Islamists creating New Pakistans in Europe and America

Refugees RL

Arab states are not taking refugees, so Moslems are flooding into Europe and America fleeing from ISIS.  ISIS is slaughtering non-Moslems in Iraq and Syria, and most of these “refugees” are young Moslem men, not women and children.  There are reports of them throwing fleeing Christians into the sea during the passage.  ISIS leaders call for Jihad in the West through terrorism and guerrilla warfare.

Do you know what the country of Pakistan is?  Pakistan is India, but it’s the part of India where Moslems live because they couldn’t live in peace with Hindus.  In 1947, the great man of peace, Mahatma Gandhi, concluded that all Moslems and Hindus could not live together in peace and the two segregated India.  The Moslems took the north and created the state of Pakistan.

Moslem refugees are flooding into Europe and America supposedly fleeing from ISIS.  ISIS is Moslems terrorizing everyone in the region who will not join their cause in the new Jihad to re-establish the Caliphate and wage war on infidels around the world.  These are the people Obama aided in overthrowing secular governments throughout the Middle East, and now they are becoming a worldwide threat.  Many of the so-called refugees are their followers infiltrating Europe and America, and they are training for guerrilla warfare in the homes of their enemy.

Moslems are creating enclaves where those who live in the region are being driven out and then threatened if they dare enter, plus Sharia Law is being imposed.  This is not refugees seeking a better home to live in peace, but an invasion of colonists that want to carve out new bastions of Islam.  Arab states are not assisting these “refugees” despite being filthy rich in oil money, but Obama, like he did with South American children, is assisting in this effort by transporting hundreds of thousands of these Islamists to America.  War is coming.

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7 Responses to Islamists creating New Pakistans in Europe and America

  1. Izzat Riaz says:

    First of all Pakistan is not a part of India. Secondly, Gandhi wasn’t the man who ordained that MUSLIMS should have their own country. The person who ordained was Muhammad Ali Jinnah, commonly known as Quaid-e-Azam. The Muslims didn’t chose the north, it was given to them by the British when they left the subcontinent. Please get your facts right and do read some history about the subcontinent throughly. It’ll help you…


    • dustyk103 says:

      I know the history of India quite well and everything you said is false. Even the movie “Gandhi” got it right. You are just making up B.S.


      • Dan K says:
        I’d say that this article shows Riaz is right, and corroborates everything I remember about the origins of Pakistan.

        Liked by 1 person

        • dustyk103 says:

          The fact that there were Moslem leaders working toward an independent Moslem state does not obviate the fact that Moslems will not live peacefully with other peoples without dominating the government over them. Pakistan was not about peaceful self-determination, but about dominance, which is why the two states of the divided sub-continent have been at defacto war ever since. And that is why large Moslem enclaves being formed in the West is nothing less than an invasion and prelude to war. Moslems were happy to take a big chunk out of the Indian subcontinent and are working toward doing the same in China. Yet when the Brits gave a tiny piece of land to the Jews they went into a rage.


  2. Po Tato says:

    Long before this happen they have been calling the city of London as “Londonistan”

    So what else is new?


  3. This is an image of Morocco (a Muslim country incidentally) accepting white Christian refugees during world war one. whoever compiles this garbage should really source their photographs better


    • dustyk103 says:

      So how did you verify the source of this photo and why don’t you post it? There are plenty of others similar to it. This doesn’t look like a debarkation, but embarkation.


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