Militarizing the police as part of the Democrat agenda

Militarizing police - AP Photo

American police are becoming more heavily armed and armed to fight the rampant crime created by Democrat policies, which also state that guns are too dangerous to be in the hands of citizens.  Criminalizing more and more behavior, making crime more profitable, and making punishment punitive, Democrats have been sustaining a growing crime rate to encourage citizens to beg for more protection.  Their agenda to enable criminals, militarize the police, and disarm citizens can have only one result.

The War on Drugs, the War on Crime, the War on Poverty; whatever the policy, Democrats create more problems than they solve.  Their solution is always the same; for them to take more money from the private sector to fix what wasn’t broken.  Their fixes are always to gather more power to government and weaken the people.

By creating criminals where there were not any, Democrats have made crime profitable.  By softening the treatment of criminals by the judicial system, Democrats have made crime easy.  By making crime profitable and easy they have enabled criminals to run rampant so severely that the people are screaming for protection.

Their solution is twofold; one, to militarize the police with heavy weapons, two, to declare guns too dangerous to be in the hands of citizens.

By this agenda; Democrats promote criminals, militarize police, and disarm citizens, all to facilitate their ability to impose a socialist dictatorship on America and be done with elections.  Adolf Hitler used exactly these same methods in establishing the Third Reich.  The ingredient that is not missing is the blame and criminalizing of Republicans and Christians and any police or citizen who defend themselves.

Propagandists will come out and call this “tinfoil hat paranoia,” but history and current events speak for themselves as is being clearly exhibited in Ferguson, Mo.  Rioters run rampant, police have military hardware they don’t use on them, and citizens are trampled underfoot by both watching their businesses and neighborhoods destroyed.  Americans have been putting their trust in Democrats for the last century, believing their propaganda, and not taking the time to observe their government in action.  The corruption of moderate Republicans has enabled liberals to take over the Democrat Party and completely corrupt American law.

Over the last century Democrat policies have been to make America more of a democracy through suffrage allowing people to vote who don’t pay taxes on how taxes are spent, and they vote to spend them on themselves.  Meanwhile, those in power suck the wealth out of the economy leaving more and more people dependent on government for subsistence.  America needs to cast off this cancer and re-establish the Constitution as never before, or see the nation deteriorate into anarchy, rebellion, and the oppression of socialist rule.

Democrat logic Democrat logic

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2 Responses to Militarizing the police as part of the Democrat agenda

  1. John says:

    Wow, WELL SAID sir!


  2. dustyk103 says:

    Dennis Daley · Top Commenter
    100% false…the last thing we want is a militarized police force. Yet it becomes this way bc republicans refuse to cut defense spending, and the overflow of weapons and military vehicles end up in the hands of state and local police. Or do you agree with cutting military spending?
    Reply · Like · 4 hours ago

    Michael Hill · Top Commenter
    Dennis Daley Only you believe your posts. And other hopeless Obama drones
    Reply · Like · about an hour ago

    Dusty Koellhoffer · Top Commenter · University of Georgia · 133 followers
    The only reason government has a market for military surplus in municipal law enforcement is because they have allowed crime to become rampant. Just like the prohibition era when the murder rate went up five times normal they have done the same thing with the war on drugs. Their revolving door policy for criminals has only made a life of crime more lucrative and the citizens are demanding more protection. Don’t bother blaming this on Nixon because it was the Democrat controlled Congress that came up with the idea just like they did prohibition. And it all leads to a police force that is more ready to wage war than fight crime.
    Reply · Like · Unfollow Post · 2 seconds ago


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