Yes, there are stupid questions

When a Democrat at the Covid press conference asked President Trump the stupid question of “why does he see everything as a competition,” Democrats raged over his answer. Because he told her to ask China, that is in competition to defeat the USA and she decided his answer was because she is of Asian descent, that became their entire day’s news cycle to once again smear Trump as a racist. Whether closing the border to protect American jobs and health, restricting travel from terrorist infested Islamist nations, promoting American prosperity despite California becoming a third world state, everything Trump says and does is portrayed as racism by the maniacal fanatics of the left.

This is identical to their smearing Republicans as racist because they denounced the Moslem communist they elected to impose socialism on the country just because he’s black – as if we would all cheer the same treason if their messiah had been a white man. The truth of conservatism vs. liberalism is that conservatives think rationally using logic, while liberals think emotionally making them irrational. Their ideology is as twisted as their hearts causing their dysfunctional thinking. Leftists lie so much that they believe their own lies that they are acting righteously in choosing to always do what is wrong.

Dropping the bomb on Democrats

The same is true of the Flynn exoneration. Democrats are not just beating the dead horse of Russian collusion. Russian collusion died months before Mueller ever submitted his report proving there was no source to the left’s false accusations except the fictional Steele Dossier. Now, in the face of the DoJ finally dropping the Flynn case, the Democrat press are giving it CPR trying to revive the rotting corpse of their lies. The DoJ has thrown out the Gen. Flynn case for being bogus, yet the Democrat judge is withholding dismissal on the basis he believes in his soul that the lies are true. Now Democrats are calling the truth “conspiracy theory” after Biden was proven to be one of those who unmasked Flynn but now denies any knowledge of it.

It has been proven that Flynn was coerced by the FBI to confess to lying to his interrogators, who denied that he lied, by threats to bankrupt and imprison his son alongside him. This judge is proof that there is a moral difference of opposite thinking between leftwing and righteous judges. Holding this case, by declaring that Flynn’s “confession of guilt” gives this judge the right to convict him without charges or a trial, is the proof that leftists are criminals using the law to persecute the innocent. This, to liberal leftists, is justice served, and those same people declare that President Trump and AG Bill Barr exonerating him is treason.

The reasons that conservatives become angry and negative is because of liberals trying to beat them down with their lies, stupidity, and hate. Never apologize for being right. If they can’t take the answer then they shouldn’t ask the question. The problem with most Republicans is that they think any question is legitimate, that they are being asked honestly for an honest answer. So, when they are entrapped with gotcha questions, they succumb to liberal smears and apologize. Donald Trump is nobody’s fool. He doesn’t apologize when they ask stupid questions intending to smear him. He puts them down and repeats the truths he speaks. The Wuhan Virus that China unleashed on the world is not the world’s fault. It is not racist to refer to this virus as coming from Wuhan, China which is simple truth. It is a hateful lie to deny this.

The deceit, confusion, and misinformation being spewed from leftists to warp people’s minds is why humanity has suffered so much throughout history. They dream of Utopia but insist that the only Utopia has themselves in control of everyone else. I believe Lucifer said the same thing to God and is all pissed off because he got kicked out of Heaven and has the sh*thole of Hell to rule. This is what happens to every leftist domain. California is now begging for a trillion-dollar bailout for running their economy into the ground with their ultra-high taxes. Good people who want to work and prosper have fled the state while the government they elected imported the dregs of humanity to waste away on their streets.

The most intelligent question is this:

Why were Democrats permitted to hold a secret witch trial in order to impeach President Trump and not forced out in the open?

The White House is leaking documents from this trial that are proving the people who went on TV for three years to damn Trump as a Russian operative, not only had nothing to present to the investigation, but denied they had any evidence to support their lies. This is not forcing these people out in the open because, while they cannot lie under oath without exposing themselves to perjury charges, they can go back on TV and continue to lie like pigs wallowing in shite! What should be done is for the DoJ to charge these people for crimes against America and have them testify in open court to their lies. America has just narrowly averted having the rightfully elected government overthrown by a coup and nothing is being done about it except to gin up campaign funding. WtF?

How pathetic is it for a Republican senator like Lindsey Graham to state that an outgoing administration putting surveillance on the incoming administration is, “at the very least – unethical?” Really? Unethical? President Nixon was threatened with prison for this crime and he only used private investigators to bug the DNC office. Obama used America’s Intelligence community to spy on every member of the Trump campaign and then undermine and sabotage his presidency. This isn’t “unethical.” This is not just a high crime.

It is treason of the highest magnitude just short of attempting an assassination! Former President Obama and his minions should all be on trial and facing the gallows for their actions. Why are they not? If the answer is because no future president would be able to govern without facing criminal charges whether or not they are true? Demonrats are already doing this to Trump! They have vowed to prosecute and persecute him and his family and all of his associates and staff. This is how socialists, Nazis, fascists, and communists have always ruled.

