Democrats change the name, but the lies remain the same

ebola doctor - McKee

If you still believe ObamaCare was a good thing, then you’ll love having a lawyer as “Ebola Czar.”  All Obama has done as president has been to appoint new bureaucrats to oversee new agencies that oversee what previous agencies already oversee.  Changing the name doesn’t make it new, it’s just window dressing in a burning house.

Leftists are the control freaks who want power over other people.  One of the ways they seek to do this is by the language.  By changing the language they work toward two things, 1) redefining the subject to make it appear to be different and new thus making it more palatable to the ignorant, 2) to manipulate those foolish enough to take them at their word into accepting it as true.

There are a number of ideological beliefs that the Left would hide from people so that they can advance their agenda.  Going two steps forward works until the unwary suddenly find they have been duped and then they take one step back.  This strategy eventually overcomes resistance and before people know it they have voluntarily surrendered their freedom to tyrants.  This has been happening in America since its inception.

Progressivism is one of them.  The Left stole the name from the Right because America’s greatest presidents were all liberals.  But if you look up the definition of liberalism now you will recognize the definition of Classic Liberalism of the 19th century is today called Conservative Christianity, and Social Liberalism actually used to be known as Marxism.  Having lived a century seeing Marxist beliefs that government should rule, destroying people’s wealth, and taking their lives, the Left doesn’t want to be associated with it until they have the sunk the hook in deep.

Socialism – Social liberalism – Progressivism

Under any other name people immediately recognize the ideology of socialism as wicked and destructive; Communism, Nazism, Fascism, and Islamism that are all easily recognized as the evil forces in the 20th century, but that they are all offshoots of socialism is not so readily apparent.  On the political chart they are all known as Statist ideologies wherein the government wields power over the people, and not the progressive policies of Teddy Roosevelt.

Illegal aliens – Illegal immigrants – Undocumented immigrants

Allow people who are not Americans, who do not pay taxes, to take jobs from Americans.  Allowing people who hate America to vote for the Democrats to be in power and grant them benefits and goodies from the taxpayers.  Letting foreigners work American jobs, not pay taxes, and vote for Democrats to give them more taxpayer money is a great way to destroy Americans.

Global warming – Climate change – Climate disruption

No Florida hurricanes for nine years portend great danger.  Following the year five major hurricanes crisscrossed the state, and predictions the world would be destroyed by a dozen Katrinas each year, Florida hasn’t seen any major hurricanes and has recovered.  Now there are more people and property in Florida than ever waiting to be annihilated when the massive hurricanes come – according to global warming Chicken Littles.

Islamic terrorists – Al-Qaeda – ISIS

Killing bin Laden and a few leaders, Obama claims that Al-Qaeda has been destroyed, but there are new Islamist groups forming.  The fact is that Al-Qaeda was just one name used by Jihadis and that they are all the same by any name.  Hezbollah, Hamas, and every little terrorist group is a subdivision of the Muslim Brotherhood, which is just a subdivision of Islamist Jihadis, which is a subdivision of Islam.

Liberals have only half a grasp of the facts because they reach all the wrong conclusions.  Al Gore said in his movie that the ice caps would be melted and the sea level would be up twenty-five feet by now.  When are young people going to get a clue that Democrats are lying to you?

Leftists create words from their ignorance “irregardless” of the facts.  Words like;

Gender performativity – for the bogus claim that women are paid less than men doing the same job.  That situation has largely been alleviated.

Serumology – from those who don’t understand the difference between vaccination, treatment, and cures.

Ebolie – comes from Obama who thinks Ebola has a different plural form.

Liberals just make up words like they make up facts.  While people expect young people to be ignorant, they also expect them to learn as they grow up.  Anyone who remains ignorant and adheres to liberalism is either not very bright or deliberately deceiving the ignorant.  This is why Churchill said,

“If you’re over thirty and a liberal, you have no brain.”

People with brains grow up learning how the world works and throw liberalism aside.  Al Gore told children they instinctively understand things their parents don’t understand.  What he was actually saying is that children are so ignorant they can more easily be corrupted without their parent’s guidance.

Democrats say the TEA Party consists of racists, that the KKK has found a new home in the Republican Party.  What they actually declare is that the TEA Party’s only objection to Obama’s policies is because Obama is black.  So if Obama were a white man who created $1.5 trillion in deficits for four years, they would be perfectly happy with him.

This is just the pinnacle of liberal stupidity and a trap into which intelligent people should not fall.  And it just gets worse when the black men who are members of the TEA Party are demonized as not being true black men.  Democrat’s objection to these people is because they are black men who understand personal responsibility and have a work ethic, making them dangerous to the Democrat Party’s control of their voter slaves.

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