is hoping that Trump will keep us safe.

America’s 2nd Civil War

How did America come to this? Democrats had elected a Moslem socialist to dictate and Americans had cast them out. President Trump undid much of Obamaism. Democrats were faced with the insurmountable problem of challenging Trump’s economy. Their mountain of lies was a house of cards pitted against Trump’s ocean of truth that washes down mountains. Everyone could see it. Destroying Obamaism restored American greatness and her economy boomed like it hasn’t since Reagan. So, how to overcome this obstacle?

The answer is simple. They had to destroy that economy and then blame Trump. They did it in 2008 by wrecking the mortgage system to blame Bush. In the process they nuked the economy so badly, and then mismanaged the nation with socialism for eight years, that they kept the economy suppressed. America didn’t recover until Obama Democrats were overthrown. Now, with the help of their Chicom friends, Democrats have devised a means by which to destroy Trump’s economy, blame him for killing people and rendering them destitute, then declaring themselves America’s saviors who could keep the people safe. The plan of Democrats has been simplicity itself:

  • Terrorize the population with fear of a plague.
  • Freeze the nation’s economy through fear.
  • Keep people out of work until they are destitute.
  • Promise them that, if they elect a Democrat president and control Congress, their Democrat states will then get the federal money that Trump refuses to give them to cover their high taxes. (i.e. Republican states will be forced to pay to bail them out like Obama did in 2009 making Republican states suffer.)
  • Insist that it is not safe to go to the polls and enable anyone to illegally vote multiple times by mail.

This is just as their meme, that Trump is greedy and heartless for wanting to reopen the nation, falls flat in the face of Trump shutting down the superb economy he fostered to save a million lives, rings hollow. Any Democrat that denies this reveals the truth that this was their scam to absolutely screw the American people. Doctors forbidden from prescribing treatment by Democrat governors is reminiscent of Obama telling a woman her old mother would just have to take a pill and die rather than get a life enhancing surgery. This campaign to destroy Trump by Democrats who are willing to destroy, not only the truth, but the nation itself so that they can be the ones in charge of the money, tells us three things – Democrat leaders operate on three principles:

  • Inciting Fear
  • Generating Hate
  • Instilling Greed through Envy

Democrats insisting that people not go outdoors in public places are deliberately exacerbating the situation. You can’t catch a virus from other people outdoors unless someone walks up to you and swabs your mouth with their tongue. The wind carriers it away and UV rays kill it. Viruses are always spread in wintertime when people congregate indoors. There is no excuse for this fearmongering stupidity. Even as the use of facemasks obviates the need for the six foot plus social distancing, which was based on how far spittle or sneezes may travel from an unmasked mouth, wacky liberals are demanding more and more that people be isolated entirely! This is how they would control their sheep.

Democrats trying to excuse Biden’s violations of their #MeToo movement with his behavior say Republicans have no right to condemn him based on the left’s condemnations of Trump as being an “admitted molester.” Their false accusations against Trump have all fallen on their faces in the muck as they investigated each one exhaustively. Now they block any investigation of Biden except for his own exonerations of himself and say it is just. Their movement has only entrapped their own who commit 90% of molestations. It took down their own idols like Weinstein, and Epstein who is Bill Clinton’s running buddy that they tried to attach to Trump. They’ll support Biden despite the truth because they hate Trump on the basis of their lies founded in their lack of a moral compass.

Recognizing that Democrats are two-faced hypocrites is by recognizing their double standards. They condemn Republicans as doing what Democrats are doing when they are not. This is easily recognized by their approach to their “justice” whether it be social, legal, or any of their myriad bullsh*t agenda like climate change or healthcare. It is always wrong when others don’t do as they are told but fine when they do it themselves. Trump easily turns the tables on Biden by using his own words against him by taking him in context, while Democrats have to create propaganda by taking Trump’s words out of context.

