Democrats lie, cheat, and steal to benefit from Coronavirus ignorance

To believe anything that Democrats or their media minions say is the pits of stupidity.  How many examples must we give liberals before they realize they are being duped?  How many times have we proven the lies of leftwing media and had them not only deny the truth in front of their faces, but turn and attack us as creating lies?  Liberalism is not an ideology of freedom.  It is an ideology of ignorant dupes.  Lincoln was right when he said, “You can fool some of the people all of the time,” and those people are liberals who easily fall prey to every form of propaganda.

Proposition: Is it reasonable to assume that if one person from a company dies because they get a disease that exacerbates their medical condition, and fifty other people are infected, that a thousand people should be laid off and put into quarantine because they might get it?  Or should they just be told to practice stricter safety protocols such as washing more often, keeping your distance, staying home when sick, and wearing face masks in public?  Is Covid-19 a horrible accidental outbreak or a deliberate biological attack?

{Don’t miss the awesome article of Angelo Codevilla’s at the end exposing how Democrats are using their media platform to damn Trump for anything and everything he says and does.  Then check out the last link to a video asking all the right questions about China’s role.  Plus Rush Limbaugh’s show on April 9 examining America’s response and whether or not this was vital to our survival or is a Democrat subterfuge to tank Trump’s economy so they can damn his America.}

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When a friend showed me a “documentary” exposing how “racist” President Trump is, that he refers to refugee women and children coming from the south as “stone cold killers,” it was a simple matter of putting those words into Google to find that Trump was talking about MS-13’s murdering gangsters.  All Democrat minions have to do is take a snippet of words that someone says out of context to have a narrator twist the meaning of those words into a damning fiction.  Propaganda is everywhere in the media driven by bias.  Liberals cannot see past what is put in front of their noses.  They are like the jackass their party represents with blinders on stubbornly adhering to their path regardless of all else.

What makes them worse is that they believe they are the truth, that the righteous are blind, and they believe they are the bringers of the light as they stumble about in darkness.  These are the people about whom Jesus said,

“Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother’s eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye?” – Matthew 7:3 NIV

They condemn conservatives as conmen while believing liberals who lie.  Like lemmings they follow without thinking and believe false flattery that they are intelligent, knowledgeable, and think critically when they are the very epitome of ignorance with no thought beyond what they are told to think.  How do you get through to a person who is buried like a tick in their own obliviousness?

To truly be intelligent requires four factors.  Just having a high IQ, Intelligence Quotient, is not a firm sign of intelligence as I quickly found out when I joined MENSA.  There were as many stupid ideas in MENSA as in any organization.  IQ is simply a measure of your brain power to absorb material and cogitate.  The other three factors have been studied and recently shed light on good thinking.  EQ, Emotional Quotient, is a measure of a person’s maturity and ability to think logically rather than react emotionally.  It is the difference between adult thinking to examine the facts with their minds and child’s simple reasoning to believe the facts that appeal to their hearts.  The latter is always irrational thinking that results in dysfunctional conclusions based on allegations and assumptions that are false.

The other two qualities are knowledge, which is only acquired through education, research, and time.  However, this can be turned to the dark side by those who teach what is wrong as being right.  This leads to the fourth quality of intelligence which is morality.  An immoral person will not reach moral conclusions.  They are easily duped by lies rather than examining the facts for themselves.  They believe edited media that is described by liars rather than get the truth from the horse’s mouth.  That is how liberals are duped by people like the Indian guy, who shows a video of Trump talking about MS-13 but edit that part out to put in their own misinterpretation of his statements to deliberately mislead people.  It is the same as NBC editing the police tape of George Zimmerman to make it sound like he was stalking a kid because “he looks black.”

IQ, EQ, and morality are useless without knowledge that used to be the measure of IQ.  All are required to think rightly.  If the person is given bad information, and lacks the ability to refute it, they can still be fooled.  It is the adage of computer jargon, “garbage in, garbage out.”  An example of this is often found in liberal’s interpretations of climate change scams.  That same friend showed me “scientific proof” that America is putting “100x more CO2 into the atmosphere than was put in during the Ice Ages.  During ice ages CO2 rose to four times what it is normally because most of the vegetation was covered by glaciers.

