Democrats cheer for criminals – make teachers, doctors, & taxpayers slaves

Democrats want to give the right to vote, to choose lawmakers who can change laws, to criminals who egregiously violated the law to take away the rights of others.  WTF is wrong with their brains?  In addition, they offer the services of teachers and doctors for free to all.  The only way to do this is by making them slaves of the state.  If your parents never explained to you that your school is not free but is paid for by their taxes, and that they have healthcare that is paid through their jobs, then you’re probably a dumb liberal.

Every Democrat who says the rich can pay for it all through their taxes is lying through their teeth.  Even if they confiscated every penny from every millionaire in the country it wouldn’t cover 1/100th the cost of healthcare for all Americans.  The only way to pay for it is to make taxpayers slaves to the state.  Democrats are not proposing anything new or viable.  They are talking about confiscating wealth to give it away to deadbeats to buy votes.  Hang on to your 401ks or hang your leftist congressman.

Bernie Sanders believes felons should have the right to vote even while in prison.  People go to prison because they violently take away the rights of others.  The right to vote is the right to make laws.  We vote for lawmakers.  Giving criminals the right to vote is giving them the right to change the laws that determine their punishment.  No felon who takes away the rights of others should ever have the right to vote for the rest of their lives.  Why should a criminal be given his rights back when he took away the rights of others?  This is as stupid as giving welfare queens the right to vote themselves more welfare.

Only the party of criminals like Hillary and Obama would think otherwise.  Sanders’ reasoning is that criminals are paying their debt to society just by being incarcerated.  That is not the lone punishment for their crimes.  They also go on parole afterwards until they prove they will not commit more crimes.  They pay fines and must make restitution.  Giving rights to criminals is equivalent to giving rights to illegal aliens to collect citizen benefits and vote.  It is stealing from citizens, which is what the Democrat Party has always been about.  They take from taxpayers either by hook or by crook (i.e. they trick them into giving up their money or they take it by force).

Democrats would allow felons and foreign terrorists to vote in American elections

Charge them with treason and banish them now! #BanishBernie

Sanders says even Boston Marathon bomber has a right to vote

Sanders gives voting rights to terrorists, rapists, and pedophiles to change law

Leftism’s outstanding characteristic is that it promotes evil.  They justify crimes to glorify criminals.  The smear Christians as Nazis saying that Hitler was one of them.  They slander the righteous while lauding the wicked.  There is nothing right about the left.  They are wrong from beginning to end, top to bottom, front to back, side to side, throughout time.  The left is never right.  They use deception to harm those who are foolish enough to believe them.  They say they do good even as they do wrong.  The heart of a criminal is the heart of selfishness, greed, and antipathy.

The Left Ruins EverythingLeftism’s Utopia is a dysfunctional fantasy

How Liberals Fail to Understand Life’s Simple Concepts

Liberals fail at understanding simple concepts.  For example, they don’t understand the parable that “those who live by the gun shall die by the gun.”  They think it applies to everyone who has a gun.  Criminals and tyrants are the people who live by the gun.  Police and citizen soldier protectors do not.  They only use guns as defensive tools.  They do not live by the power of the gun to control others to steal from them.

Another concept at which they fail is that human sexes are determined by DNA and that there are only two sex chromosomes in human beings.  They determine our gender and basic emotional characteristics.  Women want to be beautiful and sexy.  Men want to be strong and brave.  Women nest while men explore.  Women are nurturing while men are competitive.  It’s our basic natures.  Putting men in women’s sports because they are sexually confused is not empowering women – it is subjugating them.  As in Islam, they are teaching women to be second class citizens.

Most importantly, when their solution to natural climate change is forcing America under the iron boot of socialism that’s not science, it’s politics.  Believing they can change nature is delusional.  That’s why, in their science, it is not the Sun that heats the planet.  Believing that man can alter the climate is as foolish as believing man can control the wind.  We can use the wind, but weather is so dynamic as are the currents of the Sun.  The Sun is a stable source of heat, not a static one.  It has cycles of being hotter or cooler (relatively speaking for those lacking the wit to understand there are degrees of solar output).  Until scientists can explain the cycle of ice ages, they have no right or reason to claim to know the future.

Refuting global warming science is elementary

Democrats are the Party of Criminals

All Democrats running for president have openly become leftwing radicals wanting to overthrow the Constitution.  They call Christians “far right neocon radicals” for condemning Islamist terror attacks.  They glorify criminals like Michael Brown while demonizing the police as racist.  They threaten to impeach President Trump when he has committed no crime they could even discern through their microscopic anal probe.

These are the people who put up statues glorifying their confederate generals and are now trying to tear them down to conceal their history.  They advance the cause of illegal immigrants who would join them in overthrowing America over legal immigrants who want to become citizens.  They began their party as white racists against blacks, but now endorse black racism against whites, and female bigotry against males, while keeping their party under the power of white men.  To say that liberals are confused is the understatement of the century.

Democrats use government, not for the benefit of the people, but to gather power unto themselves.  In NYC, Mayor DeBlasio has banned skyscrapers for their glass and steel structures in an effort to force property owners to pay new onerous regulation fees or onerous new taxes in an effort to bring them under his boot.  Cities all across the country are advancing the rights of criminals just like Chicago, New York, and LA.  They are not concerned with black gangs killing each other, nor with illegal aliens pooping in their streets.  They even give them the right to steal food from grocery stores;

Rush on Democrat DA in Dallas not prosecuting crimes:

Giving criminals the right to steal is how liberal stupidity creates the “rule of unintended consequences.”  It is only liberalism that creates such an axiom because they don’t ever think things through.  They just gave license to thieves to steal food and sundries they deem “necessary” as well as giving kids the right to steal candy.  How will they compensate store owners who paid for those products that Democrats allowed to be stolen?  Do they expect business owners to just suck it up?  That’s not democracy, it’s idiocracy!

Democrat judge that aided illegal alien in evading the law indicted:

Democratic socialists buy votes from dupes who believe they can get everything for free without working for it.  School, healthcare, and necessities.  It’s the ultimate nanny state of spoiled rich kids who want their parents to care for them for life.  There are no poor in America as the rest of the world has starving children being murdered by leftists.  But give them time.  If leftists can take control in America, then Christian Republicans will be put on the chopping block of atheist/Islamist socialism.

Democrats stupidly bring their idiocracy to red states:

Candace Owens takes Democrats down!

AOC so brain dead she thinks the VA works wonderfully

Harris vows to seize guns

Suffer the consequences of sanctuary cities

Pelosi describes how Democrats smear Republicans

Media whitewashes Muhammadan jihadi terrorism:

Media refuses to report on Christians being slaughtered

Hillary, Obama, Bernie Avoid Saying “Christian” Or “Churches” In Sri Lanka Statements

EU orders Britain not to reveal when terrorists are Moslem

Hillary says Trump should be indicted for obstruction

Oppressing the righteous – father falsely convicted of family violence

Macron says rebuild Notre Dame with a minaret

Sanders celebrates Castro

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