Just as Rush Limbaugh predicted a month ago, opening the economy has produced Democrat death models declaring that the virus will infect two hundred thousand and kill three thousand people a day. They are already declaring every new Covid death as Trump killing people so Republicans can profit. This is how the sickness of leftist minds infects liberals with fear and hate. No doubt the reason why deaths are far more prevalent in blue states is for this very reason.

We recognized that Democrat leftists would be all too willing to sacrifice their lemming’s lives to make their case. They are driven to crash their state’s economies and demand the federal government bail them out even though they drove their states into bankruptcy long before this virus. This is why intelligent people vote only for Republicans and, if you don’t like your Republican, then get involved in the primaries. Elect better Republicans rather than jump out of the frying pan into the fire of leftism.

{Author’s Notes Below}

“Heartless” Trump Blamed for Reopening Deaths

Biden calls virus a golden opportunity for Dems

Democrat’s fraud model of 3000 deaths per day

Project Veritas exposes CBS pushing phony test site

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WATCH: ANOTHER NYC Nurse Whistleblower: Patients Not Dying From Coronavirus, But Are Being “Murdered” By “Gross Negligence and Complete Medical Mismanagement.”

Gov. Newsom Attacks Beachgoers, Threatens to Extend Lockdowns, While Releasing “High Risk” Sex Offenders

London’s Muslim Mayor Congratulates Iran for Being “Ahead of Us In Terms of Combating the Coronavirus”

Rutgers University Prof Blames Trump Supporters for Coronavirus Deaths: “F**k each and every Trump supporter. You all absolutely did this. You are to blame.”

ABUSE OF POWER: Oregon Democrat Gov. Kate Brown Extends Lockdown to JULY 6 Despite Ranking 40th on State Coronavirus List

Trump Campaign Savages Biden in New Ad, Uses His Own Words Against Him

Leftwing Democrat propagandists must censor educated blacks

TX Gov. Abbott calls for release of Dallas shop owner jailed for opening business

TX Supreme Court releases mother jailed by Democrat judge for opening business

[Author’s Note: Democrats are faced with the cold hard reality that Biden was going senile when he was VP and cannot possibly face Trump in a debate let alone govern. The problem they now have is that the person with the second most delegates is openly communist Bernie Sanders. Democrats have just conducted the worst Fifth Column coup of American history, yet they failed to impeach Trump. They also failed to separate his voters from him.

So, they concocted a plague with the help of their Chicom friends to shake the nation to its core hoping the people would believe that turning to Democrats would save them. Now they don’t know who to put in front of the people to bring them this message. The Obamas are not only too obvious but may be too toxic now that the people have had a taste of Trumpism over Obamaism. As Democrats like Hillary and Biden keep saying, it would be a terrible thing to waste the opportunity this disaster has created to push their socialist agenda down American’s throats. They are even trying to scare their sheep with tales of the virus resurging killing thousands more people every day!

As the evidence is exposed proving Gen. Flynn was shafted by Obama’s FBI, DoJ, and Intelligence Committee under Schiff, the Trump administration is exposing the treason behind the Mueller investigation coup attempt. If President Trump is not re-elected, then the Democrats will be able to sweep all of their treason for the past six years under the rug. As more and more proof comes out that this virus wasn’t as deadly as thought, was more widespread, and that Democrat doctors inflated death rates by attributing deaths by other causes to Covid, America is seeing more and more that this was a scam. The proof of how deeply they want to steal the election is in their attempt to make November a vote by mail a fraudulent disaster. Even the CDC has said America must use Democrat voter fraud. WTF!?! What has the CDC to do with voting?

This is the proof that this Coronavirus was not truly a plague but a Democrat terror attack to destroy the economy by killing a few thousand people. Democrats rely on the people being desperately poor for them to retake power as they did during the Great Depression they created through their taxation. President Trump is referring to this virus as a war attack more severe than Pearl Harbor or 9/11. He has repeatedly talked about the left’s treason in perpetrating a coup attempt. Unless he does something about it before the election, America could be in great danger. No doubt Democrats are hoping their voter fraud campaign will succeed. But if it doesn’t, they are certainly ready to assassinate the greatest president of the century as they did Lincoln for daring to fight against their slavery.

