Islamic Jihadi Terrorism – Death by a Thousand Cuts

Leftists infiltrate and tear down civilization to coerce the unwitting populace to accept their rule rather than continually suffer.  But all they bring is more suffering as they subjugate then sheer the sheep.

Islamists are waging Jihad on the West through a combination of infiltration, appealing to leftist’s immorality, and terror attacks.  They strive to indoctrinate Americans and Europeans to submitting to Islam by using their Christian morals against them.  They present themselves as refugees when they are invaders.  They create the concept that rejecting Islam is a phobia, an irrational fear of the unknown that is absurd in the face of terrorist murders.  One person murdered by a jihadi terrorizes a million people.  Muhammad knew this when he had his followers murder people in Medina who spoke out against his war on Mecca.  Islamists know this still works today.  What leftists are doing is allying with Islamists to overthrow western governments in order to install leftist totalitarian regimes.  They accuse those who stand against them as haters, bigots, and people of with wicked hearts deserving punishment for their refusing to accept Islam.  Muhammad is the ultimate teacher of wife abuse in that he extends that abuse to all victims of the Jihad and declares their suffering to be their own fault for not doing what he says is right.  He declares his tyranny to be godly punishment for the wicked and those who are weak in spirit, like abused wives, bow to his will.

The Refugee Jihad – the insanity of the Left’s ‘build bridges not walls’ philosophy

Liberals say you have a greater chance of being struck by lightning than being killed by a terrorist.  So does a person who won’t stand under a tree in a thunderstorm Arborphobic?  A paper cut is relatively harmless, but a thousand of them can kill you.  This is the peril of believing those who say a few terrorist attacks will not bring down a civilization.  Muhammad has made over a billion people slaves to his ideology through this technique.  Leftists say ISIS is not part of Islam.  So are the Koran and Hadith that form the basis of their beliefs are not real or is it just that liberals are completely ignorant of the teachings of Muhammad and believe the only three words they’ve heard about Islam that it is “peace?”  The history of Islam is written in blood.

The Reader’s Digest version of Mohammad and Islam

Liberals point at parts of the Bible in which the Jews were told by God to kill others, but who did Jesus say to kill?  Muhammad ordered his followers to murder, steal, and war on Meccans and Medinans in order to establish himself as the sole ruler over all.  That’s not peace.  That’s tyranny.  That he won that war and that he instilled such fanatical devotion in his followers that they went forth and conquered their neighbors is not just the greatest tragedy in the Dark Ages, but in the history of the world.  What Muhammad accomplished was more than what the Vikings did, more than Tamerlane, Napoleon, Stalin, Hitler, or Mao, even more than Genghis Khan.  All of them built empires, but theirs all fell.  Muhammad’s empire is an empire of the mind embedded in the psyche of the people through the brainwashing technique of being forced to recite the same prayer five times a day and read only one book all their lives.  It is a psychological enslavement that convinces people to kill themselves in order to terrorize others.  And it is done to coerce people to submit to the slavery of Islam.

Canadian Imam Syed Soharwardy: Sharia is the solution, Jizya not discriminatory

Living under Sharia is more than any atheist socialist ideologue believed could be accomplished to hold the people in thrall.  Marx recognized the power of Islam and thought that removing God and installing the government as the ruler of the psyche would be the greatest tool in establishing dominance.  But he was wrong because people know better than to believe in men.  Muhammad understood that if you convince them you represent God and then indoctrinate them from birth to believe what you say and do as you command by controlling them every day then you can make them do anything you want.  This is the basis of every cult that has ever existed in which the leaders put their sheeple in thrall and keep them subdued while they lord over them.  Sharia Islam of Muhammad has been the most effective form of slavery known to man.  Atheists mock the idea that a Bronze Age god could establish peace in the world through Jesus.  They do not mock, but embrace the idea that a Dark Age god can bring the people under their absolute control.  And it all starts by killing people a few at a time until all are living in fear.  Then you offer them to either embrace their new master or suffer.  You give them laws in which it is right to kill those who displease you and call it honor.  Then say that those who refuse live in a fear of their own making because they are the unrighteous.  This is how evil takes seed and rules the hearts and minds of the timid.

Fantasy Islam vs. Reality Islamic Terrorism

Front-runner for French presidency against arresting and deporting “radical Islamists”

Stop fooling yourself; the Left wants America destroyed – BAN SHARIA!

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2 Responses to Islamic Jihadi Terrorism – Death by a Thousand Cuts

  1. EIleen says:

    What few people know (and maybe Christians who go to church every Sunday don’t know) is that Jesus was a capitalist. He also thought there were inappropriate places to conduct monetary transactions. So people remember Jesus clearing out the temple, but they don’t remember what happened to the son who buried his father’s talent so he wouldn’t spend it. A talent actually had quite a bit of silver in it so it was worth a lot even by today’s standards, maybe $10,000.


    • dustyk103 says:

      Although Jesus’ Parables are interpreted as examples of how to behave in a godly manner the fact is that He used both capitalism and capital punishment in His examples. He did not teach His disciples to condemn capitalism or punishment, but to condemn unrighteous actions. Capitalism is not greed as leftists teach. Love of money is greed that leftists practice. Same goes for everything else that Jesus taught which liberals corrupt and deliberately interpret wrongly.


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