Children learn what they live, but it is their faith that guides them

Do you want your child to believe in themselves; believe that if they want to do something, they can; believe that if they want something, they can get it?  Do you want your children to believe they are special, and that everyone is equally special, equally important?  Do you want them to be rewarded equally for their effort no matter how small, and believe they are special regardless of talents they don’t possess, deserving of benefits for which they don’t work, and to get achievements they don’t earn?

Or do you want your child to have faith in God, to respect others, and to work hard and always do their best?  Do you want them to strive in school to learn, to discover and use their talents to the best of their ability regardless of what they are, and to learn the value of working as part of a team?  Do you want them to learn that you earn rewards and that doing what is right is its own reward?  Do you want them to learn to be responsible for themselves and their families, and to help those in need who cannot help themselves?

The foundations of 21st century American liberalism and conservatism, the great divide between the teachings of the Left and the Right, lie not in what they want for their children, but in how they teach their children.  The Left teaches their children to believe in themselves, that they are special, that everyone is equally special and equally deserving of all good things, and that anyone who has more of anything has an unfair advantage over others.  The Right teaches their children to have faith in and love God, their Creator, that God loving them is what makes them special, and that, while everyone is loved by God not everyone loves God, and those that refuse to love and respect their Creator will not love and respect others, including themselves.  The foundation of the Left and Right is found in their faith, faith in yourself or faith in your Creator.

85% of people in the world believe in a higher being of some sort, but not all put their faith in a deity.  Perhaps 15% are dedicated to God while the opposite 15% are dedicated to themselves, with those in between in varying degrees of wondering who or what God is to them.  In their quest to understand why they exist and what purpose they serve by their existence, human beings stand apart from the animals in their higher intellectual capacity to comprehend the universe, but the universe is an enigma to them.

Parents who teach their children that they are evolved from, and are just a slightly higher form, of animal then expect them to learn to be good human beings are always surprised when their children behave like animals.  For the last fifty years the Left has been infiltrating and taking over America’s government and education system to teach our children their ideology and values, and to reject the traditions and faith that made America the greatest nation in world history.  They are so invested in indoctrination of children that they will go so far as the mayor of New York has in shutting down schools that are better than government schools.

Rather than raise them to be the best they can be, liberalism is about dumbing down children to the same level as the lowest common denominator (a math function that liberalism does not teach children to understand) just as it is about reducing incomes to make all people equal because it is not possible to make everyone the best.  This is all part of socialism whose adherents believe that those who prosper do so at the expense of others, and that those people owe their success to everyone else and must share that success with them.  What they are teaching their children is that stealing from the rich is a good thing, and again they are stunned when their children grow up to be thieves stealing from each other.

Barack Obama is the poster child of Leftist fantasy, elevating a man of no accomplishment other than the ability to win popularity contests by getting fools and anti-Americans to vote for him.  He was given the Nobel Peace Prize just for getting elected, which is just as stupid as giving a young talk show host who has been on the air for three days the Cronkite Award for achievement in journalism.  The leaders they choose are as vacant of reason as their supporters, and as Rush Limbaugh says, you can’t get a stupid person to believe they are not intelligent because they are too stupid to figure out on their own how ignorant they truly are.

A shining example of liberal Democrat stupidity – Sheila Jackson Lee (D-Tx.)

But there is hope for our children if we teach them what is right and not what is popular.  There is hope if we teach them the truth of the American Dream and American Exceptionalism, and not leave them in the darkness coming from our schools.  America has always been a beacon of hope as the Land of the Free and Home of the Brave, one nation, under God.  We must stop those who would divide and conquer us and re-unite to remain indivisible with truth and justice for all!

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