Liberals easily misrepresent truth, alter language, and mislead low-info voters

“Liberalism is born of ignorance and bred on lies.”

Lies come easily to liberals more so because of their audience and the ignorance they bring with their lack of attention, not only to what Democrats are actually doing, but in not taking an interest to find out the truth beyond what they are told to believe.  Leftists have so little trouble misrepresenting conservatives and what they say to their ignorant listeners that painting the Right as racist bigots is easily accomplished.  When their audience is simple-minded, low-information voters who believe what they say, misguiding them is child’s play when they know these people will not check the facts.

What makes it so easy is that their listeners believe themselves to be intelligent and unbiased and, like Jar-Jar Binks of Star Wars, they believe that because they can make words with their mouths that they are intelligent human beings.  What makes it worse is liberals believe they are good people who are the ones who are right in all things moral while wallowing in immorality.  But morality is grounded in truth, and making excuses is just another form of lying, not only to others, but to oneself.

Leftists will take the truth and twist it to their own ends and immoral people will readily believe a lie even when the truth is revealed to them.  Do you believe that liberal media pundits always tell the truth?  Let’s put that to the test!

Case in point #1: Bob Costas was on TV recently saying the Greg Gutfeld of “The Five” on FOX lied about him.  His personal stance on gun control, that citizens do not need to own guns for personal protection, is based on his own experience in which he feels very safe at all times.  Gutfeld, he said, told people he only feels that way because he has a personal bodyguard, and he professed that he has never hired a personal bodyguard.  While speaking very reasonably and convincingly, Costas validated himself and portrayed Gutfeld as a fabricator.

Costas misrepresents Gutfeld same as he misrepresents gun owners

What Gutfeld actually said, that Costas is surrounded by security people with guns everywhere he goes, is absolutely true and 180 degrees opposite of what Costas said he stated.  Costas was so genuine and resolute in his statement that the simple-minded, low-information voter is easily persuaded to believe his lie.  But people who are informed and actually watched what each of the men said knows that Costas misrepresented the truth and not Greg Gutfeld.

Case in point #2: An email “information” letter from a liberal professed to have been in attendance at CPAC 2014, the Conservative Political Action Conference, where he heard many strong conservatives speak.  In his review, while admitting there were many fine speakers, he focused on one unknown man’s bigoted statement against homosexuality and blithely painted the entire gathering with a broad brush of condemnation.  Those who spoke of American patriotism, righteousness, the Constitution, and the rights of the American citizen taxpayer who is being trampled by Democrats who say it is right to steal from them, he represented as being ignorant of the Constitution and not knowing the difference between what is right or wrong.

Liberal paints Republicans as dumb bigots

He went on to say how founding Republicans like “Lincoln and Roosevelt would turn over in their graves at what their party has become,” being infiltrated by TEA Party racists, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera.  Without getting to know anyone in attendance or paying attention to anything that people professed it is doubtful this person even attended the event.  If they did, then they entered with their hearts and minds filled with their preconceptions with a desire to color the gathering according to their own bigotry, and they are so blind they don’t see that they are themselves hateful, self-righteous, bigoted hypocrites with an agenda who are too blind to see the truth.

Liberals are going so far in their efforts to paint the Right as they want them to be seen that they are warping the English language with such things as saying, if you refer to someone as a thug then you are actually calling them a n*gger.  That may come as a shock to Mafia gangsters to know that they are now n*ggers.  And skinhead thugs will certainly be enraged that they, too, are now known to be n*ggers.  Nazi, Communist, and Fascist jack-booted thugs are all n*ggers, too.  Best of all, the KKK and their thug gangster tactics burning crosses and lynching blacks are all n*ggers, too!

Liberals are too blind to see that their assertion that opposition to Obama because he is black and not because of his policies is based on their own racism.  The only reason they voted for him is because they see him as a black man despite being half white.  Their own racist bigotry in supporting him is worse than any bigotry against him because theirs is blind idolatry rather than blind hatred, and everyone in the world knows that more people have been killed in the name of religion than for any other reason.  The Cult of Obamasites is more dangerous than any ideological group of socialists because they are fanatic in their devotion to the man they deem to be their messiah.

If what liberals say is true for Obama then TEA Party conservatives who opposed President Bush’s increase of the federal debt by $4 trillion was because they are racist against white people.  (This was before the TEA Party name came into being, but for low-information voters it must be clarified that conservatives have always existed, they just didn’t have a formal name.)  Or perhaps they believe that if Obama were all white instead of just half white then conservatives would be perfectly happy with his increasing the federal debt by $8 trillion?  Or maybe the TEA Party secretly thinks Bush is a n*gger, too?

Maybe the entire Democrat Party, who are all thugs that want to steal from taxpayers, are all n*ggers?  If this is the case, then n*gger isn’t a racial slur anymore because Bush is Caucasian and everyone in the Democrat Party is certainly not Negroid, nor even “people of color.”

In any case, conservatives are sick to death of liberal stupidity and propaganda in trying to label righteous American patriots as the bad guys.  They go so far as to make TV shows like “Revolution” where the patriots are the evil doers.  Liberal Derangement Syndrome is not restricted to Sarah Palin, but extends to anyone who is Christian, conservative, or America loving patriots.

For those liberals who say they are Christian and love America the questions must be asked: Why do you then take sides with atheists and support killing babies?  Why do you take sides with communists and support socialism?  Why do you take sides with thugs and support stealing?  You cannot love God and love America and at the same time be against everything taught in the Bible, the Constitution, and American history.

There are not two rights, there is only right or wrong.  Believing what someone tells you about Rush Limbaugh without ever having listened to him yourself is the height of ignorant arrogance.  People with an evil agenda will distort what someone says, while those with a righteous agenda will tell the truth about them, and both can be found out by critical examination of the facts.

Liberals who believe that Obama never lies, but Rush always does, are the ones suffering from Derangement Syndrome and insanity.  Most insane people can function socially, they are just dysfunctional in their decision making.  Trust the definition of insanity as the proof as these people keep electing liberals and moderates to run the country and keep being disappointed when the results are the same.

Liberals complain about New York mayor’s assault on charter schools

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