The Takeaway from El Paso Mass Shooting

Initial reports from the shooting are that the shooter’s motive was an “anti-immigrant hate crime.”  Democrats, leftists, are always quick to blame Republicans, conservatives, the TEA Party, and Christians for mass shootings.  First reports are always rife with lies and misinformation.  Even if reports are true that this shooter was “anti-immigrant,” that is no indication he was a Republican. Though leftists will use it to smear and slander all Republicans as anti-immigrant, (which we are not, we are anti-illegal alien) the fact that he randomly shot up people regardless of their citizenship, immigration status, race, or culture says that this is another leftwing false flag.

This shooter is either a leftist zealot who created this manifesto to throw off the investigation, or he is insane.  Even if he has rightwing leanings, no righteous person would randomly slaughter anyone.  So, no matter what, this shooter is another leftist.  A true right winger that went over the edge would go down to these detention centers where they can gun down hundreds of illegals “in cages.”

Now, I realize that there are some KKK and neo-Nazis who have left the Democratic Party to join Republicans.  These people are either the rare, deluded exceptions, or the types that continue their leftist ways of smears and slanders.  Such people call conservative men “cucked” (a word they use wrong thinking it means the same as being cut like a steer) when they do not join in with their liberal hatred.

In the history of these kinds of shootings every shooter has been proven to be a leftist suffering from some degree of insane rage.  Thank you to Obama, Hillary, and the Democrats for ginning up this rage in their mindless zealots that some of them go over the brink.  It’s just more proof that leftist liberalism is a form of mental illness that ranges from the pathetic to the criminal.

The left has been turning Americans away from God for decades and then they are horrified when after years of telling their children there are not divine creations but simply animals, they are surprised when they behave like animals.  The liberal’s solution to these shootings is never to teach godly morals to their kids but always to disarm good citizens.  It’s disappointing that there weren’t any real Texans with concealed weapons to stop this shooter.  (Oh, but this was a “gun free zone” so the people were safe.)

Two things to remember: one is that first news reports are always inaccurate.  It takes a week to learn all the facts.  Second, is that leftists perpetrate these crimes and sometimes pose as the opposing faction in order to frame them.  They understand that most people will adhere to the first thing they learn even if proven a lie rather than admit they are wrong and suffer a bruised ego.

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[Author’s Note: Democrats are already demonizing President Trump as “demonizing people seeking asylum.”  CBP and courts assess that 85% of those claiming to be asylum seekers are false.  Most of the rest also have little cause to seek asylum.  The final proof of this Democrat lie is that all those who are caught crossing the border illegally then ask for asylum.  That’s like being caught shoplifting and then asking for charity.  Democrat’s blame on “white nationalism” that doesn’t exist damning Trump and Republicans is the truest indication of the blackness of their hearts.  This epidemic of mass shootings didn’t begin under Trump.  It began years ago and escalated massively under Obama.  All of the shooters to date have either been leftists or insane.  For Democrats to blame Trump is no different than their saying everything white is racist.]

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2 Responses to The Takeaway from El Paso Mass Shooting

  1. Rich says:

    Thought they may have hit it correct “once” and that it was a conservative shooter .. but alas .. no way .. both dems.  The Dayton guy apparently is a known dem .. that one not not getting as much coverage as the guy shooting in El Paso. Press quoting a para from his “manifesto” .. and trump, trump, etc .. but On Glen beck this am .. if you didn’t hear it .. you should try to find it .. or the manifesto on line .. apparently the guy really went off about the climate change, corporate greed, recycling, etc .. and that one of intents was was population control .. none of that is making the news .. unless Becks’ comment were wrong ..They only quote/use the paragraph they want. Regards.


    • dustyk103 says:

      I’m betting also that he may be a convert to Islam. Shooting his sister first smacks of honor killing followed by an insane attack on Americans. Or maybe she was a Trump supporter. Time will tell.


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