If these traitors to their Constitutional oaths are not brought to justice, if they are allowed to commit such massive voter fraud that they overthrow Trump, and if he just walks away saying “the people have spoken” when they obviously have been betrayed, I would consider this to be the greatest betrayal of all.  Obama and his minions reveal the truth of their lies in what they say President Trump is doing to undermine American law. It’s not rocket science. They leave a trail of breadcrumbs so thick that a flock of birds could follow it from on high. The criminals who would be kings are all declaring that AG Barr is a corrupt puppet. For Holder, who was held in contempt for refusing to testify before Congress on Obama’s first illegal acts, to say that Barr is corrupt is the depths of depravity.

Democrats are running scared of the truth being exposed. They are always quick to condemn the righteous when they use the same tactics that Democrats use against them. One truth of Trump is that he has given Republicans hope to restore this great nation by fighting fire with fire. So, when is Trump going to lower the boom? When is the hammer going to fall? When will these traitors get the axe? Or will they be allowed to usurp power, overthrow the Constitution, and reign supreme over the land? Fraudulent ballots are how every socialist dictatorship rules by duping their fools, and their media are always happy to carry their water for them, concealing their crimes, and smearing their righteous opposition.

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[Author’s Note: Leftists do not ask questions of President Trump to get information. They ask questions designed to trap him with ‘gotcha’s’ to smear and slander him. Their questions are akin to asking someone, “Do you still beat your wife” demanding a yes or no answer rather than hearing the denial of ever beating one’s wife. Democrats asking Trump a nasty question to which he righteously responds, “go ask China,” is met with hate and blame smearing his retort as “racist” and “misogynist” because the reporter that asked him is an Asian woman. So, if a white man had asked and he gave the same answer would that still make him a racist woman abuser? This is the same as leftists declaring that those who rejected Obama’s Islamist socialism only did so because they are racist against black men. As if they would like it if a white man tried to force leftist tyranny down their throats.

This civil war between Democrats and Republicans is akin to the war between the United States and Islam. Republicans refuse to acknowledge that they are engaged in a war being viciously attacked, undermined, sabotaged, and terrorized at every turn because of propaganda saying to do so is evil. The same is true of Democrats and Washington swamp rats denying that America is at war with Islam that is fanatically engaged in a Jihad against the USA, Christianity, and Jews. Being in denial just because the enemy has not openly declared war, operates in the shadows, lies, and uses random terror to force submission to their ideologies is how leftists have always operated when they lack the power to enslave people outright. Liberals deny that Democrats are waging war on American patriots by declaring patriots to be Nazi racist conspiracy kooks.

Democrats will not acknowledge the war with Islam for the simple reason that they see it as the perfection of socialist ideals they would love to impose on America. They passed a wish list super expense bill in the House that includes taxpayer money for illegal aliens, funding massive voter fraud by mail by eliminating voter ID, and giving high tax blue states the right to pay less in federal taxes once again to put the national tax burden on red states. This is how corruption rules. If you complain about this, then you are a racist Nazi conspiracy kook. They will demand you prove there is voter fraud after they just spent three years smearing Trump with investigations declaring he won by voter fraud. To leftists, when they lose an election in which they committed massive voter fraud, it can only be by their opponents committing more voter fraud.

Liberals are the people who ask stupid questions because they are irrational thinkers. Their premise is always false. “Tell us about why Trump is racist.” “Explain Republican hate.” “Define conservative bigotry.” And, when your answers are more intelligent than their question, they blame you. This is how leftists smear you as a bad person who thinks negative thoughts because you put them in their place. Americans expect that there will be prosecutions and convictions of this Obama cabal for their attempted coup and endless lies. Anything less is a betrayal of patriots. President Trump – let slip the dogs of war! Republicans are afraid that going after Democrats may enrage them enough to try to create crimes by which to convict Republicans, or they might even call them names like “racist” and “traitor.” Grow some balls and learn to fight fire with fire as President Trump has been so successfully doing!]

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So, the next time a liberal asks you why you are a racist Nazi, ask them why they are an immoral idiot who believes in lies that Democrats tell, how they believe their climate science yet don’t believe we landed on the Moon, and think that government money is free. Pelosi made this fantasy three trillion-dollar funding bill in secret like she did the expensive debacle that was ObamaCare. She happily says you can find out what’s in it after they pass it. Democrat bills are like the food you eat – you find out what’s in them after you pass them.

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3 Responses to Yes, there are stupid questions

  1. gandolf the White says:

    dustyk103 thank you for your site.


  2. radman414 says:

    I came across a great quote recently by Herbert Spencer that explains the leftist mindset to a tee…and why it is so difficult to dislodge their irrational thought processes with the truth:

    “There is a principle which is a bar against all information, which is proof against all arguments and which cannot fail to keep a man (or a woman) in everlasting ignorance — that principle is contempt prior to investigation.”

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    • dustyk103 says:

      This is excellent. Correlates nicely with my Arrogant Ignorance. I’ll be using it in my next article. Thanks, Rad


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