Religious lies, scientific facts, and the political fraud of climate change

climate_heretic1 - Cox and Forkum

  • Religion is belief through faith without evidence.
  • Science is determining the facts through critical analysis.
  • Politics is the art of lying to manipulate the ignorant.

The climate change debate has long been over.  In its place there has arisen a veritable vortex of global catastrophe in which science, politics, and religion rage around one another with the same writhing, twisting destruction of an F5 tornado.  Nothing within this chaotic cacophony of facts and denials is as it seems.

Like all things in life, the conflict over climate change is just another battle in the ideological war between the Left and the Right.  Like all things in life this battle boils down to which side you take and why.  And like all things in life, everyone has their own opinion and thinks everyone else’s stinks.

Science – Climate change is an obvious and undeniable fact.  The Earth’s climate changes, not just locally as weather patterns swirl over the planet, but globally.  Ten thousand years ago the world emerged from the latest Ice Age into the current warming period.  Prior to that, scientists know that there were several ice ages that lasted almost a hundred thousand years with warm periods in between in which global temperatures rose about 15 degree Fahrenheit.

While global temperatures are variable, scientists have no idea why they vary except that the solar output of the Sun seems to be the primary factor.  What they don’t know is why the Earth went through ice ages and what caused the climate to warm every hundred thousand years for about ten percent of the time.  The Right believes that science may never know the answer, but that the Earth’s ecosystem can more than compensate for anything mankind can do with his technology.

Barack Obama – man caused disaster and weapon of mass destruction

Religion – Climate change is caused by and can be controlled by mankind’s emissions of carbon dioxide is a belief held by millions.  Although they say their beliefs are based on scientific reasoning and denounce deniers of mankind’s effect on Earth’s climate as “flat-earthers” who don’t believe in science, they completely ignore the facts about climate change.  Their religious fervor goes so far as to condemn anyone who denies their “truth” as immoral heretics who should be burned at the stake.

This vapid and fanatical devotion is the same as that held by any group in power that wants to impose their beliefs on others, and they are willing to kill everyone who will not comply.  Though they claim they are reason incarnate, they lack any reason when it comes to challenging their beliefs with critical thinking, and they refuse and deny any facts which do not fit into their belief system rather than examine those facts and weigh them against their beliefs, which is the very definition of science.  The most interesting dichotomy is that the man-made global warming believers are mostly atheists who deny the existence of God and believe only in the power of themselves, while those who believe in the science are those who believe in God.

“The immorality of climate change denial… is treason against the planet.” – Paul Krugman

Politics – This is the venue in which the waters are muddied, yet the motives are made perfectly clear.  Politicians see the global warming argument as a cause celeb in which they can not only benefit, but manipulate for their own profit.  By preying on the fears and false convictions of the Left, they use propaganda to coerce them into supporting their cause.

The cause of politicians is always to profit at the expense of the people.  The difference between the American Right who believe in liberty and prosperity built by one’s own labor is in direct conflict with the Left who believe government should control all people to make all outcomes fair.  Consequently, Leftist politicians prey on the unreasoning minds of the greedy and envious that they are being denied prosperity by those who would destroy the people and the planet with their technology.  The solution is to take that prosperity away from the people in order to “save the planet.”

“The debate is over.  Climate change is a fact.” – Barack Obama

‘China may be the world’s top emitter of carbon dioxide and struggling with major pollution problems of their own, but the country is “doing it right” when it comes to fighting global warming.’ – Christiana Figueres, UN Climate Chief

UN Climate Chief says communism is best to fight global warming

The arguments from both sides can be compelling, but only one side can be telling the truth.  Where the Right believes mankind has no effect and cannot control the climate but must simply adapt, the Left wants to make people believe that they can control the climate and that giving all power to government is the solution.  That the Left has been the ideology of despots and tyrants throughout history means little to the ignorant voters who surrender their liberty for false security.

Climate change skeptics are wrong

BOOM! – Green Peace founder confesses climate change fraud

Flat-heads vs. flat-earthers – ignorance abounds

Science and religion at war: The eternal struggle for your soul and your money

Polls do not help clarify the situation as most polls ask all the wrong questions.  The core belief of the Left is that global warming is man-made and can be controlled by man.  The core belief of the Right is that global warming is a natural condition that science has not determined the cause.  Yet when the Left asks if someone believes in global warming, they use the Right’s words with the Left’s definition making either a yes or no answer wrong or right depending on how they want to use it.

Polls do not ask the right questions

So the final analysis of climate change is that: yes, it is happening; no, mankind cannot change it; maybe, people will be fooled by those who would exploit it.

This is the foundation of Leftist ideology to present a lie as the truth depending on how it is viewed.  This duplicity, this deception is necessary in order to convince people of the importance of their cause which is meant only to manipulate people to support them, that it is a moral imperative to give their wealth to them so they can take action, “just in case” what they say is true, and they can prevent disaster to “save the planet.”  By such logic everyone reading this should send the author of this article $100 “just in case” he knows more than they do to insure disaster does not befall them.

People who have seen the movie “Armageddon” and understand in the opening scenes that the solutions to disaster first presented were all ludicrous ideas.  Liberal’s beliefs and ideas that mankind can solve the problem of the planet’s changing climate when they have no clue how the warm periods between Ice Ages occurs are equally ludicrous.  Now they have come out and directly contradicted everything they have been saying, that mankind could shut down every industry, stop every car, quit burning any fuel and there would not be enough reduction in mankind’s CO2 production to make a difference.  This leads to the only conclusion possible that, in order for mankind to stop producing any CO2 that can affect the Earth’s atmosphere, everyone on the planet must stop breathing, or at least those with whom they disagree.

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