Trump White Supremacy vs. Biden Antifa

The candidates faced off in competing Townhalls rather than in debate because Democrats couldn’t have Biden face Trump again without a bed of pillows beneath him. Leftwing media continues to slander and smear Trump as never having said he would condemn white supremacy. While the same people uplift Biden who, rather than condemn Antifa riots, uplift him for saying it doesn’t exist except as a fictional idea of Republicans. The leftwing media spends all of its time smearing Trump 24/7/365 while concealing the crimes and failures of Democrats. Hunter Biden’s Barisma and China graft thanks to Joe Biden’s nepotism, plus his extortion of Ukraine, are prime cases in point. That leftwing media is trying to conceal it, declaring it false, and not allowing the public to make up their own minds, especially after they spent four years on phony Russian collusion stories, tells you everything about the veracity of this story. Twitter has blocked the New York Post until they retract the story. Republicans are demanding Twitter be stripped of their phony protections as not being a publisher because they routinely censor conservatives. They are supposed to be a public forum – not the arbiters of truth depending on their interpretation of what is true. They allow CBLM to post kill cops pictures and condemn conservatives for promoting police.

I didn’t have to hear the two townhalls Thursday to know that they were going to be bashing Trump and fluffing Biden. I watched Trump’s and saw Guthrie spend the entire hour trying to trip him up. I watched Biden’s and from the very beginning recognized that he had pre-knowledge of the questions. With his first question’s extremely detailed answer that Biden had obviously memorized, he elicited a score of lies to tell about Trump as having no clue how to handle Covid. (I wonder why he kept looking up to the right?) There was nothing but a pack of lies of what actually happened. I know this because I’m a Republican, whose mascot is an elephant, and I haven’t forgotten what happened in the first three months of this pandemic. Everything Biden said he did was false as he tried to take credit for everything Trump did do.

I knew from that that the rest of it was going to be whiffle balls for which he was prepared. They wouldn’t ask him about his and Hunter’s crimes of extortion and influence peddling in foreign countries that they claim are “manufactured” or “debunked” or “Russian misinformation.” Twitter claims they only censor violent posts. It’s not like 99% of Twitter donations went to Democrats or that their leadership posted tweets wishing Trump would die. Hunter’s hard drive, proven to be legitimate by his lawyer demanding it back, proves that Biden’s 47 years in government has been rife with extorting companies. He would force them to hire his family members on their boards to be paid bonuses that get funneled back to him in exchange for his getting them government contracts.

President Trump was way ahead of the curve on dealing with Coronavirus compared with any Democrat, especially Biden. No Democrat could have achieved what President Trump has in the amount of time in which he has accomplished what he did. Obama in dealing with the Swine Flu just fell to pieces! Biden says that there were only fourteen thousand dead from that pandemic. The lie about Covid is that Democrats have inflated the numbers drastically by killing old folks in nursing homes and counting unrelated deaths as Covid caused. Medical experts estimate that the actual mortality from Covid alone is probably about 12,000, not over 200k. This is how they tabulated the Swine Flu. They didn’t count anyone who died of complications of other illnesses due to Swine Flu like they did with Covid. And they certainly didn’t deliberately infect people and deny them lifesaving medicines. They just didn’t bother to test for it anymore.

Biden saying he would have prevented much of this is just another bald-faced lie as he was walking about clueless the first three months of the year. His claim that Trump couldn’t get medical supplies quickly flies in the face of Trump’s regearing industries to produce more in a couple of months than the entire world needed. From there the lies just got thicker as the questions got easier. Stephanopoulos didn’t press him on his packing of the Supreme Court, but accepted Biden’s lie he would state his position “just before the election.”

He helped Biden conceal what he previously said about people not having a right to know his position. Georgie boy got him to reverse that statement for their little show just as he has reversed his declarations about eliminating fracking and defunding the police. The fact is that people are already voting without knowing this. Half the population won’t have a clue what Biden stands for when he constantly lies about not taxing the poor even when he states that he will reinstate the ObamaCare Penalty Tax, and that he will not ban fracking to destroy American energy when he has vowed to do so.

President Trump fielded the grilling he got from Guthrie and answered people’s questions well. There were only three answers with which I wished he had a more polished answer.

