You can keep your healthcare, the IRS is honest, and other phony scandals

Phony scandal cartoon 2

From the Bully Pulpit, Obama mocks those who say his regime is corrupt to the core as typical Washington phony scandal makers.  80% of people do not believe the IRS could have lost emails “accidentally,” but are covering up wrongdoing.

According to Barack Obama, all of the scandals involving his regime are “phony scandals manufactured in Washington to gin up the base for an election.”  People who say Obama lied about being able to keep your health insurance, covering up gross negligence that led to the death of an ambassador, that the IRS denied and defrauded citizen’s groups, and the agency that keeps computer records of the entire nation’s financial tax statements on multiple back-ups “accidentally lost and destroyed the hard drives” of most all the emails pertinent to a congressional investigation are just making things up to embarrass America’s first black president.  Obama himself, as the messiah who can do no wrong and tell no lies, has declared that “there is not a smidgeon of corruption” in his administration.

Obama’s “phony scandals”

Obama warns “Don’t listen to those who warn of government tyranny”

Rush Limbaugh on Obama’s “phony scandals”

Please take a couple of minutes to participate in the survey and tell everyone how honest you believe Barack Obama to be, how much he is doing for the nation, and what you yourself believe about one of the most controversial subjects in America today.

SURVEY – Is Obama honest?

phony scandals cartoon - McKee


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