Trump – Innocent People Cannot Obstruct Justice

Democrats are trying to make being innocent a crime.  According to Democrat’s ideology if you declare your innocence you are obstructing justice.  How does someone rightfully protest their innocence?  According to leftists they can only do so by submitting to persecution.  Democrats condemn Trump as obstructing justice for objecting to being investigated over a fraud created by the Clinton campaign.  The Mueller witch-hunt couldn’t even come up with a lowly crime by which to impugn President Trump.

The truth is that it is Democrats who have been obstructing justice in preventing the investigation into the Obama regime’s phony FISA warrants to spy on the Trump campaign.  Obama attempted to infiltrate leftwing FBI agents into the Trump campaign to plant Russian collusion evidence but failed, thank God.  He initiated government spying on Republicans after years of persecuting them.  When that failed, he instituted a coup attempt.  Those are the crimes that should be prosecuted.

Mueller Report: No Collusion or Obstruction. Period.

What’s Really Going on With the Mueller Hoax

Democrats are moving to impeach Trump for being PROVEN innocent of any crimes.  You can’t obstruct a fraudulent investigation into a crime that doesn’t exist.  Democrats hold Trump guilty even after being proven innocent, not only of collusion, but of any sort of crimes whatsoever.  After two years of a microscopic anal exam by Mueller’s witch-hunt that only burned a few Trump supporters with bogus charges, Democrats came up empty handed.

Donald J. Trump has been proven to be the most noble and righteous man ever to be president in at least the last century if not since Washington.  Democrats say Barack Obama was noble when he destroyed the coal industry and put his iron boot on the throat of America’s economy.  The Moslem socialist strove to bring down America and failed, but Democrats haven’t given up in their efforts to overthrow the Constitution.  Declaring Republicans to be criminals is how they are going to do it.

Nazism has risen up in America under the concealment by leftists to disguise their true nature by using the façade of smearing Republicans with the lie of racism.  What makes this so remarkable is the degree of ignorance of their dupes.  Liberals believe whatever they told regardless of any evidence, including scientific proof.  When Democrats make a song like “Edelweiss” into a Nazi song, or the Baptist hymnal into a book worshipping Satan then truly liberals backwards thinking has taken over people’s minds.

Rush Limbaugh: “They are doing their level best to distort everything that is said in this report, but I believe Mueller wrote it specifically the way he did to permit it to be distorted.

“This report reads, in fact, as if Trump was supposed to cooperate in his own destruction. And because he didn’t, he’s guilty of obstruction. ‘Donald Trump attempted to obstruct our coup,’ is how this should read.

“People are reading excerpts from the Mueller report at CNN and MSNBC, New York Times, and they’re rewriting it in the form of transcribing it or simplifying it, taking some of the legalese out of it so that their audiences can understand it. And in the process of doing this they are literally manufacturing things. Like they put out a story at CNN: ‘Trump, when Mueller was appointed, realized his presidency was screwed. He told Sessions his presidency was screwed, it was over.’ It’s not at all what Trump was saying.

Trump’s actual words: “Everyone tells me if you get one of these independent counsels it ruins your presidency. It takes years and years and I won’t be able to do anything. This is the worst thing that ever happened to me.”

“So now they are busy manufacturing chicken salad out of chicken poop.

“You know, another analogy to the obstruction charges because of his comments about Sessions would be hearing somebody telling lies about you and you saying, ‘I’m gonna kill that guy’ and then being arrested and charged with murder when all you were doing was reacting to it.”

This is reminiscent of the Access Hollywood tape in which the left focused only on the words “grab [women] by the pussy” and ignored everything else that was said.  Liberal boobs, who suddenly became morally righteous after promoting all kinds of perversions, declared Trump to be a reprobate too undignified to be president.  His full statement, “And when you’re a star, they let you do it. You can do anything.  Grab ’em by the pussy. You can do anything.”  Democrats portray this locker room talk as an ‘admission of being a molester,’ except that he doesn’t do as Bill Clinton did and force himself on women.  He’s talking about women letting him act sexually with them.  If a woman lets you touch her it’s not molestation.  It’s only molesting when they say no, and you do it anyway.  No woman ever charged Trump with molesting or rape as they did Clinton.

Liberals are irrational thinkers

Liberals lack a moral compass and cannot tell the truth from fiction.  There is no battery of psychological tests to determine rational thinking that will expose liberals for what they are – irrational people.  The one study that did come out proving that liberals think irrationally based on anger, fear, and hate, was corrupted by a liberal who reversed the results before publication.  This slander of conservatives as being the fearful, angry, irrational thinkers we know liberals to be stood for a year before the researchers were able to get out the truth.

But by the time they did, leftists had seized on this study and perpetuated it by flooding the zone of Google searches.  Thus, they created another big lie with which to dupe their liberal hordes.  Now there is nothing published that does not reflect this lie.  Liberals believe the lies to be true, and why would they not?  People who believe their wacko science declaring that there are more than two human sexes are capable of believing anything.  They sit and believe that Republicans act on fears through hate without critically examining or thinking about the evidence that this study was reversed.

