Obstructing Injustice with Transparency

America’s 21st century Pharisees are striving to convict Donald Trump regardless of his proven innocence.  Judiciary Committee Chairman Nadler (D-NY) has made himself Grand Inquisitor of the Democrat Inquisition to destroy President Trump.  Donald Trump, in his righteous wrath, has been blasting Democrats with both barrels.  Trump obstructs injustice as Dems accuse him of covering up a non-existent crime.

Trump faces off against continuing Democrat coup

Democrats are violating the Constitution in all matters

  • Collusion
  • Obstruction
  • Coverup
  • Impeachment
  • Coup

Democrats started their coup attempt by making false allegations to charge Trump of colluding with Russia to steal the election from Hillary.  They held him guilty until proven innocent.  Mueller was given the assignment to dig through Trump’s entire life not in search of evidence of the collusion they knew didn’t exist.  He spent two years investigating Trump’s life in search of a crime by which to charge him and found nothing.  He charged many Trump associates with false crimes in an attempt to coerce them into testifying against Trump, but none did.  Then they tried to charge him with Obstruction of Justice despite his allowing this extreme violation of his 4th Amendment rights.  An innocent person cannot obstruct justice unless they obstruct their own exoneration.  President Trump has been exonerated and found to be innocent of all crimes by which Democrats have convicted him.

Now he is being accused of a coverup.  Of what exactly?  The entire unredacted Mueller Report was made available to all in Congress and not one Democrat went to read it.  They read the over 400-page document out loud on the House floor minus the 1% of redactions and announced that Trump is innocent.  Yet they accuse Donald Trump of an impeachable offense.  How do you cover up a crime that doesn’t exist?

Their plan is simple.  When the crime coup attempt failed, they will move on to a fraud coup by impeaching the President and the Vice President thus elevating the Speaker of the House who is Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) to the Presidency from which she can select Hillary as VP then step down thus overturning the rightful election of the people.  The glitching in this plan is that they can’t buy off enough Republicans in the Senate.

If Democrats, who are fighting to overthrow the Constitution, import foreigners, and endorse criminals, do this then patriotic Americans and President Trump have every right to enlist military force to destroy those perpetrating this coup.

“This election in 2020 is about communism vs. freedom.” – Don Trump, Jr.

Democrats put Don, Jr. under inquisition for thirty hours over a twenty-minute meeting in which nothing happened. After Democrats dismissed him with no more questions, they ran to the media microphones to declare that there are many more questions.  Democrats are two-faced fraudsters and half the country, including their foreign imported Latino-communists and Islamo-nazis, along with their felons and liberal-fascists, plus those ignorant fools duped by their lies, would destroy this nation’s Constitutional freedoms to install themselves as democratic national socialist dictators.  It is they who are obstructing justice in their attempt to block the DoJ from investigating the bogus investigators.


The transparency of Donald Trump compared to Barack Obama is like comparing a glass of the purest water to a barrel of oil.  (If you think that it’s racist to compare Obama to oil, then you have a mental problem.)  President Trump gave Mueller access to millions of documents.  His life was put under a microscopic anal examine.  He tweets everything he thinks.  There is nothing in his life he has ever said and done that isn’t known by all.  Compare that to Obama and his thousand coverups as he continues his bald-faced lies that he was transparent and without scandal.  The highest scandal in his administration are his treasons, including Benghazi in which his treasonous funding of the Muslim Brotherhood’s Jihad was found out by Ambassador Chris Stevens who threatened to expose him.

All of the crimes and obstruction in this Russia fraud have been committed by Democrats.  Their continuing attempt to now obstruct the investigation into the perpetrators of this attempted coup is just more proof of the guilt of Democrat National-socialist Communists.  It has come to light that both Brennan and Comey, two of the chief instigators of this coup attempt, both loved communism in their youth.  How two communist sympathizers become the heads of the CIA and FBI can only be explained by people being stupid enough to elect a Moslem communist to be President of the United States and leader of the free world.

President Trump unloaded his righteous wrath on Pelosi and Schumer for their false allegations and continuous slanders giving them no chance to respond.  Pelosi tried to characterize this as fear but, as Republicans recognize, this is vintage Trump having no more tolerance with listening to their bullsh*t.  These frothing at the mouth Dimocrats believe they can find some crime that Donald Trump committed sometime in his life by which to impeach him.  Mueller made that effort for two years and came up empty.

Reporters want all of Trump’s tax returns from his business dealings as if these bozos, who don’t understand their own 1040-EZs, can find some omissions that an army of IRS agents couldn’t.  Failing that, they will invent something, anything by which to impeach the president.  They are not interested in the truth.  They are rabidly attempting to make Donald Trump a criminal just as the Pharisees did in condemning Jesus to the Romans to be crucified.

If they are not brought to justice before the next election, if their efforts to seed swing states with illegal aliens to cast provisional ballots that they will illegally count as votes, then their coup to destroy America and re-found it as their Amerika will be complete.  Democrats absolutely must not be permitted to win this Second Civil War.  They keep falsely accusing Republicans of wanting to put the people in chains.  Criminals always falsely accuse the innocent of wanting to do what they themselves always do.  That’s what “Honor among thieves” refers to because thieves always project their own corrupt thinking onto others.  Only dupes believe them, and Democrats have found that there are many American lemmings for them to lead over the cliff into socialist tyranny.

Witch Hunt 2.0 – Trump Tells Nadler to Pound Sand

The Newest Trump Card – Legal Eagle John Durham

Democrat’s backup plan, if their coup and election frauds don’t succeed, is having states pass unconstitutional laws to give their electoral votes to the candidate who wins the popular vote.  In this way they can use their fraudulent ballots in blue states to overthrow the Electoral College from red states.  This would overthrow the American republic to establish a democracy.  As has been proven throughout history, democracies always fail due to corrupting themselves and then devolving into tyrannical dictatorships like socialism.  This action would not stand before the Supreme Court unless Democrats can obtain the power to install a half dozen additional leftist judges who will violate the Constitution in order to overwhelm the conservative judge’s rulings.  America is in her darkest hour and this civil war will not end without bloodshed.  Either the Democrats will destroy Trump Republicans or be destroyed.

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1 Response to Obstructing Injustice with Transparency

  1. Roy says:

    The existence of the swamp and depth of Judicial and political corruption has been exposed by one American hero – President Trump. The media is well beyond hope of ever publishing objective truth. Owing to low information voters and indoctrinated college students it does appear the only alternative to restore sanity will be an actual revolution. I was wrong to think it couldn’t get worse than Obama/Biden but the idiot electorate flooded the House with even more anti-American politician’s running the congress. Freedom does come at a high cost. I hope there are still more of us than there is of them


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