Excommunicating Democrats who are not corrupt, just evil

Cardinal Burke denies Pelosi Communion - CNS Photos

Cardinal Burke of the Vatican Court has declared that Nancy Pelosi (D-Cal.) should be denied Communion for her support of abortion.

Barack Obama says there is not a smidgeon of corruption in his administration or anywhere in the Democrat Party.  This is a true statement that he can logically make because, as everyone knows, evil is not corrupt but pure in its primal form and it is good that is corrupted by evil.  Nowhere is this more manifest than in the IRS investigation wherein evidence of wrongdoing is being destroyed and corruption being denied for “lack of evidence.”

It does not require evidence to prove evil as the actions of evil speak for themselves.  The Left approaches all subjects from their basic nature founded in evil.  When they are called out by the righteous for advocating evil, such as former Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-Cal.) who has repeatedly championed abortion, they cry foul.  Cardinal Burke of the Vatican Court has declared that Pelosi may not receive Communion as an unrepentant sinner.

Vatican partially excommunicates Democrat leader Nancy Pelosi

The Catholic Church to which Pelosi professes to belong has implemented an edict against her to deny her Communion.  In the Catholic Church it is necessary to perform contrition by confessing and turning away from sin in order to receive Communion which is considered as the forgiveness of Christ.  Those who do not confess their sins are not forgiven their sins and, by extension, are not destined for Heaven.  As Pelosi advocates killing babies in the womb the church identifies her as a Satanist engaging in infant sacrifice and not as a Christian.

As for the IRS, Lois Lerner’s replacement went before the investigating committee to lie and laugh in their faces that all of her emails, along with those of everyone else with whom she communicated including the president, were “lost” to a computer crash.  Everyone knows that such a loss of government data, especially in the agency that keeps records for ten years on every document that is processed by them, is not possible due to multiple back-ups, sharing, and archiving.  All of these computers, drives, and their servers would all have to be physically, deliberately destroyed along with all the government archives in order to eliminate these emails.

Yet nothing will come of the investigation to acquire evidence because the head of the Department of Justice, Attorney General Eric Holder, is as equally evil as his boss, Barack Obama, and he will not engage the FBI in uncovering the data.  The Leftists believe that without proof of wrongdoing that they are guiltless despite the fact that destroying evidence is the act of the guilty.  Those who destroy evidence are every bit of guilty of a crime as the person who commit it, and all these people should be charged, which they would be were the AG a righteous man rather than an evil bigoted criminal.

That America has been corrupted by Obama, Holder, Pelosi, Reid, and Democrats in general is proven by their election to office on the promise of stealing from the rich, which they justify as revenge by claiming the rich stole from the poor.  This is the foundation of how the Left is destroying America and the Christian spirit of the Founders on which it was founded, but which Leftists like Barack Obama believes. Leftists declare that the people must love evil or they are haters, while Christians know from the Word of Jesus that they should love the sinner, not the sin.

Evil is to be resisted and fought lest love and good be crushed and evil gain total dominion over the Earth.  Obama was raised as a Moslem in Indonesia and immigrated to the United States to join the church of Black Liberation Theology, a theology of the black Jesus in the Koran and not the Christ of the Bible.  Though born to an American citizen, Obama’s upbringing was not as an American but by the enemies of America who they see as their Great Satan along with the Christian Church.

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