Obama’s Legacy – the deterioration and death of Americanism

Obama on ISIL - KHAS11

Barack Obama talks of defending liberty and championing righteousness, but his policies are to allow evil to flourish while making America weak.

Obama’s hatred and contempt for all things American is no secret.  He leads a party whose core is so corrupt that they believe in stealing from the rich, the rich being any American who works hard and achieves success in their lives.  Everyone who pays income tax knows that the taxes they pay are not being used by Democrats to provide for their protection, but to enrich those who are unwilling to make an honest living.

That Democrats elected, and re-elected, a person like Obama says everything about them.  That they employ propaganda and the politics of hate and division as they do says everything about them.  That their goal is not to benefit all the people equally, but only benefit a certain group says everything about them.

“Obama is a pretend Christian just the way he is a pretend American.” – David Horowitz

The Hell that is the Obama White House

From the deserts of the Middle East to the streets of Ferguson, evil is being permitted to run rampant while the U.S. military and police stand back and watch.  Obama unhappily condemn ISIL, the people of the Arab Spring, after they broadcast their beheading of reporter James Foley.  Jihadis have infiltrated the West and are preparing to wage Jihad on European and American infidels.

In Africa, Ebola infected people and material have been taken by terrorists who want to use it as a biological weapon against the West.  When Ebola begins spreading through the Moslem world because they are seeking to unleash a plague on the rest of humanity, it will only be justice.  People who seek to do evil to others always stupidly unleash that evil upon themselves.

The Jihad that Mohammad urged upon his followers has been a scourge of mankind for fourteen centuries.  Children of the West have forgotten because it has been kept mostly in check these last four hundred years.  But now it is resurging and it is the duty of America to lead the free world to once again crush oppressors who would conquer their neighbors and put them under the lash.

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Obama opposed Iraq war, took credit for winning it, blames Bush for losing it

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