American’s are too stupid to understand the ObamaCare tax says ACA architect

jonathan_gruber_ObamaCare architect

ObamaCare architect Prof. Gruber says he worded the bill to dupe Americans who are too stupid to understand they are being taxed so the government can take over health insurance.  White House spokesman blames Republicans.

Chief architect of the Affordable Care Act affectionately known as ObamaCare, Jonathan Gruber, was found on video explaining in a conference how he worded the bill to dupe the people to pay for it.  Obama touted his healthcare law as able to provide coverage for millions of uninsured Americans while being cost neutral to the federal budget.  Now having the law removed ten million people from their previous insurance forcing them to sign up for ObamaCare at higher costs, the CBO projects that ObamaCare will cost hundreds of billions of dollars.

Pelosi denies knowing Gruber whom she praised five years ago

Gruber explained on the clips reveal that the idea of foisting this new tax on the people under that guise of providing health insurance had to be manipulated so that the tax was taken without people knowing it.  He describes how he presented the bill to the public, but when questioned about why this would tax people for their healthcare, Secretary of State John Kerry suggested the government tax the insurance companies and let them pass the cost on to their consumers.  This tax, combined with the regulations requiring businesses to supply their employees with ObamaCare, is the primary reason the U.S. economy has been languishing the past six years as the Democrats suck more wealth out of the economy.

FOX only network to expose ObamaCare architect’s opinion of stupid Americans

Gruber explains how to tax health insurance without appearing to do so

Conservative TV and radio are the only venues reporting this as all the leftwing media outlets have remained silent on the subject choosing instead to cover entertainment.  Democrats finding it easy to deceive voters because they are too stupid to understand what their government is really doing has become a running theme amongst Republicans.  Rather than admit the truth, Democrats blame Republicans for not being as transparent as Democrats have been.  Perhaps he’s right, after all, Americans did re-elect Obama and the Democrats.

Hallelujah!  Black America is listening, learning, and speaking the truth

Democrats stand convicted of bearing false witness in Ferguson

Democrats change the name but the lies remain the same

Assuming Obama’s success means America’s success

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