Having just a little knowledge of science, medicine, and simple math is enough to destroy this belief.  This is nothing more than Al Gore’s hockey stick graph that talks about human CO2 pollution in the Industrial Age without taking into account the Earth’s dynamic environment.  That same pollution is not in the atmosphere because the Earth’s ecosystem has long been working to absorb CO2 and convert it to oxygen.  It also is not causing a greenhouse effect because CO2 is heavier than air.  The Earth’s surface is covered in carbon which is necessary for life negates liberal claims we are putting it all into the air by burning fossil fuels.  This is something that liberals also fail in when they talk about colonizing Mars which is a dead planet.

But it is the simple math that is the destroyer of Al Gore’s scam.  While leftist scientists are saying they are measuring 100x more CO2 in the atmosphere in modern arctic ice cores than was in the ice ages, they fail miserably in simple math and medical science.  The Earth’s CO2 levels are thought to be .028% prior to the Industrial Age.  Now they are measured at .044%.  This obviously does not put 100x the amount into the air.  To this they say it is cumulative because it is more than the earth’s environment has processed, thus is increasing to 100x normal.

So, if during ice ages it was four times normal then it would be .1%.  One hundred times that is 10%.  As discovered in fire deaths from smoke inhalation, if a human being breaths air that is more than 2% carbon dioxide then their red blood cells will not absorb oxygen and they will die.  Thus, according to Al Gore’s “scientists,” the earth already has enough CO2 to kill us five times over.  When confronted by this reality, liberal’s reactions are as simple as their lack of math skills.  They deny the truth and call you a liar using witchcraft because you obviously don’t believe in science.

These are the people being duped into believing rewritten history that makes authoritarian socialism wonderful and free capitalism evil in their minds even though they are living the prosperity of that ideology in the USA.  Believing that socialist ideologies like communism, fascism, Nazism, Islamism, and Imperialism will make their lives better when they have the proof staring them in the face throughout all of history, especially the 20th century, is the epitome of blind faith in false teachings.  Liberalism is not just an ideology.  It’s a faith-based ideology in which man is supreme, God is an oppressor, and Satan is a liberator – if they even exist.

It is this lack of faith in the divine and blind faith in humanism that is espoused by the immoral and ignorant that is driving liberals farther to the left.  The vast fountain of misinformation that they are taught, plus the dogma of faith that they are scientists and righteous philosophers, is what leads them to believe the truth is lies and that lies are truth.  That’s why they never debate a righteous person but resort to smears and slander because, when confronted by the truth in debate, they always lose the argument.  It is easier to kill the messenger than the message when the message is truth.

This is why they killed Jesus and why they reject the Christ.  To accept Christ into your heart you must realize that you are a limited human being living a temporary life in which you wallow in sin that you cannot overcome by your own will.  No man in all of history has been above sin.  Leftists often pervert righteousness by corrupting the truth.  Jesus never said to kill anyone or to judge them, but that’s what the Inquisitors taught.  This isn’t to say He never said judge right from wrong, but to not judge who was going to Heaven or had chosen Hell as if they were God.  The 6th of the Ten Commandments refers to committing murder, not killing those who are guilty of murder.

That liberals fail in understanding morality is a result of their lacking a moral education that resulted in their not developing a moral compass.  That they can so easily swap the moral fundamentals of God and Satan is why they dispute and alter their perceptions of people who are good or evil.  They see the righteous as the evil bigots and embrace authoritarianism and thuggery.  This is why they think MS-13 are not the animals that they are but that they have a “spark of divinity.”  That leftists want criminals released into the public and give everyone who is not eligible to vote the right to vote says it all.

America’s Situation in 2020

Today, April 12, 2020, America’s situation is desperate.  Under the threat of this Coronavirus Covid-19, we have shut down our own economy to survival levels.  America and the great countries of the world all have their economies crushed down and failing, while China, where this virus originated, is thriving.  The argument that this was a military bio-weapon attack by someone in the Chinese communist government in retaliation for Trump forcing them to a more equitable trade agreement looms large.

