Obama regime abandons blacks as he flies illegal immigrants here as ‘refugees’

Blacks protest illegals -

Protesters are told, ‘Get to da back o’ da bus, nigga, and stop hatin’ on The One.’  Obama abandons his Democrat voter slaves to fly his “hope for the future” to America.  The next generation of voter slaves – illegal immigrants.

As Obama’s black voter slaves protest his diverting billions of taxpayer dollars to pay for illegal immigrant children to be babysat, rather than help their children in America, Obama’s gang tells them to get to the back of the bus!  Barack’s solution to the flood of Central American children at the border is, rather than stop this flood, but to assist it by having children flown directly to America so they can bypass the trek through dangerous Mexico.  Democrats wanting to designate illegals as “refugees” fleeing gang violence and give them free plane rides to get here has angered the locals.

Throwing his constituency under the bus has led to massive protests against Obama’s “immigration policy” by blacks.  His purpose is to replace his declining constituency by bringing illegal immigrants to America to be future Democrat voter slaves.  This action is not only a violation of the Constitution, but yet another betrayal of the American people.

Barack Obama: Coyote-in-chief

Even so, most blacks still support him saying he is doing a good job even as they protest him doing nothing to stop, but is encouraging the gang violence and drugs that are destroying their children.  Congress will reach no deals to fix any of the country’s problems unless Republicans agree to give Democrats more billions of dollars to give to their rich friends.  The president already gives Wall Street $800 billion a year in “quantitative easing” making all his millionaire donors fabulously wealthy.

African-Americans demanding government give them more will not be successful, but most will still give Democrats their votes.  This is because their only other option is to vote for Republicans who want them to get jobs rather than live off of taxpayers.  The illegals merely replace those who do turn to Republicans.

As Wall Street Democrats and Washington, D.C. become resplendently rich, the rest of the country languishes.  Were it not for the Texas economy, America would have been in recession and losing jobs for the entire Obama presidency.  Until Democrats are willing to open their minds, their eyes, and their ears to the truth, they will continue to vote for their own decline.

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