  • One was the white supremacy lie with which he has been smeared daily for five years. He should have said that he has condemned it since before and at Charlottesville, but that the leftwing media always edits out his statement when they playback video from that event.
  • The second is that he is right to push through a Supreme Court nominee during an election, while Obama was blocked for almost a year before the end of his term. Although both serve as president until the end of their four years there is a major difference in their presidencies. The difference is that the people had elected Republicans to control Congress in 2014 to block Obama, while they elected Republicans in 2018 to assist President Trump. That’s because the people finally recognized that Obama was acting to the detriment of the country contrary to his words, while Trump has always acted beneficially just as he promised.
  • The third is that he should have told her she couldn’t learn anything from his taxes. He has an entire company of tax attorneys doing his returns while she doesn’t even understand her own 1040EZ.

Trump Growth & Prosperity vs. Biden Taxes & Green Welfare Terrorism

This election is between voting for the American Dream vs. Socialist tyranny. CBLM Communist Black Lies Murder, and Antifa Nazis are Democrat’s militant arms meant to terrorize the people and coerce the ignorant. Left-wing media keep asking President Trump if he will denounce white supremacy, and after he does so they say it didn’t sound sincere. Donald Trump has denounced white supremacy since the 90s. At Charlottesville, Democrat media edited out his words so they could smear him with their lies. In contrast, Joe Biden has never denounced Antifa fascists but actually endorsed them! He not only won’t denounce Black Lives Matter communism, won’t denounce their assassinations of police, but endorses assisting these criminal terrorists by defunding police then telling oblivious voters that he wouldn’t.

Liberals are so two-faced that they not only can’t see it but don’t see that we see right through both of them. Their Critical Race Theory is founded on the idea that being born white makes one “automatically racist.” Like “white privilege,” this concept is inherently bigoted exposing their own anti-white racism. They say doctors who express their opinions about wearing masks should be discounted because “they’re not communicable disease experts.” They’re doctors, dumbass! And out of their other face they refer to statements by their doctors as if they are sacrosanct and the Holy Word of Gawd! Liberals are not to be trusted in anything! They are the ignorant who come to stupid conclusions based on their fallacious interpretation of their erroneous facts.

Democrats keep saying voter fraud never happens, that it’s impossible. They only say this because they have 80 million fraudulent ballots in the wind. Ask them if Russia stole the election through voter fraud and they will say yes. How stupid are these people? How is it they do not understand that we see right through their two-faced lies? If they believe that voter fraud was not possible then they wouldn’t be saying Russia stole the election. If their intent was not to commit massive voter fraud to steal the election, then they wouldn’t have mailed out 80 million unsolicited ballots that will be returned anonymously written out in other people’s names. Millennials, who never turn out, will out vote seniors this election. They will magically return those 80 million ballots, all for Biden, without even knowing they cast a vote.

[Author’s Note: Democrats cannot entrap Trump by telling him he should denounce some unknown group like Proud Boys as being “white supremacists” and Q-Anon as being some rightwing conspiracy theory that’s some sort of satanic pedophile ring plotting against him. The pedophiles are leftwing groups who are anti-Christian. The leader as well as a large proportion of the membership of Proud Boys are minorities. Even Wikipedia is not reliable in interpreting and explaining these groups. Trump does not believe what liberals say and very wisely withholds his condemnations until he learns the truth. This is the pinnacle of wisdom.

Trump proved he’s not only the smartest man in the room but the wisest. Don’t ever let other people tell you what to think! Learn the truth for yourself – especially when it is a leftist saying they know better than you! How should President Trump respond when the left repeatedly baits him on this lie? Tell them to GFY? Say, “If you could get your head out of your ass long enough to listen to everything I said about Charlottesville instead of editing out my words then you would have your answer.” Seriously, this is a baseless question for which no answer will ever suffice, so don’t bother with it anymore and just tell them to piss off or piss in their faces. Leftists deserve no respect because they give none.]

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  1. allprogressivesarepsychotic says:

    I have not heard 1 truthful Biden campaign advertisement yet and the amount that the major networks air within 30 minutes is sickening.


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