After six weeks of the world’s economies being crushed, China will find little joy in having their economy in good shape as they will not only have no customers, but will find America contracting by bringing back manufacture they had exported to China.  The sad part is that this probably could have been handled far better than closing down the economy.  The Chinese seem to be controlling this from spreading throughout their cities simply by everyone wearing cloth face masks to keep from expelling oral droplets that are the primary carrier for this virus.

The models that said there would be two million dead in America have been pared down to far less than a hundred thousand, which begs the question – was this a scam scare?  The WHO (World Health Organization) deceived us that this virus was not a danger.  Now they say it’s too dangerous to ever open our economy again.  Democrats are showing their two-faces in damning Trump for initiating lockdowns on foreign travel as racism, and at the same time damning him as not having acted quickly enough.  Gov. Cuomo of New York, who was screaming at Trump that he needed 30,000 ventilators, have several thousand in a warehouse, had refused to buy more years ago but spent money on illegals instead, hasn’t needed more than 5,000 of them.

Those in Congress are damning him for adding to the National Debt, and at the same time asking for trillions of dollars to institute their Green New Deal.  Joe Biden’s campaign is now about how he would have listened to doctors and been better prepared to deal with the outbreak better than that idiot Trump who he says doesn’t listen to anyone.  Meanwhile, Democrats in America have been outright gleeful at the outbreak, the economic shutdown, the hysterics of their base, and the suffering that has been unleashed.  They are already smearing Trump for talking about reopening the economy as if he would kill everyone so he could make a dollar.

At the same time, they are smearing him for closing the economy and creating unemployment.  They are happy to have his great economy shattered and people dying so they can campaign for his removal.  Perhaps President Trump was misled by these medical experts telling him that deaths in the USA would be in the hundreds of thousands if not the millions.  Some of those who produced models for him are now turning their other face to say that he was the one exaggerating.  This smacks of Democrat operatives inciting panic by which to allow Democrats to profit and profit they did.

Many in Congress, including Speaker Pelosi, made insider trades on Wall Street right before shutting down the economy that enabled them to pocket millions of dollars while other Americans lost millions.  President Trump has called this a war and been forced to enact war powers to combat this virus.  If that’s the case, then carry it further and hold Pelosi and every person in Congress who manipulated this for their own profit for committing the war crimes of war profiteering which is akin to treason.  Records show that 40% of Republicans and 90% of Democrats committed insider trading to profit from the crash they were about to create.  ALL OF THEM should be ejected from Congress at once!  Also, America should hold China to account!  We owe them a few trillion dollars borrowed by Obama as he kept his boot on American business’ throats.  Make them eat those debts.

Pelosi & Co. sought to impose their Green New Deal on the nation as part of the rescue bills that President Trump requested of Congress to save American businesses and their employees during this emergency.  They also demanded voter ID laws be abolished and abortion be federally funded.  They attempted to force the nation to submit to their demands in order to receive federal funds.  This kind of racketeering, this thuggery, this communist attempt at subverting the nation to pay for the privilege of surviving in America goes against everything in our Constitution, in our hearts, and in our souls.

The president is asking for more and Democrats are preparing another trillion dollar bill by which they can shake down businesses and profit from the people’s suffering.  An example of this was their demand that airlines become “carbon neutral” by buying carbon credits from Democrats in order to operate.  This is how Democrats always shake down businesses with their taxes that go into their own coffers!  They screw the people by demanding no voter ID so they can cheat massively.

The left has done everything in their power to dupe the people, warp their morality, and profit from their fears to impose their rule over them.  All leftists always seek to control others, to force them to submit to their will.  They use a variety of techniques from coaxing to coercion to force.  They use guilt trips and cajoling, flattery and fraud.  Developing the mental acuity to recognize their lies, see past their propaganda, and find the truth is vital to the people’s prosperity and America’s survival.

