The reality of Democrat voter fraud and the looming threat of a coup

Democrat voter fraud

The voter fraud Democrats laugh off as phony is proven by Project Veritas.  People wonder if the Obama regime will stage a coup if they can’t pull off enough voter fraud to keep control of the Senate.

Democrats deny voter fraud is possible and laugh at anyone who suggests it.  Yet they have no problem claiming that voter suppression is a real thing though no one can find evidence of anyone being denied the right to vote.  But there are many instances of people being denied the right to vote multiple times or under someone else’s name.

But these Democrats have no problem with people casting multiple votes in multiple states for multiple Democrat candidates.  With 50% of the population not voting, with states not taking the time to require ID, proof of residency, or even proof of citizenship, Democrats are free to increase their vote tally by as much as 10%, maybe more.  That can easily flip elections.

Democrat voter fraud exposed

Even so, there is such a wave of distaste for Democrat policies that, like 2010, this is looking like a huge Republican sweep and a cleaning out of Democrats at all level of government.  If that should happen, what will Obama’s response be?  We already know he will blame Republicans for everything that goes wrong and block anything they try to do right.

But is a coup in the offing?  FOX News has been reduced to running commercials only for Smokey the Bear’s anniversary.  Businesses are being beset by the IRS seizing their funds.  My own title at has been deleted along with over a thousand articles.

We all know how it will happen.  Obama will announce that those dastardly Republicans tried to stage a coup and he courageously stopped them.  With them out of the way, Obama is clear to become Supreme Chancellor of the United States and pass whatever laws he wants.  And when this Hitler wannabe realizes his dream, what of the dream of Americans?

Votes matter

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