Missing Malay airliner mystery (NOT) solved

Malaysian_Airlines_flight_MH370-369833 - Getty[Liberal media pundits think MH370 may have fallen into a black hole, which another liberal said was a racist remark proving that the entire liberal media is a black hole of intelligence.]

According to the Malaysian government, their missing airliner is at the bottom of the Indian Ocean.  How they know it is there is as clear as all the reasons given for its disappearance.  From some unknown electrical malfunction to a nefarious plot, “experts” and “journalists” have spent the last two weeks spinning like tops with pet theories and downright stupidity.

None of the “facts” that are “known” about this jet are consistent or reasonable.  One person posited that a black hole might have swallowed the plane.  An equally stupid idiot added his half pence and said that was racist!  (Apparently he thought a black hole is a reference to the current occupant of the Oval Office proving that even an airliner disappearance is the object of racism and ‘Dumb Nigga Syndrome.”)

While Bill O’Reilly pats himself on the back as the only journalist reporting on the matter, his and his guests’ conclusions are all equally based on global ignorance.  Liberal reporters at CNN and MSNBC entertained psychics and global warming advocates as if they had anything intelligent to add.  Rush Limbaugh may stand alone as the only person in media accurately reporting on this missing airliner with any kind of intelligence related to reality.

Rush shines the light on MH370

The black hole that is the liberal media, sucking up the intelligence of the American people as quickly as the black hole in the White House is sucking up the wealth from the American economy, remains as vacuous a void of knowledge and intelligence as ever.  Their theories of reality are as founded in scientific knowledge as their beliefs in global warming and evolution.  Nowhere in the vastness of the space that is occupied by the liberal media can one find a spark of intelligent life as they continue to grasp at ratings.

The only facts known for certain are that the plane has been missing for two weeks because the tracking system, the signal the plane sends out to announce its location, went dark.  Whether some disaster befell it or the passengers and crew were the victims of some evil plot is yet to be known.  The suicide/terrorist theory falls flat because those people always advertise.

Bill O’Reilly declaring the mystery solved is pure pap.  Planes don’t fly themselves and so much time has passed with the tracking turned off that this plane could have been landed somewhere and taken off again to be ditched wherever it is to be found.  What befell this plane may never be known, but until that comes to pass the public will be subjected to the galactically stupid who call themselves journalists.

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