Everywhere in the nation that Democrats are in control, taxes go up, property values decline, and people either leave or are subverted.  California, once America’s richest state, is now in a state of third world poverty.  The only people there anymore are the ruling elites and the desperate masses.  Democrats have made California into the USA’s Venezuela.  They have so much voter fraud that they ejected almost every Republican seat from the state.  They have so much poverty because they invited every illegal alien to there for protection and profit by taking from working taxpayers and giving away to these people who are not refugees but thieves.

America doesn’t need just four more years of Trump.  This nation needs twenty years of Trump and a Republican Supermajority to make laws to stop voter fraud, government insider trading and racketeering, and illegal entry by drug dealers, human traffickers, and deadbeat thieves entering to steal from Americans.  Social media like YouTube keeps finding ways to censor conservative truth and promote liberal lies by doing things like flooding the zone with garbage to obscure conservative posts and promoting liberalism in searches.  We need to stop the leftwing propaganda ministry by removing it from our media, our entertainment, and our schools.  The way to do this is by exposure, not by censorship.  America desperately needs righteous governance or this greatest of all nations will fall into the darkness of leftist corruption.  The land of the free and home of the brave will become the land of the freeloader and home of the depraved.

FOX News and Rush are not the only places you can find those people in the world who believe China did this deliberately.  If Democrats are going to blame Trump for every person that dies from this virus in perpetuity, then lay all the blame for every person that dies from drug overdoses on Democrat’s heads for demanding drug dealers be allowed to cross our southern border with impunity.  Liberal leftist Democrats are all two-faced, blaming others for the problems they created for themselves while taking credit for the solutions created by others, and they only fool themselves with their delusions.

Tucker Carlson 4/8/20

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McConnell refuses to give in to Democrat demands

Key U.S. coronavirus death projection slashed to a fraction of original estimates, from millions to tens of thousands

SKEWING DATA: Feds classifying all coronavirus patient deaths as ‘COVID-19’ deaths, REGARDLESS OF CAUSE

China Expert Gordon Chang: U.S. Should Seize China’s $1 Trillion in Treasury Obligations as Coronavirus Compensation

Democrats vote against aid for Americans claiming they want aid for hospitals, but instead vote to give billions to foreign states like Iran

Sweden didn’t lockdown but implemented not so common sense

How a career politician became WHO’s Director-General for Beijing

Deceiving WHO president threatens Trump

Moslem slits 7-year-old girl’s throat in UK

Pope says virus is from climate change

Liberal wackos praise virus for saving planet

Tucker has virus all in perspective 4/7/20

Face Masks in the USA

Trump exposes Biden in China’s pocket smears him

Bill Maher rare good sense like when he talks about jihadis

Covid-19 is every bit the crisis Trump has been saying

Even Snopes must debunk NYT insane claim Trump profits from virus treatments

Republicans Struggle to Enact Rescue Bill as Democrats Poison the Well

[Author’s Note: The jury is still out on the true danger of this virus.  While it has killed tens of thousands of people very quickly, there are those who are saying that the vast majority of them are older people with other dangerous conditions that have succumbed the most.  Right now, the chances of contracting this disease is one in a thousand if you’re in highly infected NYC, or one in ten thousand in places like Texas.  Then the chances of dying are one in fifty if you are old and infirm, but one in a thousand if you are young and seemingly healthy.  The question of whether or not this quarantine of the nation will really save that many lives remains to be seen.

In any case, Democrats are now working with the modelers to claim that Trump exaggerated the danger yet acted too slowly to contain it.  Well, if it wasn’t that dangerous then how could his quick actions have been too slow?  Two-faced Democrats never know how to smear the president, so they just go at him from all angles hoping something sticks.  Here’s hoping everything blows up in their faces as it always has since Trump began his campaign to push back the darkness being promoted by the left.  Liberal Democrats are saying this is a prime opportunity to force Trump into their “progressive agenda,” which is actually their backwards ideology of bringing back Obamaism and his subversion of America into socialism.  Now, as then, we’ll keep our hope and they can keep their change.]

