POTUS – incompetent, bored, or betrayer, Obama is a 4F president

Obama's America

“GM is alive and bin Laden is dead.”

These are perhaps the most infamous words ever spoken by the President of the United States.  America’s first black president has proven to be a disaster, not only for America, but the worst Leader of the Free World in the history of the nation.  Under Barack Hussein Obama America has lost twelve million jobs, added fifteen million people to the food stamp rolls, reduced the military to pre-WWII levels, all while watching Communist Russia and China grow to invade neighbors, and witness the resurgence of Jihadi Moslems in the Middle East.  America’s decline has been a boon to evil in the world.

Barack Obama condemns America as a colonialist imperial power that stole resources from other nations.  As Dinesh D’Souza showed in his movie, “America: Imagine a World without Her,” America has been the benefactor of every country with whom she has done business.  Rather than being the resource thief leftists believe, American has made those countries wealthy through trade.  Actually, there are many of them who, after benefiting from American investment, nationalized American built industries and turned to raping the USA!

By the four measures of government, Obama has been a disaster:

Economically; Obama entered the office with no understanding of business or government except what his academic leftwing friends believed government should be, which is the great equalizer that steals from the rich to give to the poor.  Except that little gets to the poor as once the thieves have their hands on all that loot they like to keep it, enriching themselves as proven by Washington, D.C. becoming the wealthiest region of the country.  The job market has not recovered, but deteriorated along with salaries as the middle class has lost income for the first time since the Great Depression.  Obama has raised taxes, spent more than a full year’s revenue in deficits more than doubling the debt in five years, and squashed entrepreneurs who have hunkered down to try to survive this assault.

Militarily; Obama has shrunk the military and pulled our forces out of the Middle East leaving gains made in Iraq to destroy Jihadis to be lost.  A smaller American army and navy leave America’s enemies room to grow.  Communist Russia and China are also expanding at their neighbor’s expense, Africa is being overrun by genocidal Jihadis, and tens of thousands of Christians throughout the Middle East are being slaughtered by the followers of Mohammad.

Diplomatically; Obama’s foreign policy has been a national catastrophe.  Outside America’s borders he has given an open invitation to invaders to cross the southern border and benefit off of the taxpayer.  America’s allies are hanging in the wind as Obama condemns nations such as Israel for defending itself while giving aid to her enemies – Jihadis who would rather sacrifice Arab children than let the Jews live in peace.  Every socialist style regime, be they Communist, Fascist, Nazi, Imperialist, or Jihadi, has blossomed around the globe while free nations look on aghast the America, the country that liberated Europe and Asia in WWII, allows those same enemies to expand once again.

Sociologically; Obama’s radical ideology has led to increasing unrest at home, not only because of the economy, but because he has fanned the flames of racial division himself by calling on blacks to rise up against white people.  He has led an assault on the Christian church attempting to force them to recognize gay marriage and abortion as legitimate, while trying to crush Christianity in the military.  Obama’s class warfare to fire up his ignorant base against the people who provide them with jobs has caused such great economic loss as to make more blacks poor and out of work than there was in the nineteen sixties.  His contempt for the Constitution has enabled Democrats trying to remake America to make great headway in establishing all-powerful government rule.

Pundits question whether Obama is too incompetent, or just doesn’t care, or is deliberately sabotaging America.  People’s opinion of the answer is dependent on whether they are liberals, moderates, of conservatives.  With the people divided more than ever, America is in worse straits than she was in 1777, 1861, or 1932.  All three eras saw this nation, and much of the world, devolve into armed conflict.

That may be the normal state of the world, but that should not be in the era of the lone American Superpower.


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