Hanging Obama for the crime of treason

Immigration Obama

Obama threatens to assume dictatorial powers and enact law at his whim if Republicans do not approve of his policy for illegal immigrants before they assume control of the Senate.

Law is made by Congress and Congress alone.  The Supreme Court is the final arbiter of interpreting law.  The office of the Executive, the President of the United States, is charged with enforcing those laws as made by Congress and directed by the Court.  Barack Obama knows full well that he has no authority to make or change immigration law as he pleases.  To do so would be a violation of his oath of office, a high crime of treason against the Constitution, and a betrayal of the United States of America.

For the president to make law he would no longer be president, but assume the powers of a dictator.  Congress would have no choice but to impeach him and remove him from office.  If they fail to do so, then Congress will have failed the people who voted for them to represent their interests, and they, too, would be guilty of betrayal of the United States of America.

When that comes to pass, what then?  Do the states then decide through a Convention of States to remove them from office and instate newly elected officials?  Or does the nation deteriorate into a dictatorship and civil war?

America is at a tipping point.

Barack Obama has been a calamity, an American tragedy, and a disgrace to the office of the president.  His policies are laying America low and allowing our enemies to expand their power.  If American’s do not take action against his anti-American, anti-Christian, anti-white malice then the land of the free and home of the brave will be lost to history.

Nixon faced impeachment for spying on Democrat campaign headquarters.  Clinton was impeached for lying under oath.  What punishment for a president who gives illegal immigrants legal rights, American jobs, and himself several million foreign voters to replace the black voters that are deserting him?

Speaker Boehner and Senate Majority Leader McConnell have a duty to act on behalf of the people if Obama will not obey the law.  Both have shown great weakness in the face of Obama’s reckless behavior.  His declaring that they must approve of his immigration plans before they take control of the Senate is blackmail of the lowest form.

Democrats have always relied on immigrant voters to stay in power because, once citizens realized how bad their policies are for them, they want them out.  Black America is beginning to realize just how badly Democrat policies have destroyed them in the last fifty years.  Obama needs illegal immigrants to have voter rights to keep Democrats in power.

If the people wanted Congress to work with the president, they would have elected Democrats!

Obama threatens to overrule the Constitution and assume dictatorial power

Hallelujah!  Black America is listening, learning, and speaking the truth

Lawless Democrats led by a lawless president

Top 10 Democrat frauds by your friendly neighborhood Democrat charlatan

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