The World according to Barack


In Barry’s World, the American economy is growing in prosperity, the U.S. becoming more loved and respected in the world, and Republicans are making up phony scandals.  In Realville, Mayor Limbaugh pulls back the curtain to reveal Obamaville and America’s decline economically, militarily, and diplomatically under the Obama regime.

All of the scandals that abound in Washington, D.C. involving Barack Obama are phony, according to Barry Sotero.  If one was to believe anything Obama said then people are prospering, the economy is roaring, government is providing Americans better benefits, and the scandals that are paralyzing Washington are manufactured by lying Republicans.  If Obama was to be believed then the;

  • National Debt that has increased by $7 trillion under his watch
  • tens of millions of people who haven’t found a job in six years
  • millions who lost their medical insurance and forced into ObamaCare
  • lies about Benghazi and Bergdahl
  • IRS abuse
  • NSA spying
  • DoJ mismanagement
  • Arab Spring
  • Obama’s deceptions
  • Democrat slanders
  • Congressional deadlock

are all hype generated by lying Republicans and either don’t exist or are irrelevant.

Obama says the scandals of his regime are manufactured

(In the video, Obama claims to have halved the deficit and decreased federal spending.  In point of fact, Obama’s first budget tripled the deficit of the prior year from $450 billion to $1.5 trillion, which Democrats newly in control of Congress had tripled over the Republican deficit of the year before, and federal spending has increased by $500 billion since Obama took office with little change, despite revenue dropping drastically.  Obama refused to sign budgets for the next four years, but the Senate continued his massive deficit spending while Republicans in the House looked on impotently.)

The Executive in the U.S. government (i.e. the President for low-information voters) is charged with upholding and implementing laws passed by Congress.  Yet both Obama and his top lawman, Attorney General Eric Holder, have repeatedly stated that they will not enforce laws with which they disagree, or that would permit investigations into the Obama regime.  Obama has actually declared that he will write his own law through Executive Orders, and Democrats in Congress have advocated his usurpation of congressional authority in direct violation of the Constitution and his Oath of Office.

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