Rush Limbaugh 4/9/20

Dr. Angelo Codevilla: How Democrats are making the virus all about their never ending effort to take down Trump

All the right questions about China’s role in the Covid crisis

On a personal note, it has long been a subject of deep ire with military personnel in the armed forces, law enforcement, and fire/rescue services that dying by catching a disease to which we are exposed in the line of duty is not counted as a line of duty death by local, state, or federal government.  This is deeply wrong!  It’s the same as being shot or burned and taking days to die later in the hospital with the government claiming it was complications rather than the actual injury that resulted in death.  Military personnel always put themselves at risk with the understanding that their families will be cared for if they make the ultimate sacrifice.  But governments have always acted with stinginess to compensate and care for those who lose their loved ones in service to their nation and their community.

[ADDENDUM: Democrats have become so wanton in their plots that they have become obvious.  The moment President Trump says the economy is open they will blame him for every death in the country.  It has become evident that Democrats are deliberately enlarging Covid-19 deaths by having doctors blame the virus when it is just a complication of underlying conditions.  We know this because pneumonia deaths are way down, so people who died of pneumonia were attributed to Coronavirus instead.

Democrats keep saying Trump has no authority over the actions of the states.  No doubt Democrats want to keep their states shut down until their economy utterly collapses.  Evidence is also coming to light that doctors putting people on ventilators instead of just giving them extra oxygen may be causing deaths.  In the meantime, Pelosi & Co. are trying to rig rescue bills claiming they want to help hospitals when they are only trying to skim money for themselves.  The story that Trump is profiting from treatment has been exposed as an utter lie.  Democrats are looking for any means by which they can profit from this crisis that more and more is appearing to be a manufactured scam committed by the Chicoms with the help of Democrats.

Democrats are slandering Trump as “attempting to rewrite history of his virus response” as if there isn’t a complete video record from their news reports to verify everything he says.  Instead, they call him and us liars counting on the fact that their base of liberal dupes are oblivious to anything that they don’t put in front of their faces.  They can rely on liberals to not remember what they said yesterday let alone two months ago.  They can count on their lemmings to parrot whatever they tell them to believe day after day even if they tell them completely opposite facts from one day to the next.

Democrats demonize Trump daily and attempt to rewrite recent history, they smear him as a tyrant even though he works greatly with governors.  People who have never read the Constitution don’t understand presidential powers.  Just as he has absolute authority over immigration that some Democrat states are trying to usurp, he has absolute authority over national disasters under which epidemics fall.  He is the Commander-in-Chief and has total power in war, epidemics, and foreign affairs that no state can usurp.  This is power to protect the people, not to rule over them as Democrats would do which is why they project their beliefs on President Trump.  If a governor wanted to keep his state open to spread this disease, or abridge the Constitutional rights of citizens as some Democrat governors and mayors have been doing, he has authority over them.

In his press briefing on April 13th, he even played a video like FOX has been doing detailing the timeline they are disputing in their deranged effort to make him a villain rather than a champion of the people.  Always remember, liberals deny the truth and cast blame on others for what they do themselves.  They commit slander, then accuse others of slandering them.  It is the age-old adage of the honesty of thieves to lie about their accusers being the liars counting on the ignorance of liberals to not check the facts.  And their idea of “alternate facts” are always the moral truth while they adhere to their dysfunctional logic of warped facts.]

  1. Propaganda: information, especially of a biased or misleading nature, used to promote or publicize a particular political cause or point of view.

Democrats called Trump’s press briefing on April 13th a “meltdown by Trump spewing propaganda.”  See for yourself:

Trump press briefing 4/13/20

This was clearly not President Trump melting down, but Democrat’s having a meltdown because Trump threw their propaganda back in their faces.  Propaganda is misrepresenting the facts to twist the truth.  Democrat propaganda does this in every media outlet every day.  Trump calling them out on it is what caused them to meltdown, while he adroitly revealed that he is the man in charge.  Once again, liberal Democrat media pundits do the Wile E. Coyote splat!