It’s not Republicans who riot in the streets over perceived injustices or shout down free speech so that the truth will not be heard.  Leftist “researchers” claiming that conservatives tend to be governed by fear and anxiety are exposed as frauds by the evidence of our daily lives.  The vast majority of military personnel who serve in dangerous situations in the armed forces, law enforcement, and fire-rescue services are conservatives.  When the flight or flight reflex is examined it is liberals who hide in the foxholes while conservatives are shooting back.

Now there have been a number of “studies” purporting to prove the liberal lies to be true.  Just like their global warming science they say proves that climate change is manmade, leftists are willing to promote their socialist political lies in the guise of “science.”  As a rational righteous thinker, I read these reports and see the conclusions being drawn reflect the opposite of what I see in society.  Their descriptors of liberals and conservatives are swapped and corrupted.  In a world of lies it is not possible to accurately measure political psychology.

Leftists cannot judge right from wrong.  They condemn the execution of murderers and applaud the murder of babies in the womb.  They condemn the righteous like Donald Trump and Bill Barr, while they glorify criminals like Michael Brown and Trayvon Martin, and hail Obama and Hillary as saviors.  They burn the flag and declare themselves to be patriots.  They smear Jesus the Prince of Peace and laud Muhammad the jihadi.  They see God as an oppressor and Satan as a liberator.  They create fictions of socialism in which they believe as ardently as the faithful believe in Christ.

I personally know a liberal thinker who believes the Bible is fiction, but books about ancient aliens are real.  While I can concede that there is much more to human’s ancient past than archaeology can reveal, he cannot conceive that Jesus is historical.  People can reject the truth and say they don’t believe histories as written because there are those who write conflicting histories or can draw opposite conclusions from the same facts.  But seeing is still believing – or so you would think.  Despite seeing the proof that leftist justice is the opposite of justice they still deny the truth and cling to their delusions.

Rush on liberal’s irrational charges that men are not fair to women:

Rush: “Look at the behavior we had from them last night and this morning when they found out that Barr was gonna do this press conference without giving them the report first. Nadler and Schumer lost it. Schumer lost it on Twitter. Nadler was losing it like he loses it every day. They were beside themselves because in their world, nothing happens where they don’t get to set the narrative. Nothing happens where they don’t get to set the premise of everything, and this was gonna happen without them. And in their minds, they run this town and they run institutions, and anybody who thinks otherwise is going to be taught as many number of lessons as it takes before they realize the Democrats run the show. They were livid.”

Here’s a clue – life isn’t fair.  Leftists saying they can make it fair can only do so by taking rights away from others.

Leftists see Trump as a traitor as much as they see Kavanaugh as a rapist.  Regardless of the proof that Obama and Hillary betrayed this nation they cling to their irrational hate.  They deny the truth of capitalism to adhere to the lies of socialism.  How does anyone rationally declare them to be rational?  Because those who do so are lying to themselves as well as to all others.  The left is shrouded in lies and lives in denial of the truth – and that’s the Gospel truth.  If President Trump isn’t re-elected, if he doesn’t bring Obama and Hillary to justice for their attempted coup to overthrow the duly elected president and the Constitution, then we will know that America has fallen into darkness with no hope of recovery.

These are the actions of guilty men who cannot abide having the truth be told.  The same is true of the Democrat’s charge of obstruction as their charge of Trump being a reprobate.  You cannot prove what didn’t happen and there is no reason to engage them in this backwards thinking of theirs.  Americans are not guilty until proven innocent.  Trump is not guilty of obstruction until proven innocent.  He was just proven innocent after two years of putting the nation through the hell of this coup attempt and Democrats will die with the lie.  Innocent people cannot obstruct justice because there is no justice to be imposed on them.  This is not Trump obstructing justice.  This is Democrats persecuting Trump Republicans.

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Polls state that 1/3rd of Americans say that Trump was spied on by Democrats through the FISA warrants (Republicans), 1/3rd say he was not (Democrats), and 1/3rd don’t know (Independents).  This is standard distribution of knowledge that 1/3rd speak truthfully of the facts, 1/3rd reject or conceal the facts, and 1/3rd are oblivious of the facts.  It confirms Lincoln’s assessment that “you can fool some of the people all of the time.”  Mueller’s hunt was designed to distract from these crimes for two years until Democrats could overturn the House with voter fraud.  Now they seed swing states with illegal alien Latino-communists they import to flip the presidency.

Until then they will be persecuting AG Barr over their fraud of Trump obstructing.  This is how corruption undermines the law.  They say things that are false and a third of the country believes them.  That third still believes that Trump said he would run as a Republican for president because conservatives are dumb, that Bill Clinton was impeached for having sex, that it was Bush who lied about WMDs in Iraq rather than Democrat operatives who fed him that lie, that Sarah Palin said she can see Russia from her house, and that Obama was a Christian American.  The NYT is trying to do a mea culpa of the Steele Dossier as if they haven’t known for the last two years that it was a fraud.  The left calls the NYT the “Newspaper of Record,” while the right knows it as a record of fake news.

The deceptions of the left are widespread and go deep into the state apparatus.  Donald Trump has been succeeding against them despite their most rabid efforts.  Pray he drags them out into the light and brings them down!

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    Hi Dustin ..  sort of like the Salem witch trials .. (it is after all, a witch hunt!) .. you stood for their tests and if you died .. you were innocent ..

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