Covid-19 is every bit the crisis Trump has been saying

Now it has become evident that President Trump shutting down the economy in order to mitigate the spread of this virus is justified.  Over a thousand people dying in one day makes this far worse than any flu virus in history.  This is like the Spanish Flu a century ago before we had anti-biotics, anti-viral and advanced medical treatments.  Some leftists are saying Trump tried to downplay this as “just the flu” while Democrats were sounding the alarm.  Reviewing videos from February proves that lie to be opposite.  They say Trump said the virus was a Democrat hoax.  No, what he said was that what the Democrats and their media were saying of him was a hoax, that he was acting out of xenophobia and racism, and they continue.

They did it again when he shut down travel from Europe and again when he closed the border with Mexico.  Imagine if illegals came and spread it at will, or jihadis spreading it deliberately?  Makes one wonder how California’s huge homeless population hasn’t been devasted.  It’s hard to believe due to its virility that this is not a bio-engineered weapon as some claim.  But if that was not said then this would have to be acknowledged as a war attack by China on the world.  Combining that with China deliberately cornering the market on masks and refusing to export products for Americans colors them guilty.  That companies like 3M assisted them damns Democrats.  If the truth of this was exposed as a military bio attack on the world, what would come after that?

Pelosi urges people into Chinatown in February

Trump says Democrat attacks over his response to coronavirus a hoax

If nothing else, this crisis is bringing out the very best and worst in Americans.  For those in the military, our armed forces, law enforcement, and fire rescue, and in medical services, it is proving who are dedicated and who are pretenders, who are the heroes and who are the cowards.  It is proving that our military and medical professionals are the most vital people in the country.  Among civilians it is proving who are those that have hearts of service and who are those that are craven greedily hoarding what others need.  In Washington, D.C. it is proving who serves the people having their welfare at heart and who would take advantage of this crisis to steal from and enslave the people.

As President Trump strives to reassure the nation with his leadership, Democrats work to undermine him and sabotage rescue bills.  Even in the midst of this crisis they are talking about impeaching the president for his response.  They, who were busy impeaching him in January as he began taking actions against the spread of this virus, were out in February saying his actions were out of hatred, bigotry, and xenophobia encouraging people to intermingle when that’s what they were doing.  Now they try to rewrite history for the benefit of their oblivious base to make themselves the heroes and Trump the villain.

President Trump steadily took action to contain this outbreak and was mocked, scorned, and smeared every day by the left.  They spent the first weeks in his press briefings trying to smear him with gotcha questions.  As he slapped them down, they subsided as the full extent of how dangerous this viral outbreak had become became evident, and then they began to listen.  And even then, how did they respond?  Still full of themselves they project their fears on the president declaring him to be acting afraid when he has clearly been the man in charge.  Their accusations of xenophobia and racism have given way to assumptions of paranoia and irrationality.

The only irrational people in this nation are leftist liberal Democrats who haven’t known how to act righteously or honestly the entire time.  President Trump and Republicans have proven that they are the only ones in D.C. concerned with the people’s welfare, while Democrats have proven they are only concerned with how they can benefit from this crisis.  Their media is giddy over reporting millions of people unemployed, hundreds of thousands infected, and thousands dying and how this will negatively affect Donald Trump’s re-election.  For anyone who is actually paying attention to the president and not what the left is telling them to think of the president his re-election is assured.  Unfortunately, stupid people and cheating Democrats will be casting millions of ballots this November.

As China and Democrats work to take advantage of this crisis, Americans are waking up to the fact that the left is striving to make their globalism global domination.  Perhaps the election of Donald Trump to thwart their ideology caused them to set off this bomb too early.  Americans, who are truly awoken to the dangers of leftism, are going to contract and bring businesses that Democrat taxes drove to China back to America.  China’s dream of leading the world may be foiled if America remains the most powerful and independent Christian nation.  Despite all they do to steal American intellectual progress, they cannot compete against a free people.  The end result may well be the war the world dreads.  Pray for America.  Pray for humanity.  Pray for those who align with leftist communists, extending their Cold War into America by subterfuge through Democratism, open their eyes.  And pray for President Trump to stand strong against the communists, Islamo-nazis, and democratic socialists that would enslave this nation.

