Thank you, Mr. Trump, for your generous taxes!


Typical Democrats – damned if you do and damned if you don’t.

The New York Times got a copy of Donald Trump’s ’96 tax returns to which Hillary referred during the debate claiming Trump pays no taxes.  They show that Trump lost so much money that he wouldn’t have had to pay taxes for eighteen years, but has paying far more taxes than required.  What does Hillary the tax thief say about that?  Does she say she was wrong, that Trump not only paid taxes but was extremely generous?

NY Times on Trump’s tax returns

No, she says that Trump isn’t so smart.  If Trump were as smart as Hillary he would pay himself as a charity and take tax deductions coming and going.  Don’t expect any liberals to apologize, admit they lied, or confess to wrongdoing, slander, and false accusations.  Just as Senate Democrat Reid slandered Romney on the floor of the Senate as being a tax cheat, when he not only showed that he was ten times more generous than any Democrat in paying taxes and giving to charity, the Left p*ssed on him more.  In their greed and envy they smeared him as still not paying his “fair share.”  This is why Trump should tell Democrats to stuff their demands for his tax returns up their collective arses.


How two-faced are Democrats?  Hillary and her assistant Huma are busy damning Trump as a misogynist for calling a Miss Universe who got fat “Miss Piggy,” while their respective husbands are visiting Pedophile Isle and spamming the Internet with their wieners.  How two-faced is Clinton and Obama?  In the 90s Hillary was busy destroying the lives of any woman with whom her adulterous husband dallied and now says she will champion women being abused by men.  In 2008, Obama damned Hillary are seeking office for her selfish greed, but today says she is more qualified to be president than anyone in history, including himself!  Which begs the question, if she is so much more qualified than him then why did he shaft her in 2008?


Liberalism has two faces and both are ugly and psychotic.

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6 Responses to Thank you, Mr. Trump, for your generous taxes!

  1. Eileen says:

    I realize that in an earlier post, I mentioned that Americans don’t like to see women bullied. Although I still stand by that statement, I also realize that Americans have a point at which they say enough is enough to a woman bullying a man, because at some point their desire for fair play takes over their desire to see gentlemanly behavior towards a woman. I think Americans have reached that point and it is now time for Trump to fight back and whatever weak minded SJW type voters he loses will pale in comparison to the number of independents he wins over by fighting back.

    The second thing I would do if I were in Trump’s position is sue the NYTimes for libel. They, more than any of the other MSM, have posted not only twisted truths but lies that even their supposed competitors debunked. For the most part, the rest of the MSM (even CNN) have twisted the truth, taken an ambiguous statement out of context and put their own spin on it, or left out important details that debunked their narrative; I am not an attorney, although I suspect that they were just on the the right side of the line to stay out of trouble.

    It is interesting to note that bloggers don’t have the same protections as the MSM does, and so whatever inflammatory stuff they post on the web have a lot more truth (or at least coincidental facts that support their claims).


    • The NYT is completely safe legally because the tax excerpts were sent to them from someone outside (they don’t know who), and because the information is true, verified by his accountant. You can’t “libel” someone with facts. The person who sent them the tax pages might be liable for some kind of privacy violation, but not the paper.

      The problem for Trump is not that he (probably) avoided having to pay taxes because of incurring heavy losses, but that the heavy losses prove he is a lousy businessman. That flies in the face of his core selling point, that he knows how to win at the money game, and that the country can benefit by his expertise.


  2. @dustyk103,
    “The second thing I would do if I were in Trump’s position is sue the NYTimes for libel.”
    (This is from the commenter I replied to.)

    Though Trump has only had to go as far as filing corporate bankruptcy six times, most of his business ventures have failed. Some of his office/condo buildings have been very profitable in generating rent revenue, and some of the golf resorts make money, while others barely break even. His political activities over the past year have impacted his brand financially, which I doubt he intended, because of events and activities withdrawn over various statements he has made.


    • dustyk103 says:

      Ah, sorry, I missed the libel comment. Whoever is saying most of Trump’s business ventures are failures is telling tales. You don’t turn a million into billions by failing.


      • Most of the non-real estate businesses don’t cost as much to launch (Tour de Trump, Trump U, Trump steaks, vodka etc.)
        The original inherited business begun by his father, buying, renovating and “flipping” office/ condo properties brings in almost all the revenue.

        It’s not all that hard to turn millions into billions. If Trump had merely invested his $200 million (his worth at the time) in index funds and retired in 1982, he would be worth much more today than he is:


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