Bill Maher needs cool-aid mouthwash to mask the taste of fecal matter

Maher's diaper - Showtime

Comedian Maher mocks TEA Party conservatives with a diaper that has the Constitution printed on the front for those “long stand-offs.”  Maher needs a good swill of cool-aid to try to wash the taste of the shit that comes out of his mouth.

Well known comedian, Leftist, and Christian hater, Bill Maher, proudly displayed his latest mockery of the TEA Party, a diaper he named “Defends.”  While Maher’s commercial is amusing, this is just the typical liberal method of belittling the opposition instead of debating the issues.  Obviously, Maher and his America haters know nothing about snipers who use just occasionally use just such a device when in the field near an enemy camp to avoid being exposed.

Maher fully supports Obama’s usurpation of congressional power to grant citizen rights to illegal immigrants.  Democrats stand behind Obama’s power grab, with Rep.Shiela Jackson Lee (D-Tex.) going so far as to state that they should “write executive orders for Obama to sign” rather than write laws to be passed by Congress and implemented by the president.  Ignorant liberals who do not understand how America’s government works believe that such action is acceptable as they surrender their liberty to the dictatorship of their messiah.

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1 Response to Bill Maher needs cool-aid mouthwash to mask the taste of fecal matter

  1. Art Golden says:

    Biggest bunch of BS I’ve ever heard.


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