All Jihadis need is to be blown to Allah!

Jihadis in Iraq - AFP

Islamic Jihadis have murdered thousands in western Iraq along with tens of thousands in Libya, Egypt, and Syria where they are striving to overthrow secular governments to re-establish the Caliphate.  Non-Moslems in these countries are being specifically targeted and fleeing as quickly as possible.  This is how Islam has been spread and grown for fourteen centuries as taught by Mohammad.  The only peace in Islam is the peace of the grave.

Barack Obama, who aided Islamists in overthrowing secular governments in the Middle East, and who has opened the U.S. border to illegal immigrants, is telling Iraqis that they should have secured their own border against the Jihadis invading their country.  Now that this tiny army of four thousand is in Iraq murdering and pillaging, Obama is telling the Iraqis that they must figure out how to incorporate them in their political process to recognize their rights to object to the government’s leadership.  This mob of Islamist fanatics that is murdering people by the thousands, especially those who are not Moslem, deserve nothing other than justice to be blown to Allah!

Sharia – Not the law of radical Islamists but the law of Mohammad

As these raiders cross the western deserts of Iraq, Barack Obama has refused to bomb them, but instead urges the Iraqi government to work with them through and settle their “dispute” diplomatically.  As the Iraqi army abandons the very expensive American military equipment with which they were armed and flee from the invaders, President Al-Malaki has turned to ask Russia for military aid.  Having taken the Crimea with little more than complaints from Obama, Russian leader Vladamir Putin is more than happy to help the Iraqi government.  Iraq, like Iran, may become another Moslem client state of the reforming Soviet Union, despite the war that has waged between Moslems and socialists over the decades the two are very willing to ally against the United States and Europe.


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