Electronic Nazi Book Burning – Censorship by Twitter and Facebook to Conceal Biden/Obama Crimes

Leftist Democrat liberal media craps all over the truth

Twitter and Facebook have deliberately censored Republicans for exposing Democrat crimes. Their distractions of election stealing and impeachment no longer work, so they are acting directly. They have censored the accounts of President Trump and Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany for praising investigative reporting by the New York Post exposing Biden’s lies about his involvement in his son’s corrupt business dealings in Ukraine. They can cry that it was “invented” or “debunked” all they want. We already have Biden on television bragging about extorting Ukraine to not investigate corruption by his son in their company, and he did it with Obama’s assistance. His son Hunter never had any international dealings until his father became vice president. Joe Biden is on video denying knowledge of his son’s business dealings in Ukraine. But here are emails proving he met with Hunter’s business partners (there’s even a picture of Joe with Hunter and his Barisma partner), social media platforms are trying to hide this information from the public.

Joe and Hunter Biden with Barisma exec about whom Joe lied saying they never met and claimed that he never talked to his son about his Ukraine business dealings.

New York Post first of Biden emails prove Joe lied about Hunter’s Russia business

The Biden Crime Family just like the Clinton and Obama crime families

Whenever someone brings up Hunter, Demented Joe tries to deflect with his dead son Beau to evoke sympathy like he does with his dead wife and daughter. Beau served in Iraq in the JAG Corp and prosecuted U.S. soldiers who did not obey Obama’s Rules of Engagement and allow themselves to be killed by Moslem terrorists. Biden always responds to questions about this by attacking the messenger. Hunter began making hundreds of millions from foreign governments buying influence with his VP father. And Obama was complicit in Biden’s gangster thuggery extorting foreign governments. China bought Obama and Biden with billions from their oligarchs that they hide in offshore accounts. That’s why they shipped American industry overseas to their country and told Americans they would never come back. Obama said he would lead America into a new era of decline that Americans deserved declaring it would take a “magic wand” to get those businesses back into America. Trump did it with his “magic wand” – a pen with which he scratched out Obama’s regulations!

Electronic censorship is quite simply the 21st century version of Nazi book burning. Leftists never want the people to hear the truth about their crimes. That leftists believe Republicans only get rich by stealing from people is because that is how they do it. Bloomberg became a much bigger billionaire than Trump, not because he built anything, but because he established a media conglomerate with which to extort those who did not bow to him. He would use his media the way leftist Democrats use social media to smear those who did not pay them so that their idiot liberal lemmings would boycott them, if not outright burn their businesses down. This is how low Democrats have brought American culture. This is what must be destroyed. Democrats cannot be allowed to steal this election. Their cries of Russian collusion are a known fraud along with their mail-in balloting. Pray for President Trump and stand by to be with him when the left goes insane and tries to overthrow this nation by force.

Biden and Burisma

[Author’s Note: The leftwing media is not covering this story. You will only hear it on FOX News and conservative media. That means 90% of the media is censoring the truth. They say they are protecting the public from hacker propaganda and are fact checking it or that it may have been obtained illegally. They never protected anyone from the Russian collusion fraud or Hillary’s Steele Dossier, both of which proved to be complete frauds, and Trump’s tax returns that they published were obtained illegally. They instead promoted them! The Ukraine phone call for which Democrats impeached the president was falsely declared to be extortion. The only reason their White House saboteurs called it “insanely disturbing” is because Trump asked Ukraine to reopen their investigation into Barisma.

Democrats cannot allow the truth to be told about the multitude of crimes of which they are guilty. From Obama sabotaging the nation to spying on Trump, and corrupting the system with embedded operatives to undermine Republicans, is not acting on behalf of the American people. It is communist infiltration by using the leftwing media and academe to indoctrinate people through lies, smears, and propaganda. Democrats are the party of gangsters, crime, and corruption. They are the ruling elites who extort corporations and keep the people in thrall. They cannot be allowed to have the 80 MILLION ballots they sent out to be sent back anonymously in the names of people who don’t vote to overthrow this nation by stealing the election. They have already announced their plans to pack the Senate and Supreme Court to make the country into a one-party state with themselves as the socialist dictators over the masses.]

Twitter and Facebook only censor the truth that hurts Democrats while promoting the false allegations against Trump

Kayleigh McEnany rips Twitter for blocking her presidential press secretary account to conceal Biden’s lies about Barisma extortion

Biden demanded Chinese billionaire pay $10 million for ‘introductions alone,’ emails show


Trump Went ON TV And Said About Russian HOAX, “They’re All Going Down!”

TRUE the VOTE! To believe in Democrats you have to be stupid!

WATCH: Airline passenger ejected from plane for wearing ‘Black Voices for Trump’ hat

Is this the whistleblower story to blow all others away or a farce?

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Banned on Democrat’s Nazi sewer Twitter by electronic book burning

Democrats try to change the language to shame the righteous

Words mean things, which is why Democrats try to control the language. It’s why they changed global warming to climate change and a host of other alterations. The day after crazy Mazie Hirono tried to smear ACB as being homophobic because she used the words, “sexual preference,” declaring it to be an anti-homosexual slur, Democrats altered on-line media like Websters the next day to reflect this B.S. This is how Democrats lie and corrupt the language to guilt people into following their lead so they can corrupt people’s minds and warp the soul of the nation.
Never forget that Biden voted twice to tax seniors living on social security, money that was taxed from their wages and received back from those taxes. Biden’s own government salary, also paid by taxpayers, is not taxed.

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2 Responses to Electronic Nazi Book Burning – Censorship by Twitter and Facebook to Conceal Biden/Obama Crimes

  1. Roy says:

    President Trump exposed the Swamp and all its critters (politicians, media, judicial system tech companies). In retaliation the Swamp exposed themselves as an single entity, hell bent on destroying America and its people, rather than relinquish their control over individual citizens.
    We have allowed the growth of the Swamp to fester that it now is like terminal cancer and we need radical treatment to rid ourselves from it.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Bob Green says:

      Sad, but true. Twitter is lying when they claim the materials released from the Biden laptop were “hacked.” Twitter has now committed felony campaign finance violations, offering in-kind contributions to the Biden campaign while censoring information embarrassing to the Democratic candidate.

      Liked by 1 person

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