Assuming Obama’s success means America’s success


What would you say if the policies of the party of the man you elected president were not beneficial to all the people?  What if his policies were not only detrimental, but designed only to empower themselves to acquire wealth from the people to benefit his friends?  Does the success of the president always mean success for the country?  When the people start to realize they’ve been duped, would his fellow party members who supported him try to claim they had no part in it and dupe voters again?  And to top it off he says the biggest outbreak of the world’s deadliest virus must not be contained and isn’t really that hazardous.

“I hope he fails.” – Rush Limbaugh

“Hoping the president fails is hoping the country fails.” – Wanda Sykes

“I want this president to succeed.” – Leon Panetta

Does the success of a president to advance his agenda mean success for the nation?  What if his agenda is detrimental to the country?  Obama got elected on the promise of hope and change, and re-elected on the promise of continuing to advance his “progressive” agenda and move it forward.  But do American’s know where they are going, where he is taking them?

October surprise typical Democrat’s conservative promises from liberal mouths

Contrary to liberal media, most Americans believe in conservative values; God, family, country.  People believe in working a job to get ahead, to support themselves and not live off of the work of others, and to have the freedom to prosper to the best of their ability.  Quite the opposite of the Democrat base who believes government should take more taxes from those who make big salaries and dole it out to support them through welfare, food stamps, and social benefits like ObamaCare.  If Obama succeeds in his agenda, will America succeed?

Despite Gwyneth Paltrow gushing over Obama, wishing he could have absolute power just proves she’s all wet.  To dedicated leftists, Obama is no longer popular because America is unworthy, not because people have opened their eyes to see that what he says and what he does are not the same.  Now that people have discovered they elected a community agitator to be leader of the free world, and that he is more dedicated to making white people suffer than to lift the country out of recession, they’re not so enamored of the glorious leader that he never was.  They’re realizing they elected the guy who should be fetching coffee for the real leaders to lord it over them at their expense.

Obama has said many things that are contrary not only to the truth, but to good sense.  When the director of the CDC warns Americans travelling to the Ebola stricken countries of West Africa not to use public transportation and risk exposure, Obama makes a speech for Africans telling them they cannot get Ebola from casual contact on a bus.  Thanks, dumbass!

“Who is the more foolish – the fool or the fool who follows him?” – Obi Wan Kenobi, Star Wars

Does Obama want America to succeed?  Or does Obama want America to decline and enable America’s enemies to succeed?  Actions speak louder than words and Obama’s legacy will be the condition in which he leaves the nation and the world after having inflicted his policies on America.

Obama declares the Lord’s Truth that the economy is great

Praise for Democrat policies is a defective understanding of economics

Failing to make the grade – is America failing because of Obama or Congress?

Seven sacred things Democrats believe

Reagonomics – 1980 and now

Ebola outbreak -

On a final note, it should be obvious to every American that Obama’s refusal to quarantine West Africans and the potential to spread Ebola to the United States and around the world is absurd.  It should be remembered that the Left believes Europeans are guilty of genocide via biological warfare of the natives of this land, along with the murder and enslavement of a half million Africans.  In Obama’s world view, having American’s die of a contagion that is indigenous to Africa would only be a fitting fate for the people he despises.  Unfortunately for them, any such outbreak would hit his people harder than any other group in the country, which would just be poetic justice for their inflicting this fraud on the rest of us.

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