Schumer is epitomizing Democrat’s anti-America rage as he calls for President Trump’s appointees to rise against him and “speak truth to power.” The truth to power that needs to be spoken is against Democrat tyranny and their attempting a coup! These health restrictions are rules, not laws. As Democrat judges imprison citizens for daring to stand against their tyranny, under the pretense of public safety, they unleash felons on the people, and the people are rising up to resist them! Not as the left rose up against the righteous leadership of President Trump enforcing American law, but as Americans rising against the tyranny of leftism imposing socialist law.

I’m not donating to Republicans over this as a campaign issue to influence elections. They won’t get anything from me until they actually charge these Democrats with treason all the way up to Obama. Liberals and conservatives both say there are “alternate facts.” But liberals say conservatives are not entitled to their own facts because only one set of facts are true and it’s always the conservative’s facts.]

Science in government – or lack thereof (Psychology of the Masses)

Strangers to the Truth

America at War – Enemies Both Foreign and Domestic

Democrats lie, cheat, and steal to benefit from Coronavirus ignorance

The psyche of liberals is necessarily myopic. They must remain closed-minded lest they see their own hypocrisy. That’s how they can justify in their minds condemning Trump as an “admitted serial molester” for his locker room talk on Access Hollywood as “proof of guilt,” then turn about and fully support and endorse Clinton and Biden whose guilt is proven by evidence and videos. It’s how they believe Ford’s accusations against Kavanaugh that fell apart under the light and dismiss Reade despite video proof of Biden’s actions with others.

They will pardon a Democrat for their crimes but condemn a Republican for allegations of sins. This is how Obama claims there were no scandals in his administration because no leftwing media covered it or covered it up. Obama’s greatest scandals are his deficit tax theft of our children to give money to Democrat cronies. That money also went to supply the Muslim Brotherhood enabling them to create ISIS that he said was insignificant. He then had America air forces bomb empty desert claiming he was containing them, while at the same time denying production of war materials to deplete the U.S. arsenal.

It’s how they justify cursing Trump for all he does, and out of the other side of their mouths, in the same breath, blame him for doing nothing. It’s how they tell people they are the ones who will help them, smearing Trump as wanting to profit from people’s suffering, and then extort those same people. President Trump has excelled at foiling their plots to make them look like fools. But if he doesn’t put a stop to their voter fraud, especially their proposed mail in voting this November, then he may as well jump off a gallows with a rope around his neck.

True morality requires looking in the mirror rather than through the looking glass. Fragile, immature egos find it easier to be holier than thou than to admit oneself to be a sinner. Leftists and liberals are the control freaks who are willing to lie, cheat, steal, and kill to force their beliefs on others. And if you oppose them, they will blame you, as the victim, for forcing their hand. Leftis’s love to blame others for their own actions while taking credit for the successes of others. It is their nature to be selfish control freaks to dupe others into doing their will through guilting, false accusations, and false reverence. They are modern day Pharisees ready to crucify the righteous.

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3 Responses to Behaving Like Nazis – How the Left Operates Duping Liberals

  1. RR says:

    All Pelosi needs is a little mustache. She is the closest thing to Hitler since the 30’s calling her a communist is totally wrong she clearly a Nazi. Let her continue and everyone that speaks out will end up like the Jews under Hitler.


  2. Georg Washington Last says:

    You clearly know nothing about Hitler and his worldview. Read “Mein Kampf” / “My Struggle”.
    There you can see that all he wanted was making Germany (the Arians) THE world power. At all costs. And the Jews where the masterminds behind communism and socialism. So they had to be destroyed. Otherwise they would destroy the hole world a.k. civilization eventually.
    All the communists want is to destroy the modern civilization everywhere. So they can take the whole system / world over. Look for Cultural Marxism.


    • dustyk103 says:

      Not sure how you came to the conclusion that I don’t understand Hitler or that Jews are the driving force behind communism. Nor is it clear on which side do you fall?


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