The Ongoing Effort to Sabotage Donald Trump

You not only have to be deaf, dumb, and blind but unable to smell the stench of Democrat’s bullsh*t to believe anything Pelosi says.  Claiming Trump “dismantled our pandemic infrastructure,” “doesn’t listen to scientists,” and that “America’s economy needs to stay shut down until this virus is completely eradicated,” are the words of a delusional lunatic intent on destroying this nation.  Blaming this on Trump rather than on China and their W.H.O. puppet, and then trying to claim Trump wants to profit from people dying, is the very worst sewage of Democrat slander that only the stupidest of liberals will swallow.  As Democrats try to pack pork for their donors like the Kennedy Center into rescue bills, Pelosi claiming they are trying to help hospitals is just more Democrat crap.  It won’t be long before these abortionists are saying they are fighting Trump to save the children that he wants to kill!

Pelosi’s insane lies and delusional beliefs

This is just proof how liberal “wokeness” is the destructive, dysfunctional, irrational slander spewed by leftists to silence righteous speech:

“You don’t care about people!  You’ve got their blood on your hands!  You want them to die because you’re a servant of Wall Street!”

It’s the deliberate obscuring of good sense by the hateful, fear-mongering rhetoric of leftists to conceal their lies to profit from creating crises in other people’s lives so they can take control.

Final update on this post: As of April 16th, the death rate in America is 5% of those infected with Coronavirus. For Italy it is over 13%. At this rate it is apparent that the original estimate of 2,000,000 dead would have been real if 40-60,000,000 people got infected as they did with H1N1 and SARS.  So, it appears that President Trump has been right in restricting travel and shutting down the economy to slow the spread of this disease.

Though it mostly is fatal to old people, some young have succumbed. Although this may benefit Democrats who have been wanting to get rid of old people, who are a drain on their socialist society and are mostly conservatives, that will not make America a better place. Most damning of all is that it has been discovered that the Chinese restricted travel within China from Wuhan, but not with the rest of the world. The claims that this is from a bat in a wet market have fallen flat. Chicoms claiming it was American soldiers that infected people fell on its face the moment they tried to blame Trump.

America should be preparing for war with China. The industries that moved there must be withdrawn – especially those that are vital like medicines and PPEs. Democrats who blame Republicans for wanting cheap labor must be exposed for their high taxes that drove businesses overseas. ObamaCare especially imposed high taxes on medical equipment manufacturers for the very purpose of making America dependent on China. The left’s entire socialist agenda of climate change, wanting to shut down America’s fossil fuel production to make us dependent on Moslems and communists for our needs, must be crushed before they crush America.

The nastiest, stupidest liberals are saying Trump should spend his billions on Covid relief and Republicans should not ask for treatment. You don’t hear any of these leftist billionaires like Cuban, Buffet, or even Bloomberg offering up a billion dollars after he blew a half a billion on his presidential campaign.  Doubtless these witless fools think that a couple of billion dollars would be enough to give everyone in the country a few million each so no one would need a job.

That Democrats in the House led by Pelosi are now trying to hold small businesses hostage to their putting their agenda into the next bills is not just despicable. When 22 million people are filing for unemployment help, it is treasonous! Pelosi and Schumer should both be charged, tried, and hanged for the crime of war profiteering. Saying they are doing it for hospitals or some other “noble cause” is just a load of horsesh*t coming out of their lying mouths. Democrats proved in 2008 that they are willing to nuke the economy so they could blame Bush. Now they are willing to kill millions of Americans so they could blame Trump.

This was clearly a weaponized virus unleashed on the world in revenge against President Trump forcing them into more equitable trade. Democrats are proving who they are in damning Trump for closing borders and now damning him for not acting more swiftly. Their two-faces are both utterly exposed for working with China rather than for America. They don’t need to be voted out of office. They need to be charged with treason.

Virginia Governor rams through leftist legislation under cover of virus

Deranged Democrats blame Trump rather than China and W.H.O.

California gives rescue funds to illegals instead of citizens

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  1. Roy says:

    Democrat’s never let a crisis go to waste. My prayer is that American’s finally wake up and see the reality, of how the media and Dems are foisting Socialism on this country and excreting on our constitution.


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