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Omar’s Twisted Islamic Hate

“We cannot let Trump and Netanyahu succeed in hiding the cruel reality of the occupation from us.” “If Israel was an ally.” “Trump is trying to pit Muslims and Jews against each other.” ROTFLMAO!!! Omar openly supports Hamas, Hezbollah, and … Continue reading

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Go back where you came from

The left is attempting to remake an age-old sentiment into a racist remark.  What is not racism to these petty, twisted, hate-filled people who see racism in anything and everything – especially in America’s Founding?  They corrupt language as they … Continue reading

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NFL’s Black Slaves, Denial of Constitutional Rights

Slavery in America has hit an all-time low.  Black players in the NFL have all been reduced to slaves forced to serve their white masters in silence with their Constitutional rights being denied them.  And they are being forced into … Continue reading

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