A study in opposites – Obama and Bush speaking at Dallas police funeral


The eulogies of two presidents, one raised in Islam whose Muslim faith tells him to believe in the philosophy of Jesus as a prophet, and one who has accepted Christ as the Messiah and his Lord and Savior, present a stark contrast in their views and ideologies of what America is or should be.

At the funeral in Dallas for the five police officers slain by BLM terrorist, the clear distinction between Presidents Bush and Obama could not have been more profound.  President Bush wouldn’t say a bad word about anyone and his words were spoken from his heart to express his grief, promote healing, and celebrate these men.  Liberals haters who don’t understand God and His Love through His Son watched President Bush dancing and say “he was dancing on the graves of those officers.”  They don’t understand that when Jesus said, “Greater love has no man than that he give his life for a friend,” he was talking about men like these who put their lives on the line every day to protect others and that they belong to Him, that they are His brothers and His sisters.

As a Christian, President Bush celebrated the life of these men and the service they gave.  The loss of their lives is a great tragedy, but Christians understand that we will see them again after this temporary life.  Anti-Christian leftists are not concerned with that because they are concerned only with the life they have on this earth.  To them death is the end to be mourned, but for a Christian it is just a transition and a good life is to be celebrated.

In contrast despite his carefully scripted words, Obama couldn’t help but speak out against guns and praised rather than condemned the movement that curses police and incites their murders.  Obama continues to say that the motivations of the shooter are still unclear despite the fact that the gunman stated them.  He made his motivations clear when he told police that he wanted to kill white people, especially white cops, because of what he’s seen on social media about cops killing black men.

BLM is a movement that Obama has not only endorsed, but created with his own repeated attacks on police for doing their jobs.  When he said, “His faith tells him these men did not die in vain,” those who know him understand he is speaking of his Muslim faith.  That faith tells him they died as proof that cops are racist and that guns should be taken from citizens so that BLM criminals will be freer of police protecting citizens from them.  Liberals will call this anti-Obama rhetoric by a racist conservative, but the mountain of evidence through his unceasing actions against white America exposing Obama’s true heart proves them to be the deceivers trying to cover up the truth.

To the criminals of BLM, police officers are oppressors because they stop them from committing crimes as they wish.  We know that BLM doesn’t protest on the basis of actual racial bias by police, but on lies perpetrated by a corrupt media on behalf of corrupt leaders like Obama.  On a case-by-case basis the facts prove that police do not shoot black men any more often than they shoot white men or Hispanics.  It is a fact that Blacks are shot 10 times more often because they commit 10 times more crime. The lie of “Hands up don’t shoot,” is what inflames these ignorant, useful idiots to protest police for doing their jobs and killing in defense of others.  It is what provokes them to curse the people who dedicate their lives to protecting them.

The plight of black families doesn’t fester because of American society, but because of government corruption.  Black families have not deteriorated because of America, because of white people, or because of Christians.  They have deteriorated because of their own hatred and bias against America, white people, and their rejection of Christ.  Their poverty, lack of jobs, poor educations, and turning to crime are all encouraged by the Democrat Party that tells them they are oppressed by Republicans and white people.  Imagine the mental dysfunction it takes to believe that the party of slavery, the KKK, and Jim Crow is the benefactor of black America, while the party of Lincoln, those who died to end slavery, those who fought for civil rights for blacks, is condemned as racist.

It’s no wonder Democrats have such difficulty believing in God.  They cannot accept morality because they live without a moral compass by moral relativism.  Part of that is excusing criminals for their crimes because of their background.  It’s about blaming the victims and declaring those who kill criminals in self-defense or defense of others to be guilty of murder, not until proven innocent, but regardless of innocence.  If the black community cannot admit that they are encouraging their young men to not only turn to crime, but actually glorifying criminals and justifying their crimes against white people and police even in their songs, then there is no chance of their learning to become good citizens who can prosper in America.

Obama’s full speech at the Dallas police memorial

President Bush celebrates police lives to the “Battle Hymn of the Republic”

President Bush speaks

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  1. Petra Clark says:

    Is thatcwhy Bushie boy was dancing so jovially at the funeral? Alrighty then.


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