Democrats tell us how to win, ObamaCare can cure this cancer

There is a cancer that has been sweeping America, infecting millions of people, destroying millions of lives, and ruining the American Dream.  The cancer is liberalism and it has long ago taken control of the Democrat Party, spreading into the Republican Party through moderates who believe liberal policies attract voters.  But the policies of the Left attract the wrong kind of voter for all the wrong reasons.

Democrats tell us how to defeat them when they tell us what issues to avoid in a campaign.  The latest special election in Florida for a congressional seat was not won by a liberal Democrat touting ObamaCare.  It was not won by a moderate Republican saying ObamaCare needs to be fixed.  The seat went to a conservative who wants to abolish this cancerous law sucking the life out of the American people.

Any campaign strategist that agrees with Democrats on how Republicans should campaign is being paid off by Democrats.  When liberals tell Republicans, “you’d better not run on criticizing Obama or ObamaCare,” they are not telling Republicans how to win elections.  Believing Democrats would tell Republicans how to beat them in elections is the pinnacle of stupidity.

Republican moderates like Boehner (R-Ohio) say they cannot win as just “the party of no.”  What moderates and liberals both ignore is the policies of conservatives that already made this country great and can restore this nation to a working country rather than a welfare state.  Anyone who says they don’t know what the TEA Party and conservatives stand for needs to take their head out of their ass because they’re buried over their ears.

Republicans don’t actually need to campaign on anything as proven by 2010 mid-terms and this election in Florida.  The vast majority of Americans do not want this ObamaCare with its taxes, penalties, and mandates that are costing millions of people their insurance, their doctors, and even their jobs.  Barack Obama is making a fool of himself and debasing the dignity of his office trying to sell young people on paying for this entitlement.

What America needs is a government that is spending money like they can print it for free and then tax certain people to pay for their waste and theft.  The tax code is corrupted through subsidies, waivers, and loopholes rather than being equal for everyone as politicians cut deals to give their friends taxpayer dollars or let them keep more than others.  The entire tax code needs to be completely overhauled to be fair and equal for everyone!

The income tax should be done away with completely as it constitutes double taxation of everyone.  America’s government spending has been excessive for the last half century, and now it’s out of control and the liberal media is helping them sell the people down the river.  The way for Republicans to win elections is to go after Democrats on everything they are doing wrong, but the GOP Establishment moderates don’t care to win by stopping Democrats.  They just want to win so they can have their turn feeding at the public trough, which is why the TEA Party and conservatives are the only people who can save America from itself.

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