Obamabots or Obamasites, what’s in a name

Barack Obama says he has the most transparent administration in history without a smidgen of corruption, and that global warming is the greatest threat facing mankind.  His policies have provided healthcare for the poor and made the rich pay their fair share of taxes.  Most important of all, he has created millions of jobs and brought unemployment to its lowest point since he became president.

There are currently two types of Democrats still supporting the party line.  Obamasites are the Obama led parasites who believe other Americans owe them a living.  The other type are Obamabots who believe every lie he speaks to be their god’s truth.

As his minions plead the 5th in court and oppress patriotic citizens, Obama orchestrates the diminishment of America in the world.  The Leader of the Free World is being flexible for the tyrants of the world as they hatch their plots against liberty.  And America is being paralyzed as those who work for a living are being outnumbered by those who vote for a living.

At a time when the Soviets are resurgent Obama says they are on the wrong side of history.  What does he think that means?  While Obama stands with his head up his ass, Putin is making history reconquering territories the Soviets lost to Reagan’s strong defense of freedom.  Eastern Europe is free because of President Reagan, and they may be re-enslaved under President Obama.

Americans elected a man of no accomplishment, no ability, and no comprehension of how to be Commander-in-Chief.  At a time when America’s enemies are becoming stronger he is making America weaker, and they recognize that weakness in him, which is what gives them courage to re-enslave other nations.  When war finally comes, Obama’s mission will be complete, and America will be the one emerging on the wrong side of history as the fools who let evil destroy and enslave the free world.

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