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Of Bernie, Betsy, Cortez, and Obama – Ignorant Liberals Enraged

21st century American liberalism is the ideology of ignorant liberals believing lying leftists.  Liberals say conservative Republicans ignore Trump’s “racism” and deliberately try to smear Democrats.  This is exactly what Democrats are doing to Republicans to distract those who don’t … Continue reading

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Republican vs. Democrats: Results vs. Violent Resistance

Liberals want to censor conservative voices because we are the educated ones, while they want to impose their ideology by force.  Through President Trump’s leadership America has the highest GDP and lowest unemployment in a decade.  Republicans know what is … Continue reading

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Shame on Democrats and their psychology of hate

Misery loves company: What that means is that hateful people want others to suffer as they do.  They would rather have a negative relationship than no relationship.  This is the essence of leftist ideology. Few soldiers are warriors.  Not all … Continue reading

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Rush to NFL Players – WARNING!  Patriots will not tolerate your disrespect

The New York Giants stand shoulder to shoulder saluting the flag at the playing of the National Anthem to stand with patriots against the haters. Football players are not paid to think, but if they think they will have fans … Continue reading

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