Trump took steps constantly to deter this outbreak

MSNBC calls Trump’s briefings “disinformation” propaganda

Trump full briefing Sunday April 5, 2020 begins at 6:45min mark

Face Masks in the USA

Republicans Struggle to Enact Rescue Bill as Democrats Poison the Well

America’s 21st Century Civil War – Democrats Fiddle as America Burns

America’s 21st Century Civil War – Democrat Insanity and Red China’s Revenge

[Author’s Note: I wish people would stop referring to this as the next “Pearl Harbor” or “9-11.”  Those were military attacks by Japanese imperialists and Islamo-nazis that lasted a day and those enemies were easily identified.  This attack will last long past this first outbreak.  It’s as patently absurd as liberals thinking their “war with climate change” is their generation’s WWII.  America’s wars with leftist authoritarian ideologues needs to be focused and courageous, not dysfunctionally glamourizing it nor making it ambiguous or transitory.

Just because America has never seen a real plague shouldn’t make it so mystifying or people make themselves self-important.  As Rush often points out, leftists and liberals must create their traumas because they’ve had so good growing up in the prosperity generations of Americans who have sacrificed have created.  They would be better off if they upheld God rather than turning away believing they created prosperity for themselves.  Putting your faith in humanity is ridiculous when we see things like some of the death rate modelers who supplied the White House now declaring they don’t know where the president got those figures.

This is the irrationality of humanity that only faith in a good moral compass can overcome.  It is always leftism that leads people away from God or corrupts them to believe in fanaticism to do evil in His name.  An example is their blaming God when they have done all they can to remove Him from their lives.  This is akin to their blaming Trump for the nation not being prepared as if any nation can be prepared to win a war before it starts.  There are some who could have been more prepared but squander resources on their created leftist crises.  Dilemmas such as NYC inviting illegal aliens into their city to strain their welfare system rather than buy medical supplies, or New Orleans wasting money on global warming initiatives rather than improving their dikes.  Liberals always irrationally declare that every house should be earthquake and tornado proof after disaster strikes.

Idiot liberals wanting to do away with fossil fuels are being aided by Russia and Saudi Arabia trying to bankrupt American energy producers.  See what happens when America is made dependent on Islamists for their energy when wind and solar power can’t get planes off the ground.  Leftists are always caught in a daze then blaming those who have been speaking good sense.  Hopefully, this will wake up many who have been listening to Democrat smears rather than observing the leadership of President Trump that has made America stronger after Obama weakened her.  Without him this nation would have been crushed by this crisis.]

The story of “The Ant and the Grasshopper” was written by Aesop about leftists who dilly-dally and are unprepared for life.  This has been perverted by liberals much as the study of rational thinking has been, to be reversed making the ant the villain of this.  Written by a modern author is titled “The Grasshopper and the Ant” wherein, after becoming destitute, the grasshopper sues the ant to take what he has worked to save as an example of how democratic socialists operate.

ADDENDUM: I must admit that I am one of those who was skeptical of Trump taking such drastic action as shutting down our economy for a flu virus.  The virility of this virus is just as devastatingly deadly as he and his team have been saying.  I know that the Democrat media is now trying to edit his words and those of Democrats to swap them speaking of the virus the past two months.  They take snippets of what Trump said out of context and make their own description of his words to mean the opposite of what he actually said.  A friend just showed me a video “documentary” of an Indian fellow showing Trump talking about refugees being illegal immigrants.  He deliberately misled viewers with a clip of Trump saying “many of them are stone cold killers” alluding to him talking about women and children seeking sanctuary when he was actually talking about MS-13.  Leftists lie easily and liberals are easily duped.

Now this virus is becoming scary as we watch what it is doing in NYC alone.  It has yet to reach its peak in others places like New Orleans where the Democrat mayor is blaming Trump for her not shutting down Mardi Gras.  The leftist media even has those who have been creating the models for the president’s task force now coming out saying the president is wrong and their new models say the death toll will be less.  Talk about framing someone by supplying them with misinformation so they can condemn him for what they produced as if he made it up.  Democrats are already blaming Trump for the epidemic and trying to take credit for solutions for which Trump is responsible.  They are blaming him and Republicans for their taxes and their presidents allowing our vital medical manufacturing going to China.  Don’t be a dupe and learn to trust this man to bring America through this Chinese attack and make us stronger for it.

Tucker reviews virus 4/6/20

Tucker has virus all in perspective 4/7/20

Democrats lying about Trump’s response to virus

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2 Responses to Covid-19 is every bit the crisis Trump has been saying

  1. Roy says:

    Since his election, president Trump has survived the lies, the slander, the verbal beatings and the hatred from the swamp critters. Figuratively speaking I see him analogous to the treatment of Christ. A man who came to save the world and correct the wrong of the ruling class only to be crucified by mob rule. The media is run by capitalists and the employees work for capitalists, yet, they seek their own destruction by embracing Socialism.
    Media ignored the destruction of this country by the Obama administration, the criminal acts of Biden, Hillary and all the rest but fabricate the alleged abuse of power by president Trump. I pray there is enough of the ‘silent majority’ to see the truth and reelect president Trump in 2020.

