The Right to War!  Beating the war drums in America against Jihadis

Barack Obama

Obama was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize despite having accomplished nothing in his besides getting elected to the presidency of the United States.  As the world is erupting in wars by fascist leftwing aggressors, he says he will do nothing to slow the advances of Communists and Islamists.

As Obama continues to refuse to take definitive action against ISIL, the people are learning that it is some of their own who have left the United States and European nations to join the Jihad.  While the majority of Americans want to see these fascist murderers destroyed before they get beyond the Middle East, many of those Jihadis have passports that enable them to return to America and Europe.  If they were able to do so, the free countries of the world could see Jihad being waged in their own cities through bombings and mass slaughters in schools, sports arenas, mass transit, and anywhere police could be easily overwhelmed.

Dan Rather echoed the challenge of all leftists against those who would go to war against Jihadis in the Middle East.

“I will hear you out if you tell me you are prepared to send your son, your daughter, your grandson, your granddaughter to that war, over which you’re beating the drums.  If you aren’t, I have no patience with you, and don’t even talk to me.”

This is the vacuous challenge by the Left that no one is “qualified” to call for war unless they have gone to war and would send their own children to war.  Barack Obama, who has already sent American soldiers to their deaths on many fields, often with Rules of Engagement designed to enhance the enemy, not only has no experience in war, but wouldn’t dream of his children joining the military!  If the Left believes the Commander-in-Chief must have served in combat and be willing to send his children into combat then why would they elect someone who is one of their own, someone who would not only avoid the military but actually treats them with contempt?

This reporter would not only volunteer his children for war, but would lead them if elected Commander-in-Chief.  What’s more, all of the children and their leftwing idiot parents would be there right alongside all those who volunteer.  Military service is in service of the American people, and no one should be exempt.

“Everyone fights!  No one quits.  If you don’t do you job, I’ll shoot you myself.” – Lt. Rasczak, Starship Troopers

These liberal boobs and their demand for qualifications is the argument of fools.  Obama has no military, business, or leadership qualifications, but they elected him to be President of United States and Commander-in-Chief.  Dan Rather and his ilk is the penultimate putz!

This rhetorical technique of disqualification is the empty logic of the Left to shut down argument.  But against those of us who have served in the military, who have risked and sacrificed for the good of others in America, his words are those of the coward.  The armed forces, law enforcement, and fire/rescue services all consist of those who are willing to put their lives on the line in defense of others.

The Left sees the military as the oppressors because that is how they would use them.  Never listen to a leftist when it comes to either telling the truth or choosing to serve.  They despise both.  Their self-righteous hypocrisy is on full display.

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