Politico-economics of climate change eco-terrorism explained

Ban oil - Middleboro Review

[Despite being the cheapest, most abundant, and most efficient energy source, liberals are fighting to have fossil fuels outlawed and promoting alternative “green energy” that is more expensive and less efficient.]


[Have a second rate product that is losing to the cheaper, superior competitor?  Have a scientist declare that it’s destroying the planet, and a politician friend declare it outlawed and the market is yours.]

Climate disruption, global cooling, ozone depletion, global warming, drought, hurricanes, fires, mudslides, super-storms, polar ice melt, rising sea levels, floods, glaciers, icebergs, earthquakes, famine, plague, death!  Climate change is a fact and it’s happening now!  Scientists have proven that the planet is unstable and changes from day to day, year to year, eon to eon throughout Earth’s history.

But the imperative of Left, liberal Democrats from Barack Obama to Bill Nye the Science Guy, is dedicated to promoting their ideology that their science has proven mankind to be the cause.  Despite scientists being unable to explain why in the last million years there have been many ten thousand year warm periods in between hundred thousand year ice ages, these scientists believe they can predict the future!  They go so far to say they can identify the cause of climate change being human activities burning fossil fuels producing CO2, chemical products like Freon and aerosols destroying the ozone, and bovine flatulence emitting greenhouse gases.

The true reason why they make these bold declarations lies in the politico-economics of profits from eco-terrorism.  Their simple formula is this:

2nd rate product + Democrat congressman x eco-terror = banning the competition

Put simply, when a Democrat’s friend has a second rate product that cannot prosper competing against a superior product, the solution is to make the superior product anathema by declaring it to be destroying the Earth.

While having government keep industries from committing massive pollution is a good thing, putting businesses under the boot of corrupt politicians trying to make a market for the second rate products of their friends is not.  America has become the wealthiest nation in the world due to its free market competition under Republican leadership.  But under Democrat authoritarianism those that are successful are subjected either to greasing the palms held out by corrupt politicians, or falling under their boots of regulations and taxes.

Freon Corp. serves as the perfect example.  Freon is a first class refrigerant that made millions supplying air conditioners.  But lo!  Because they back Republicans, Democrat scientists use the discovery of a hole in the ozone over the South Pole they didn’t know was there to their advantage.

Soon there is a political campaign that claims this hole in the ozone is being caused by Freon.  Without the ozone layer, they say, the Sun will burn our bodies to a crisp, cause global warming, and leave the Earth a scorched desert.  The solution is to outlaw Freon and replace it with the second rate product of their competitor who has friends in Congress.  (As a bonus, aerosols are added to the ozone destruction list putting them out of business and opening the way to pump spray bottle production.)

Fast forward to today to find the target of Democrats is America’s primary energy, fossil fuels.  Oil, coal, and natural gas are all byproducts of organic decomposition seeping into the earth.  Democrats want to replace them with “clean” energy like ethanol and electric cars.  But both of these require burning organic fuels to produce which produces the same CO2 they say they want to eliminate.

Natural gas and ethanol they say burn more “cleanly,” but natural gas is a byproduct of drilling for oil, and ethanol is produced by converting food into fuel which when burned still produces CO2.  Democrats’ solution is to remove the 1st rate energy product of cheap, abundant fossil fuels and replace them with a 2nd rate energy product made by their friends.  The result is less efficiency, higher prices, and the same CO2 production as before.

Not only do energy prices go up at no reduction in greenhouse gases, but food prices go up because it’s being burned to fuel cars.  Add to that the attack on the beef industry to combat cow farts that these same scientists say is also a greenhouse gas and you have the Democrat economy of getting less while paying more.  (Who is it they say is the party that is for the rich man against the little guy and vice versa?)

As America’s economy is strangled by the Democrats, China’s economy surges ahead with the help of those industries that left the United States because Democrats taxes and regulated them to death.  With the help of their welfare voter slaves whom they promise to reward, the socialists in China and the USA are reducing those who do not serve them to peasantry while elevating their loyal followers.  The American Dream is dying and Americans are the ones voting to kill it.

The Obama regime is enlisting any aid it can to promote their agenda and promote whatever lie is necessary to convince the people to follow.  There is as much science in Bill Nye’s declaring climate change is caused by and be controlled by man as there is in his declaration that the Theory of Evolution disproves God’s existence.  It is high time that America’s children be educated to the facts of political propaganda before they are educated to the reality of totalitarian government.

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