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  2. samir sardana says:

    You are missing “The Corona Bonanza” for LDCs like Pakistan.The Opportunity is being missed out.

    Bonanza 1

    There will a temporary shock to the government fiscal revenues as Imports will crash,CIF rates of imports will also crash, domestic production has stopped (as tax on MRP less deductions is paid at the time of production and not sale),domestic MRP rates will also crash.That is Y the state has not passed the benefits of lower crude and palm rates to the people.dindooohindoo

    The Bonus is in non-salary expenditures of the state,which are on ARC (Annual Rate contracts) or other RC.With crash in commodities and surplus capacities – Pakistan can easily make and re-negotiate its procurements. Large nations like Hindoosthan,will face disaster,as they will face supply risks,per se.W.r.t the purchases by the Pakistani state,the state can declare Force Majeure,especially on International contracts.

    There is no immorality in this,as the supply and value chain of the suppliers to the state – will,in any case,declare Force Majeure – which will ensure that the suppliers will default on the government contracts.The suppliers will make supplies at ARCs,only to the extent of the existing stocks,as at March 15th,2020.They cannot be allowed to supply,from new purchases at the old ARC rates.

    Global suppliers will be glad to dump their stocks – with depots in Pakistan – for sale to the Pakistani State.

    This could easily reduce the costs by 30-50%, on a one time and recurring basis.Once this Cost is saved,in phases,the benefit of oil price crash on fuels and edible oils and also power tarriffs and fertilisers,can be passed on to the public.That will be pure jannat.

    Bonanza 2

    The Only Solution to the supply chain risk in USA/EU (w.r.t their supply chains in PRC) lies in massive robotics and AI – which will make humans obsolete in manufacturing and also,in part,in IT.The question is,what to do with the humans.That is Y the virus is sought – Simple !

    For Pakistan – the crash in Raw Materials and cost of capital, availability of capital and crash in logistics costs will make manufacturing and exports viable.That makes existing unviable manufacturing units viable and new jobs and decline in NPAs.No fresh capacities should be launched,solely based on the current cost structure.Crash in costs plus the low labour costs in Pakistan and stable PKR – is the Alt-AI and Robotics

    The Pakistani people should thank its prior leaders,that they made manufacturing unviable in Pakistan,and made it a trading nation. Had the state set up manufacturing units – they would be unviable,banks would be busted and there would have been mass skilled unemployment. Just look at Hindoosthan. dindooohindoo

    This is the time for setting up manufacturing units – SME and others.

    The military,food,telecom,technology and health security of the USA and EU is in the hands of the PRC.These nations will be FORCED to move at least 10-20% of their supply chain,to other nations.They have no choice.

    Bonanza 3

    The SBP and the treasury of the private sector, should suck in the Corona rate cuts and packages in EU/Nippon/North East Asia and the USA – and restructure the entire FX loan portfolio,w.r.t tenor,spreads,risk premiums, swaps and hedges. One simple way,is by trade finance,which is based on underlying trade and other activities with those nations.

    Bonanza 4

    After doing 3 and 4 above,the state should invite bids to build and repair infrastructure on BOOT basis.The Cost of infra should reduce by at least 30%,supplemented with long term soft loans and grants.

    With viable manufacturing and exports,lower cost of debt – an already cheaper infra cost – will make infra financing and operations,all the more viable

    Bonanza 5

    To lock in the gains to the people and industry, the SBP and the State should lock in to NYMEX crude and futures,at current rates (on CBOT or with large funds etc.) – for as long as possible, with reasonable contangos or maximum back wardation.A large nation cannot do this – as it will move the premiums,in the derivatives market.

    The State should thereafter, lock in the oil and gas rates – and then affix power and fertiliser tarriffs, for the same tenor – with a priority for industrial zones – after meeting the consumer needs.Edible oil contracts can also be struck with large funds,in the USA/EU.

    This is also the time for the state to declare Force Majeuer on the ulra high cost RPP/ IPPs.With reduced power demand,the entire power demand of Pakistan, can be met from fuel and coal plants,at less than half of the previous marginal cost. For several people, this power supply can be free of cost,as the Marginal cost of power on current fuel costs, should be around 1-2 Rupees (which is not worth collecting from marginal users).

    It is time to celebrate !


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