Chris Kyle’s murderer could be a converted Moslem


Two years after Kyle’s murder, the man who is the greatest American hero of this generation, the government is delaying prosecuting his murderer just like they have delayed prosecuting the Ft. Hood shooter.  The media has been claiming he suffered from PTSD, but evidence shows he never served in combat.  But he did interact with prisoners, and some young fools who have done so have converted to Islam.

Col. West postulates that Kyle’s killer may have converted to Islam

This seems much more plausible than the media tale, and with the Obama administrations contortions to not convict Islamic Jihadis in the U.S. seems very probable.  The Ft. Hood shooter, the Boston Bombers, and this murder are the worst attacks against America in fifteen years.  When the truth comes out and this is found to be so then there will be Hell to pay!

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