Hallelujah!  Black America is listening, learning, and speaking the truth!

Sen Tim Scott

TEA Party elects South Carolina’s Tim Scott to the Senate as a Republican.  Despite this and TEA Party favorites Col. Allen West, CEO Herman Cain, and thousands of other black conservatives, Democrats continue to declare that the TEA Party is the KKK in a new guise.

They are few, but their voices are loud.  Only one third of registered voters cast ballots in this year’s mid-term election.  Most of them belonged to conservatives who, as they did in 2010, launched a Republican tsunami on the Democrats.  Black voters, while still not enlightened enough to understand that voting Republican is the only way they will ever improve their condition, at least understood that voting Democrat has been hurting them grievously.

Now black activists are speaking out against the Democrats and their agenda.  Obama’s constant campaigning, constant blaming, constant divisiveness, and constant deceptions are becoming so obvious that his nose is over the microphones the moment he walks out of the White House.  His call for amnesty of illegal aliens is the lynch pin that has turned black America against the Democrats, and Obama is still trying to dupe the Republicans into doing it for him so he doesn’t take the blame, but tallies up all the votes.

Black Chicago activists turn on Obama

There are morons who believe that Republicans want to take birth control away from women.  Despite these colossal fools and blithering idiots promoting this tripe, most people have the smarts to know that this is as bogus as CO2 causing global warming or the TEA Party being the KKK.  Regardless of the facts, regardless of the science, regardless of the truth, there are Democrats who will adhere to their lies because they are dedicated to deceiving the public.

Whatever they do, they do not want the general populace to become less ignorant.  Democrats want to shut down the internet and restrict who can speak on political matters so that their vapid followers do not learn the truth about anything.  Even their stalkers of conservative websites are being rebuffed when they attempt to mock and malign the truth.  There is hope that the light will still rule the darkness.

Black liberal kept listening to Rush Limbaugh even though he hated what he heard

Ignorance is a lack of knowledge.  Stupidity is the inability to learn.  When they keep voting Democrat, despite all the evidence about both parties, you must accept that ignorance is bliss and you can’t fix stupid.  But then there are those in whom our hope springs that they may have the moral understanding to change themselves rather than expect the world to change for them.

You have only one choice in life – to help people or to hurt people

MSNBC says Americans are racist if they don’t let ISIS, Ebola into USA

Obama’s legacy – the deterioration and death of Americanism

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