How do you teach idiots that Democrats are not their friend?

A sad truth in America today is that the vast majority of America’s youth gets their news from comedians, and knows less about science than the previous generations learned by eighth grade.  Democrat voters are dullards on whom corrupt politicians rely on for their ignorant greed to sustain them, convincing those who vote for a living to elect them to take from those who work for a living.  They don’t understand that the entire agenda of Democrats in promoting the climate change fraud and ObamaCare is nothing more than income redistribution from people who work for a living to people who vote for a living.

Occam’s Razor – all things being equal, the simplest explanation tends to be the right one.  In these cases just follow the money Democrats have taken from taxpayers and given to tax parasites.  All socialism is stealing from those who produce and giving to those who are dependent.

It is always amusing when low-grade morons try to talk about the scientific facts of global warming being caused by man.  The most common simpletons, the most naive fools, even the most incompetent dolts and village idiots should have some kind of light bulb go off when someone tells them that what they are doing is bad and that they need to give their money to politicians to fix it.  Bill Maher and Stephen Colbert should take the deepest bows for leading the idiocracy, and for being the best and brightest of the blathering boobs that pollute the Earth with their noxious exhalations of CO2 stupidity.

The Earth has been around for 4 billion years, while mankind has emerged to populate it in the last ten thousand years, and our industries have been at work for only the last one hundred years.  What makes anyone think that any scientist, who has only studied weather for the last fifty years, can tell him with any assurance that they know what will happen tomorrow?  Forty years ago, those same “scientists” who say the Earth is going to suffer high temperature droughts, were saying our industries were going to cause the next ice age.

Earth is a water planet.  Why would anyone believe the land would become dried up deserts if temperatures rose and all the ice on the planet melted?  The answer is because they have no understanding of meteorology or geography, and why there are rainforests and deserts.

Climate change science - unkScience vs. global warming fraud

This is proof that liberals, Democrats, and Leftists everywhere have not one wit of understanding the most basic scientific principles of weather, and that their only agenda is income redistribution.  They don’t know or care that when oceans heat and water evaporates into the atmosphere that moisture laden air moves over cooler land and rains back down.  Land heats and cools faster than water so there is no way this cycle will stop happening no matter how much the planet’s temperatures change.

The fact is that if the planet gets hotter, the land will get wetter and more green plants will grow as has happened since the last ice age ended.  Democrats have no idea that green plants thrive on CO2 and that man’s CO2 production will only produce more greenery on both land and water.  They think we are cutting down the rainforests and denuding the planet of greenery, which is impossible to do unless you can sift the oceans of all algae.  The Earth’s ecosystem has been around for millions of years, and mankind’s contribution to the CO2 production of the planet is insignificant and can easily be compensated for by nature.

Carbon dioxide is produced by millions more things on Earth besides mankind’s burning fuels, yet it remains a trace gas in the atmosphere.  People can certainly make their backyard filthy, and millions of people can pollute millions of backyards.  But only the most arrogant, ignorant fool believes that mankind has the power to screw up the entire planet.

Everything liberals say about the disaster man will bring on himself through global warming is simply just one load of manure piled on another.  Elementary scientific knowledge disproves everything they say will happen if the climate gets warmer.  For example:

Al Gore says the North Pole will melt and flood the planet.  Yet the Polar ice cap is just a big ice cube floating in water.  Anyone who knows third grade physics knows ice cubes melted in a glass of water doesn’t change the water level.

If the polar ice is all gone the “Global Conveyor” will stop working and ocean currents will cease, causing a new ice age.  Yet it is the Coriolis Effect that causes ocean currents, not cold water sinking pushing warmer water up.  And water, when it approaches freezing rises, which is why ice cubes float.

Al Gore as Noah - A. Payne

[From melting polar ice to fossil fuels to cow farts, everything liberals say about global warming is as comical as their news source – the Comedy Channel. How do you take someone seriously who thinks that to stop all CO2 everyone must stop breathing?]


Expecting disaster to come from global warming, believing mankind can effect climate change, and thinking that politicians will use our money to “save the planet” are all products of infantile minds.  The horror is that these ignorant masses are allowed to vote thanks to universal suffrage.  The Founders knew what they were doing when the restricted voting rights to responsible adults and didn’t permit any idiot that produces CO2 to make choices of how government spends their money.  All they do is enable the most corrupt and deceitful of politicians to gain power over taxpayer’s money and use it to fill the pockets of their family and friends, leaving a pittance to throw scraps from their enriched tables to the throngs of beggars who serve them.

Al Gore becoming a billionaire promoting global warming fraud

Religious lies, scientific facts, and the political fraud of climate change

The truth is that those who get their news from the Comedy Channel shouldn’t be so surprised that adults do not take anything they say seriously.  Especially when they tell us something as hysterical as global warming scientists do about cow farts being a primary cause of greenhouse gases and that people must learn to do with less meat.  I can’t wait until Obama tells India they must destroy their sacred cows to save the planet.

To save the planet, cow farts must be stopped!

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